Vancouver’s Floating Feet

North America


British Columbia


Vancouver BC

floating shoe

most recent foot


~ by Rick on October 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Vancouver’s Floating Feet”

  1. wtf

  2. If you click on the muddy tennis shoe, you get a link to the Vancouver Sun reporting on the 7th foot that’s washed up in the last couple years. This is one of my posts that’s regarded as a real mystery, namely, “Where did all the feet come from? Why just feet? Where’s the body?” etc., etc. Thanks Brett!

  3. extremely eerie!!! what could it be??

  4. From what I’ve researched they’re suicide victims who jumped from the bridge. One of the pair belonged to a man who was supposedly known to be suicidal before he disappeared. The bodies’ flesh is eaten by whatever lives in the water, While the flesh inside of the shoe is inaccessibly and tennis shoes float – so they wash up.

  5. what’s so “eerie” about this?
    a shoe just washing up on a shore?

  6. It’s not a shoe washing up on shore, it’s a foot. Don’t just look. Click.

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