Battle of Los Angeles

Feb 26, 1942 News-Press

Battle of Los Angeles LA Times Feb 26, 1942

Wikipedia entry

~ by Rick on July 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “Battle of Los Angeles”

  1. what is your thought on alien abduction?

  2. I have a post on alien abductions. Go to the search field at the top of the blog, search for the word abduction.

  3. People will never know the truth…
    The USA Government will not allow it. Like 9/11. Gearge Bush is the biggest terrorist America will ever know… and they just don’t give a shit.
    I am sure that there are things that the human race should not know… for now. A day will come that will change everything forever. Religion will become worthless and all the world will submit unto a new set of beliefs.

  4. No need to bring 911 into this!

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