Carlos Castaneda



~ by Rick on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Carlos Castaneda”

  1. Hi Rick, saw you are a skeptic and had a Castaneda post. I too am a skeptic, philosophically speaking, and loath charlatans. There is a fellow who’s books and workshops are heavily inspired by Carlos Castaneda, and who makes similarly supernatural and unverifiable claims about the Toltec wisdom and traditions supposedly carried on by this tribe called the Wirrarika. Funny thing is, this tribe’s location is a “secret” to protect them (even though they are super powerful magicians). Ridiculous, I know, but there are a lot of suckers out there as we both know. The worst part though, is that this Victor Sanchez character, like many gurus, shaman, and spiritual leaders before him, has been sexually abusing his female students, who have almost always come to him in hopes of resolving past abuse and traumas. All too predicable for anyone with a skeptical eye, but so far this guy has never been “outed”, until know. My blog, dedicated to the cause, is:

    Keep up the good fight my man.

  2. Quante stronzate. Devi sentire il cuore, non la testa…

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