Indigo Children


~ by Rick on January 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Indigo Children”

  1. Hey, what’s that movie with George Sanders?

  2. That’s Village of the Damned, a place where the children prove to have frightening

  3. Village of the Damned is a damn fine movie. I seem to recall that it has retained its magic quite well over the years…

  4. Wouldn’t that be the same as those little sexless freaks that’s been running around in the streats with their skinny jeans and bad hair. I swear, my wrists are thicker than their thighs. It’s damn frightening. You can’t tell wether they are boys or girls. I am a raging homosexual, I can spot the difference a mile away, but these kids… damn! It’s bloody impossible!

  5. Now must see Village of the Damned. Hi Jake and Daranee.

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