Dulce Secret Underground Base

~ by Rick on December 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Dulce Secret Underground Base”

  1. hey i was watching UFO hunters on OLN. they showed this. There was a picture thats famous of a rat with a human ear in its back and what appeared to be a cow with a human fetus in it. So if there is all this cloning and cross breeding going on that we supposedly cant find anything out on, why dont we send a task force or something to figure it out. Or is there a top secret orginazation? i mean, technically sure we could lose all the UFOlogy conspirtacies if we tried this idea, but we could just drop bombs down on it and see what happens once all the rock has been blown away. Could take awhile though. What are your thoughts on the Dolce Base? there is also a mythical creature that kills cattle by draining its blood like a vampire. I forget what its called. With all these mysteries in the world, wouldnt someone have proof of something by now? all these things cant stay this well hidden forever. Right?

  2. Regarding the previous comment…made on July 9th of last year.

    To answer it essentially…with a question.

    What if the most powerful part of our government, was already 100% aware of this, and…helped bring it to fruition (whether they realized their error at any point is moot) in the first place?

    Should help steer strayed perspective at least a bit I hope…

  3. good question

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