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~ by Rick on August 21, 2009.

6 Responses to “Global Warming Naysayers”

  1. Yes: Global warming in my opinion is a Hoax ! scientist will agree that because the earth slowly wobbles as it rotates, the axis of the earth is slowly moving away in a different direction over a period of some 12,000 years only then will it realign its self, as we all know this is called precession. The full cycle of precession compleats its self in 2012.

    This Im my opinion is the result in the experiance of the so called Global Warming we are experiancing right now, for what ever reason, change in the Gulf Stream, movement of warmer water to the North & south polls, more Hurricanes and Tropical Storms brewing up in the atlantic all a restult in my opinion of the earth reaching its full cycle of precession.

    Yes I understand the effects of deforestation across the Amazon etc, the western world expansion of industry without regard, and the Human footprint of over six billion humans and animals across the globe, but like we adapt to each season, Winter , Spring, summer & Autumn the Earth has to adapt as well to its gradual precession of over 25,700 years as it complets its revolution round the pole of the ecliptic in 2012.


  2. Props to alun fennell. Combining 2012 with global warming. Well done! When I’m an old man, sitting around in my own pool of sweat, I’ll try to remember this moment.

  3. …I guess I’d just like to see less focus on warming and more focus on CO2 parts per million, which has gone from around 318 in 1960 to over 380 today on an exponential growth curve….compare over 600,000 years of c02 levels from ice cores (

    An excellent loose (ok – really loose) metaphor I like is yeast….converting sugar to energy at a break-neck pace until it finally dies in the flood of its own waste. Although we can’t smell C02, it truly is human waste – respiratory excrement. It would be a little difficult if your body were wired to sense your own respiratory evacuation as poop….and since there is no bacteria involved – no IMMEDIATE need to sense it. So here we sit, spewing, burning, and industrially cranking out something COMPLETELY invisible to our senses, because we breath at the same address where we eat.

    Hmmm, 2012…Here is a better metaphor. 2012 is the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic (sinking), “Can’t see it. It must not be there. Far more important to hold cruising speed! Got a schedule to keep! Even if it were there, this ship is made of STEEL! Invented by humans. We’re Supermen! We’re invincible! We can do ANYTHING….we want….Oops, brain-fart. Didn’t see that one coming.” So is it such a terrible thing to be cautious when massive C02 atmospheric modification is UNQUESTIONABLY HUMAN, irrespective of warming? If things do get out of hand, I just hope we exceed the survival rate of the Titanic (32%).

  4. this is crap

  5. I love everyone here…

  6. Hahaha… Some one told me that a few years or decades ago people were concered that the Earth was getting too cold and now too hot? ah ha ha ha.. Picky human…

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