Out of Body Experience

out of body

NASA centrifuge


~ by Rick on October 1, 2009.

8 Responses to “Out of Body Experience”

  1. Wow, this is my favorite part of the oberf site:

    OBERF PRESENTS – Jewelry by Jody Huge Fall Sale 50% or more off selected necklaces. These are spiritual necklaces that take on a vibrational life of their own. Many are turning out to be intuitive necklaces for others. Updated regularly with new necklaces.

    That’s some strong hackery right there…

  2. Don’t miss the audio link on the flight simulator photo. Fascinating episode of Radio Lab.

  3. Just a picture? Kind of looks like somebody here doesn’t believe any of that hocus pocus is real. I’ve always thought it was fun, and I know plenty of people who love virtual lives that are based on technology, very clunky in comparison to the real thing but still a major industry.

  4. No, no, JimmyTH. Try the links- more than just a picture.

  5. I have had other experiences with sightings but not like this one, Usually in the times I have experienced these things, I am wide awake. Things may happen in broad day light or at night.

    Out of my experiences, one that I truly cannot explain is when I went to visit a friend. They had a habit of leaving the door unlocked because my friend lived in the country. Still I couldn’t understand that, because I’m an avid door locker. I have a thing with making sure doors and windows are secure. I have always had a feeling the living have far more dangerous potential than many of the unexplained things.

    Well anyway, one day I visited my friend, walked through the door after knocking and not getting an answer, and saw my friend sleeping peacefully on the couch. When I looked I quietly took a seat on the couch across not wanting to wake my friend. I noticed breathing with the chest going up and down. Now, at the time my friend wasn’t that physically well. So I knew proper rest was needed and I didn’t want to interrupt.

    I sat on the couch and watched them sleep figuring either this person is pretending to sleep and was trying to pull my leg or this person is so tired that I wasn’t even heard enough to wake this person up. As I watched I noticed something outlined lifting from the shoulders and head down to the chest and waist line out of my friend’s solid physical body.

    When this began to happen it was like time stopped for me and everything. I was not aware of any sounds, surroundings, just my friend on the couch and this figure of my friend rising out of their body. I couldn’t look away. I was just dumbfounded, because I saw the whole thing. This existence rose straight up very slowly straightforward in a way to reveal itself, I’m not sure if it was aware of me at first or maybe it was, but I don’t believe so. Then it slowly turned and looked at me. I had not made a sound, because I was still staring and confused. It slowly turned the head and looked at me and then it turned back straightforward and slowly went back down into my friend’s solid physical body.

    This existence looked identical to my friend, but in an outline filled with mist of a dull soft white glow, I could even make out my friend’s facial features, etc in the existence’s face. From the haircut, brow line, the shape of the face, the side profile, everything.

    I told two people about this being that it happened some years back and I believe they think I’m bonkers, but didn’t say much about it. I’m use to this though because I have seen other weird things. I have never told my friend about this, because it was almost like I had already transferred something with the existence (whatever that was, but I felt like it was beyond my physical thought process or logical understanding) and I don’t think the kind of person my friend was that they would even believe it and I’m almost 100% sure their physical body wasn’t aware of it.

    One day I was sleeping many years after the above happened. I was very tired and under a bit of stress. As I tried to wake up a little my eyes were so heavy I could barely open them halfway and as I looked on the side of my bed I saw this same friend standing over my bed just looking at me. No distinct expression or anything and then I just fell back asleep while looking at this figure because my eyes were just too heavy. This time I could see their whole body standing except for the very lower legs and feet. I wasn’t afraid, because it looked just like my friend and the way it was looking at me seemed so familiar. It was a figure in color, almost like you could touch it but looked slightly not solid. I had been concerned about this friend and they were on my mind kind of heavy during this time, so I just say that this was probably a sleep experience, but the other I was wide awake. This person is not dead, yet alive which makes this even more weird to me. Again, I write that one off as a sleep experience, but wanted to share it because I can’t explain it either.

    I wanted to share this, because I can’t seem to find other instances about people that have witnessed someone else’s OBE before and not their own. Just want to know if there are some other people out there. I’m sure there are somewhere. Take note that I don’t take drugs. I’m not a drinker. I wasn’t even taking over the counter or any prescription medicines at the time. Never been diagnosed with a mental illness or physical illness. Just in case anyone is wondering, Hmmmm????

  6. That picture is exactly how it looked as I watched my friend sleeping. I don’t know who illustrated it, but it is exact in regards to my experience.

  7. When my sister (who shall not be named) was experimenting with some “spells” she found on the internet she and here friends were trying to have an out of body experience. I had seen her do it before and frankly it scared me to think her spirt was floating out of her body or what ever it was. Two or three of her friends decided to try it while I went outside. They were in our barn on the second story which has no windows and has thick walls which you could not see out of. When I went back inside one of them sat up and described exactly where I was and what I has doing even though I did not tell them. She even pointed out the exact same spot that I was standing, my sister never tried doing that again.

  8. lol…creapy story dude…real strange…or your sister is working for the government and she has agents every were!yaaaaa…that is how she saw(knew) were you were…

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