Odds & Ends

American Civil War Thunderbird

de Loys Ape

Mars Bigfoot

Montauk Monster


Creature 2


Russian Sea Monster

Russian Sea Monster 2

some kinda hairless creature near Seattle Washington

seriously, wtf

Dover Demon

Chilean alien


~ by Rick on May 2, 2009.

40 Responses to “Odds & Ends”

  1. WTF?

  2. oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh wow,!!!!!

  3. that one paleish thing, looks like a baby hippo or something. like a tiny baby

  4. h─▒mmmmmmmmmm

  5. the forth one “up” (10th down) is a wild, hairless Guine pig.
    and i believe the below it may be a black bear cub, or a dog, or somethin “else”.

  6. the first and last are defiantly hoaxes, so are the second and third ones. the picture that is seventh up actually is real, there are reports that a few of those things have been pulled of the ocean floor, dead of course but there is evidence. the rest can be explained.

  7. You’re talking about that pleisiosaur-looking photo, right? Click on the image, it’s a link to an article about the photo.

  8. fucking freaky bitches OMF frazzle dazzle

  9. I’ve been going through Fairy folklore in Europe, Ireland, Russia and a couple of other places. South Africa as well. The Tokoloshe (or however you spell it) strange, but one or two of these can be seen as, (OMG, I can’t believe I am saying this), fairies, (not cutesy little sluts with wings, but little creatures that co-exists with fairies also classified as fairies.
    Yes, I am a freak! I do believe in fairies. I do believe in alot of things normal people should not believe in or even know of!!! But I am not normal!

    Don’t question me!

  10. the dover demon has been reported 26 times in a wahole year

  11. Accual the 3rd one is just a strange looking rock they found on mars

  12. the 7th picture is of the loch ness (me thinks)

  13. hell no that shit lookes crazy theres something the goverment is’ent telling us people

  14. that is it im goin to dover I gotta some proof thaat this creature exists

  15. that was soooooo
    scary and awsome at the same

  16. okay…that looks nothing like a baby….i mean do they live among us???

  17. maybe its a small state of a small dog or something…

  18. whats up with the mirror effect on the last pic? kinda cool


  20. Picture 1: Thunderbird — I think this picture is a hoax, but I could be wrong. There is a story from April 1890. Two cowboys killed a giant creature with an enormous wingspan. It was said to have had smooth skin, featherless wings like a bat and a face that resembled an alligator. Kind like a Pterodactyl.
    Picture 2: This is a hoax. The de Loys Ape is a Spider Monkey.
    Picture 3: Weird rock on Mars.
    Picture 4: Montauk Monster. I don’t know WHAT it is, but it has ben said to be a Racoon. Look up pictures of dead/rotting racoons, and you will see the similarities.
    Pictures 5 and 6: to me they look like chimpanzees, but I could be wrong.
    Picture 7: Pleisiasaur (sp?)
    Pictures 8 and 9: Looks like a rotted crocodile.
    Picture 10: Naked Mole Rat
    Picture 11: Either a hoax, or a very skinny bear cub.
    Picture 12: Dover Demon — Very real
    Picture 13: hoax of a dover demon.

  21. Wow I just saw what was in #12…

  22. Gee so people can use photo-shop, setup up photos etc. There are more real life monsters to worry about like the Bosses of Thales creating new ways to get countries to part with their cash and develop more horrible ways of killing people funny how a company that owns so much of just about every company on earth goes about so unnoticed?

  23. What a fuck is this! #meedo

  24. COOL

  25. pic #3 is a sand person from star wars! =0

  26. Some kind of ape.

  27. for gods sake dont you know what a monkey is.

  28. links or reports of the fourth one?
    how about the eight one?

    any reports or links?

  29. Wow , That is dover demon

  30. Is dover demon Real ??????? Who agree

  31. The hairless looking ones are most likely some type of wild animal with mange.

  32. HOLY SHIT IM SO SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. i want my mommy :S
    cooool :D

  34. that eighth one cant be a rotting croc… the tail’s not thin enough and the teeth aren’t sharp enough… the nose is too pointed, the mouth isn’t wide enough, and the body isn’t thick or long enough….. whoever did these photos has no life

  35. creepy

  36. wow

  37. For Somegirl: Picture 7 – don’t let your eyes fool you, it’s not even clear that what you presume is a head actually is one! Sorry to dissapoint you, but it’s definitely a recent sea animal, only in a very bad shape. I think it’s a turtle, but the picture is too small for a good guess =D And the thing below is not crocodile but a killer whale, look at this:
    You obviously have bo idea what a crocodile skeleton looks like, the first clue would be that crocodiles actually have nostrills on the tip of the snout, but there are none on the jaw, because it’s a solid plate for the mellon to sit on, and, besides, the backbone looks completely different too… ;)

  38. 2nd last one what is it? All i see is a road. It’s between images of what seems to be the Dover demon. But i don’t see any thing there at all. Where am i supposed to look.

  39. the russian sea monster is actualy SCP-682!!!

  40. @ Jay: Dover Demon is supposed to be standing to the right side of the first catenary mast (between bushes and mast), but frankly, i don’t think there is anything more to see but some lighter spots that some people wish to be a mysterious creature. personally i find the glowing personlike figure way back much more irritating – what exactly is that?? apperently some reflection, but of what?

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