Yonaguni Monument

Ryukyu Islands

Yonaguni Island

Kihachiro Aratake

Yonaguni 1

Yonaguni 2

Yonaguni 3

Yonaguni 4

Yonaguni 5


~ by Rick on June 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Yonaguni Monument”

  1. It’s so beautifule

  2. If anything I might believe a Quarry, I see nothing indicating it was a human dwelling place, where are the stairs, rooms etc. I think this ones a natural formation.

  3. If you examine the southern coastline of Yonaguni you will see a large number of cliff faces with very similar features, where you can see that the underlying rock has shattered in a manner similar to crystal. At one particular cliff face, almost directly opposite to the underwater Stadium structure, one can see how the rock juts out in straight lines and appears to fracture and splinter into almost perfectly long and straight pieces.

    In fact, much of the southern coastline of the island exhibits a similar pattern of rock, thereby suggesting that this is more likely a natural formation than a man-made structure.

  4. excellent!

  5. I have been reading antiquic cultures, Madan Blavatsky, secret doctrine, she explain about the lost human races…

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