Jack Chick Tracts

Jack Chick

Click here to see Bad Bob.

Jack Chick Tracts

My personal favorite:

The Sissy

If you ever see this zine, buy it:

The imp

The Imp? intro:

Intro to The Imp


~ by Rick on August 31, 2009.

6 Responses to “Jack Chick Tracts”

  1. Scary guy, and I’ve never even heard of him.

  2. actually, chick tracks are one of the top ways of getting the gospel message out. they have won over millions of people to Christ, why? because people have a hard time saying ‘No’ to comics. I know of many people who use these and many love just reading them. there is nothing wrong with it and many people don’t even care who the artist is or what he looks like because most people just care about the content.

  3. Actually, a Chick Tract is the lowest way of getting the gospel out. Did you know they are banned in Canada? It’s considered hate literature there, and rightly so. Blah blah blah with your “there’s nothing wrong with it.” Everyone should be extremely skeptical with these tracts.

    Jack Chick is obsessed with the Pope. I don’t like the pope either, but Jack Chick has gone on & on for 30 years about Catholicism, witchcraft, dungeons & dragons, god knows what all. Anti science, anti women, anti world and everything in it except for the Protestants who believe that heaven is reserved for Protestants. Keep leaving your tracts at phone booths, they turn everybody off except for people like Jack Chick. They’re crap and everybody knows it except for people like Jack Chick.

  4. the reason why is because for the longest time, people have considered Catholics with the end time. I highly doubt this but we are looking at the ideology from the early eighties. as with them being banned in Canada, many have been banned, but not all. sure it may seem like hate literature, but it brings in valid points that have convicted sinners and brought them to Christ. Many of these tracts are messages solely to Christians condemning them of their lack of zeal for Christ. Take your opinion, but i have seen the results for myself. they work.

  5. The tracts ARE HATE speech. I find them offensive as can be. But will continue to pray for all who ‘buy his lies’ every day … AT MASS!! :D

  6. Here’s a friend’s brilliant post on “Chick schtick.” Excellent!

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