Ulf Beck, blind reader of rumps

Jacqueline Stallone, rumpologist


~ by Rick on May 15, 2009.

11 Responses to “Rumpology”

  1. Are you… are they… is that… YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING.

  2. They are. It is. I wish.

  3. Fabulous!

  4. There were some dead links over the weekend that are now fixed. So if you’ve visited the rumpologists before, please click again to get the full experience. I think it’s meant to be tongue in cheek, but you be the judge.

  5. Is it safe for work?

  6. There are more rumps on Stallone’s page, but they’re just as safe as what you already see. They’re just rumps.

  7. I wonder how I can add asstrologer to my resume. Is it a hands on job or purely cerebral?

  8. Darn right it’s hands on! Of course, bottom line, there must be nuance and insight. You can’t go into rumpology willy-nilly. Focus!

  9. BOTTOM line…now that’s funny

  10. Butt reading? Sounds like a good time!

  11. More on Rumpology

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