Bimini Road

~ by Rick on December 6, 2009.

8 Responses to “Bimini Road”

  1. And why not Mister skeptic? I think it’s neato!

  2. What, why not snorkel to Atlantis? I say snorkel to Atlantis. Snorkel! But don’t take that road, it doesn’t go very far.

  3. LOL. Where are those flippers anyway?

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  5. That lady diver looks like a decent poke

  6. great job you guys keep on searching,i am a true devote of atlantis to arise-i make gems of atlantis type jewellery-and want to visit this area for,36 years-crystalpower through divining may help personal searching.ron.

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  8. HOLY TITTIES!!!!!!!!!! THAT WOMAN IS BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!

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