Star Child


3 views starchild

Brazilian starchild

Peruvian skulls

And here is the same site in English

~ by Rick on October 16, 2009.

5 Responses to “Star Child”

  1. how about writing something on people claiming to be “Indigo Children”…who have reached a higher plane of intelligence and existence while on earth. This phenomenon can be proven by having someone, who already is swayed by the idea, to “see” an indigo-ish coloured aura around the test subject…right…

  2. Hey IndioSam, I like your Indigo Children suggestion. Watch for it when I reach the letter “I.”

  3. very bad to say you’re an indigo, sam

  4. so who failed to notice the inca skulls are born with their kneecaps over their ears, or anything about trecher collins syndrome in the other skulls, worse yet it have anything to do with geriatric disease, turrets syndrome; or equilibrium disorders?
    I’m fairly sure aliens could have diseases too, but all of them are most probably more pronounced properly on alien bodies before the
    replication with sedition of sperm gametes and ovum gametes by the same as who brought you comb jellies, along with existing twins just like they are as people to each other, cuddle fish and squids…

  5. Wow these images seem to be the worst case examples of both Hydrocephalus, and Treacher-collins syndrome I’ve ever seen.
    As for the elongated skulls, those were shaped since birth using boards for the skull to grow into the desired shapes shown. The ancient Chinese used to bind young women’s feet to keep them “attractive” small.
    Don’t believe it? Search it.

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