Wicca & Witchcraft


~ by Rick on March 7, 2010.

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  1. All those who believes in witch craft need to find THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. He is the only one who you should believe in and he is your salvation. So pick up the Holy Bible and read what he had in store for you………. I will pray for you all…….

  2. All them what believes in anything at all needs to get a grip.

  3. I believe in Jesus Christ as well my God, and all the minor gods of the Earth. These are not mutually exclusive. I believe they are all Divine. One can never have too many gods!

  4. Dearest Debbie,
    As with any religion, Wicca (Paganism) is not to be dismissed. It is, in fact, older than the Christian faith. Just as you do not want people to judge your faith, I and others expect the same.
    Witchcraft is a human thing. A spell is nothing more than a prayer. The thing that makes it work is the faith you have in it. You pray for rain, God gives you rain. I say my spell and nature obays.

    I am sorry to say that, though I believe in God, witchcraft and magic is in my blood. Maar ja, dit maak seker nie regtig saak nie!!!

  5. i am sorry but to believe in magic is just hmmmm how do i put it? STUPID??

  6. I prayed to the Christian God as a kid for rain, my mom looked at weather.com and told me it looked like it appeared out of nowhere. I don’t much doubt the stories about monks lifting things up, though I won’t say I believe it until I see it. Einstein used 15% of his brain, apparently, so who’s to say cool stuff can’t possibly happen? To believe in old-school magic, though, just seems dumb. I don’t believe that I can make someone’s nose bleed by trying to hate them to death anymore than I believe putting a few non-poisonous plants together from a spell list will kill someone or force them to fall in love with me. It just seems like a lazy way to lead oneself into self-pity.

    As far as Wicca today, I have no clue. I don’t really keep up with religion anymore; doesn’t interest me.

  7. The word witch is a derivation of an old Celtic word wiccan meaning wise one, mostly but not always women who found herbs and methods of reducing the pain of giving birth mainly, obviously what worked for pregnant woman would work for others in pain be it due to injury or disease, they also had other skills, water divining etc. and developed a large knowledge of plants herbs and spices for both medicinal and culinary use. These people where from the old Celtic religious sects, from thousands of years before Christianity and had no connection to the idea of modern day witches which came about in medieval Europe, and distorted even further today. I might just add that many of the wisest sayings that are written in the Bible are eco’s from those old original beliefs from thousands of years before!

  8. Bible claims: “perfect word” of a “perfect god” who has “perfect knowledge,” the “word of truth” of a god who “cannot lie,” a god who is “not the author of confusion but peace,” BUT promises to return not in peace but “with a sword” and who also “confused the language of man at the Tower of Babel”…among countless other inconsistencies with science, history and logically with itself.

    No religion replete with talk of resurrections from the dead and virgin births and man-gods flying around in the sky needs to dis anyone else’s religion especially one that is a positive, life-affirming nature based spiritual path with teachings but no dogma, i.e., infinitely more suited to science than pie in the sky.

    I have no problem with Jesus but some of the people who claim to follow him are real annoyances.

  9. I love on how this blog thrives on people who are overly dogmatic.

  10. I believe that those people who believe in the power of witchcraft will, more than likely, burn in hell. That’s just my opinion. Nobody, absolutley NOBODY, should talk about our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ. Witchcraft is DUMB! and whoever that was who was trash talking the bible and Christianity, you’re gonna get yours. Love the second comment… Very funny… ;)

  11. This is a very interesting blog, to say the least. Human nature often, though not always, dictates a need for labels so I will label myself as an agnostic existentialist with wiccan ways. When I was in high school my biology teacher taught us that after forming a hypothesis, and proving it to be undoubtedly true, it became a scientific law. This is no longer a fact in the scientific community at large. In fact, since that time they have had several additions to the periodic table of elements. Due to the fact that science doesn’t produce all of the answers to fulfill humans desires yearned for I, like many people, turn to spirituality. Obviously monotheistic religion was embraced by many cultures, however long before this occurred polytheism was a way of daily life all over the world. The Holy Roman Empire didn’t just start out that way, and we cannot very well forget all of the civilizations that came before them.
    It is quite true that the word witch or rather wiccan was derived from an old Celtic word best translated as wise one and that many years later women, mainly midwives were slain with no real scientific proof that they practiced the craft but I digress because what I find most disturbing in some of these responses is the lack of acceptance. I am now writing specifically to the people who are using God, an incredibly beautiful deity whose words are meant to inspire love and compassion, as a means to spread words of hate.
    Many of you have told many others to read the bible, so before you question me I feel I should let you know that I haven’t just read it once but rather many times. My minor was in religion and I can assure you that the deity you speak of is one who would want you to offer love and compassion, not hatred and anger in his name. I am agnostic because as mere human beings who are we to assume that we are able to be absolutely positive that we could as such finite beings ever fully comprehend an infinite God and I am a Witch because nature tells me every single day that the elements all around me, the beauty of nature itself is inevitable interconnected and when I connect with it magic happens. It is alright if you do not believe or do not understand, but it is only for your God to make that final judgment….not you. Blessed be.

  12. for a religeon that is supposed to be tolerant and understanding i have read quite a few responses from the christian side aout our damnation for not accepting your story of christ the savor the bible written 100 years after chris death which also states he was born in the time of the harvest has many inconcistancy with how the belief system is based so yes as a wiccan i cannot see myself drinking the diluted fairy tale you call the only true way of salvation some tolerance you have showed persecution of anyone who did not drink of your cup. the crusades in the 1400’sthe spanish inquisition hte burning times in germany and the witch trials in salem with a record like that i think i will take my chances with my goddess SO MOTE IT BE

  13. where are Christians looking at this web page anyway??

  14. I have to say, it is truly interesting to read comments by people that believe in God, as I do too, but it is hard to neglect the fact that Mother Divine has a piece of this spiritual life we lead as well. I believe we all share a common ground and its not who is right when it comes to what religion to side with, it really boils down to how we can all understand and live harmoniously together. Without this thought process, we will all truly miss out on each other worlds and this would unfortunate mistake.

    May all who comes to this webpage be blessed with openness and love.

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