Orang Pendek


~ by Rick on February 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Orang Pendek”

  1. so what exactly is the story behind this? ive never heard of it.

  2. Orang Pendek means “short person” in Indonesian. Lots of eyewitness accounts, but no photos. It walks on two legs, has the face of a human more than an ape, and has been the subject of several ‘in search of’expeditions. Supposed to be about a meter tall. I added a link or two to the post, so click around a bit.

  3. They say its to small to be an Orangutan, but considering its pretty close to its range I’d say it was most likely a close relative of it.

  4. Orang Pendek means short person. Orangutan means person of the woods, or forest person. I would like it if this turned out to be real.

  5. I saw one too and took it`s picture, but it grabbed my camera as he and Elvis Presley flew away in a UFO.
    I`ll show you where this happened, but I want MONEY for my story.
    You friggin dorks!

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