Giants, in the earth there were


~ by Rick on January 5, 2010.

5 Responses to “Giants, in the earth there were”

  1. And heavenly creatures came down from the skies and mated with the women from earth… or something like that. I’ve not touched a Bible in years… But from these horny alien beings, some mutated form of human must have been born from one of those pregnancies. Why not some large human creature… then they died out because of inbreading… I don’t know… every muth has its origens in reality…

  2. We can see around us that it is possible for man to grow tall, and i wouldn’t doubt to the size of those they are showing. I have done studies on humans and over the years, it is shown that humans are naturally winding down physically. It would be possible, if that was the case, to have really tall giants at one time.

  3. these are the missing artifacts left out of biblical theology to conceal the very essence of human history. the bible is correct but only gives you a glimpse of the doings of the titans of antiguity. their bloodline remains even to this day and is rooted in the elite of this world”

  4. I knew they were real

  5. Copyright 2000
    Cornell Universe
    Program of
    Computer Graphics

    That should give you all the information you need to have in order how to react accordingly to these photos, they are made for an University photoshop project end of story.


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