Spontaneous Human Combustion

Mary Reeser 1951

Helen Conway 1964

John Irving Bentley 1966

unknown 1


unknown 2


~ by Rick on May 20, 2009.

19 Responses to “Spontaneous Human Combustion”

  1. I would like to know how this happens…

  2. Hey earthykindred, you can read a very good article on the subject by clicking on the color photo. It’s by Mark Benecke, Ph.D, and it’ll tell you everything about it. It’s not mysterious, just creepy.

  3. Ok thanx! I’ll have to check it out..

  4. I just checked out that link, and didn’t find it very satisfying at all. (1) SHC is not a matter of “if?” but “how?” I did not find anything “creepy” in the explanation, as the author basically just chalked all perceived cases up to people being reckless with matches or fireplaces.

    (2) The author gives contradictory causes for the fires depicted in figures 1 and 3. At first he claims that it was concluded that she had Parkinson’s and inadvertently dropped a match on herself (while seated?). The later he states that forensics determined that her hair caught fire first, spread down to her back, then around her torso and down. Now, I’m no detective, but how does one “drop” a match, subsequently igniting their hair?

  5. Hey Shane. Good comments. I personally find Benecke’s explanation satisfactory. Still, to burn to a crisp, leaving nothing but a foot in a slipper? That’s creepy no matter how you slice it. The families involved must hate the topic.

  6. My name is Jeremiah Bentley and I am looking for anny info. on my great grandfather Dr. John Irvin Bentley died December 6, 1966 in pennsylvania.

  7. Well, there’s Wikipedia, which you probably already know. There’s a nice article in the Endeavor News. After that, I don’t know.

  8. The one seated leaves a lot to wonder about. even if the hair had ignited somehow there is a lot of the body missing. if turned to ash then where is all the rest of the ash? also as a firefighter I have seen many people incinerated and can tell you that bone does not turn to ash under normal fire conditions. If the hair had ignited and caused all this damage then the body would have to had been wrapped in phosphorus or magnesium to create enough heat to char bone. but in doing so the entire room would have been charred as well. But still there would have been enough ash to cover the area the body burned at. or would be covering all the items in the room if perhaps a window had been open and a breeze had blown the ash around.

  9. my mistake, I forgot to state that I was referring to the bathroom picture or number three if you please. Please append to my recent post.

  10. notice how half of them are next to or near a fire?..dumb asses if you ask me!!

  11. It’s not hard to imagine a “high frequency” object (human body) filled with “fat” to reach the burning temperatures of a “super candle.” Change the “oscillation rate” (vibratory rate) of the object and add a little pork for dinner, and “poof” you are gone. (pfft, -Buck Owens, Hee Haw) Don’t set up camp near a microwave tower, either.

  12. So in theory, each case has a logical explanation and stops bein (Spontaneous), either a cigarrete, a fireplace, burning ashes, matches etc? does anyone have a theory that gives me a second thought about this rare events, I mean, isnt weard enough that most of the victims burned and only the legs or a leg was left for starters…?

  13. If you’ve already read the link found in the color photo above, then you might try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQGYGrpab7s

    It’s a link to an episode of The Unexplained, a TV show dedicated to mysteries.

  14. It is possible for a human to spontanously combust but they would have to be intoduced to tens or hundreds of degrees and by then they would have been cooked to death first

  15. As creapy as it is, it is a fascinating topic. Even the bones were reduced to ash, even when a person is cremated, they still have to grind up the bones. With SHC everything burns away, how is that possible?

    I do hope that it wasn’t too painful!!!

  16. is SHC a government cover up of assassinations OR could or it be “super”genetics causing ignitable people can it possibly be that the government is conducting genetic mutation causing “super”genes which as a result causes igniting people this is my.(opinion you don’t have to believe any of these theory’s)

  17. i don’t understand it i read it in a horror books and i search it ! i can’t believe its true ! :( it was so creepy :( please can you explain how its happines ( please true)

  18. I’m an electrical engineer and technical fire investigator with 30 years experience in the field. I have an article on my company website re: SHC if you wish to get up to speed on the science behind this. facts-1.com/spontaneoushumancombustion.htm

    Whether you read the article or not, no fire investigator I know believes in SHC – and we’re the experts on fire and people burning to death. The difference between a bizarre fire and a “mysterious” one is simply that important facts are missing or mis-interpreted in the latter case.

  19. John Irving Bentley’s parents are British Subjects.

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