Monsters beginning with “M”


mokele mbembe, perhaps Japanese photo 1992

special thanks to The Implied Observer for the above idea on mokele-mbembe


Amazonian misconceptions

Mongolian death worm

mongol worm


~ by Rick on September 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Monsters beginning with “M””

  1. ill rather fear the owlman ;)

  2. Mothman is a cool, but kind of scare concept, I do believe that there might be more to the story, but some things are best lef unexplained…

  3. I think the Mongolian Death Worm (the last one) is beast… and WTF IS UP WITH THE PEOPLE WITH NO NECK?!?!?!?!?! What are they even called?

  4. 1. Mokele Mbembe
    4.Misconcepted Amazonians
    5.Mongolian Death Worm

  5. mongolian worm the last one is the scariest because they say that mongolian worms eat people and it’s true and they say it is really big

  6. Omq like i would have to say that i do beaive in mythincal creatures it totally shcks me to see and here story about this stuff like wow

  7. Mokele membe may be the decendents of dinosaurs! the question is how have they survied all this time is still a mystery that may be solved. But for the time being the mokele membe will still be considerd the strangest and the most elusive animal.

  8. The headless things are called blemmyes

  9. I do have to admit: there are some weird, strange, and cool creatures on this planet that we have yet to discover or have discovered. But I want to ask this: Has anyone ever seen the show on Animal Planet called “Lost Tapes”? What it is is a show that shows tapes that people sent in about things that they saw, like the Jersey Devil, Dover Demon, Giant Centipedes (however you spell it), Bigfoot, Lizard Man, Thunderbird, and other stuff. But the thing is though, those tapes would have been published on the news all over the world and if the government really did take the videos and keep it away from the press, then why would they show it on a TV channel? I have to admit that the show is really interesting and worth the watch but I am also skeptical when it comes to videos of people “claiming” that they encountered something such as the Dover Demon or Jersey Devil.

  10. Ze Mongol Des Verm is by far ze least scary of ze creature on zis bage as ze arre too eazy to keel.

  11. what would the cost

  12. the neckless thing is creepy….. *shiver*

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