End Times

Assyrian tablet, 2280 BCE

Bamberg Apocalypse 1000 CE

Savonarola.1500 CE

Jehovah's Witnesses, 1914

Herbert W. Armstrong

The Late Great Planet Earth

Jerry Falwell


~ by Rick on August 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “End Times”

  1. You have Buttermere as a backdrop and the crag on the left is fun to climb up on to watch the sunset. Not on haystacks but still nice as another option.

  2. You must be talking about hiking at Mt Ararat. So you have been there? Are there a lot of

  3. What the hell? I thought your were serious, and commented about Noah’s Ark in the wrong post, and your name just sounded like Turkish Porno. But no, you linked to a Turkish porno site. I’m starting to think you’ve never even seen the sunset from that crag, Porno!

  4. I wonder if “not on haystacks” is some kind of Turkish code word?
    That Jehovah’s Witnesses stuff is crazy, I can understand getting it wrong once and recovering, but they’ve done it so many times and people still join.

  5. I wondered about Turkish code words, too. After I realized what his link was about, the whole thing seemed rife with innuendo. Buttermere, haystacks, and crags on the left, indeed.

    Regarding end times: there are a million of them. I updated the post to add “The Late Great Planet Earth,” popular when I was in junior high, and Jerry Falwell. Click on Jerry and see a list of failed predictions. Thanks Jake!

  6. How about the Mayan calender? The 2012 thing… sounds half legit, though I doubt that it will be the end of the world, maybe just the end of some popular beliefs (MAYBE).
    What if we are all just one big cosmic science experiment. Look at all native people. Darker skin tones, then the “white people”… where do we fit in? Adam and Eve?

  7. People have been declaring the end of the world for years, yet no one knows. I say it will happen when it is time.

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