David Icke

David Icke, from his own website

Draco, with alpha draconis, aka, The Dragon's Tail


reptilian shapeshifter

Elizabeth II as reptilian

George H. W. Bush as reptilian

Freedom or Fascism

~ by Rick on March 28, 2009.

61 Responses to “David Icke”

  1. Hmmm. Freedom, fascism. Freedom, fascism. This is too hard.

  2. To David Icke’s way of thinking, to choose freedom is to believe in the lizards. Not believing paves the way for fascism. So do you want 12-ft tall lizard men from the 4th dimension ruling the world? Or will you join the resistance?

    He leaves out at least one option, which is to say, “That’s crazy talk, man!”

  3. I couldn’t get past the profoundly boring beginning of the interview.
    Now the lizards are going to get me for sure.

  4. Another crazy theory mentioned by Bill Maher… and it is insane..

  5. I’ve read just about all of Icke’s books, and I gotta say that the reptilian bit is a bit hard to swallow. However, take away the intergalactic/inter-dimensional Lizard People from his writings, and he’s got some pretty compelling stuff that easy to verify and hard to refute. Maybe you should change the heading of this column to “Reptilians” instead of “David Icke?”

  6. I saw this on an episode of CSI: Las Vegas. I didn’t realize it was actually real. But don’t get me wrong, I think all religions are equally insane.

  7. Shane, I can’t change the name. These posts are in alphabetical order, and “I” is for “Icke”. Besides, David Icke – Reptilians = Alex Jones, so the whole thing just wouldn’t work. But you’re right, the post is very heavy on the reptilian angle.

  8. maybe JOHN LENON know the true? imagine?

  9. with all of the genetically modified orgamisms being pumped into our bodies it makes sense that they could be turning us into a lizard type species everybody in my town acts like lizards I call them the lizard people………

  10. Ok, now I am getting, after everything I have seen today, and yesterday, to the point where I’m on the verge of believe at least part of this. But to say that she is a lizard because her ear droops is just stupid, my stepmoms mothers (step-grandmother?) ears do the same thing, because she has worn big huge earrings for most of her life.

  11. Yes people this is very real. Just cos you aint seen one doesnt make it any less real. It sounds mad because we have all been conditioned since birth. Everyone seems to be lost confused and the human race has no idea where we are from or how we got here. This is because there has been a war on human culture since ancient babylon. If you look hard enough however all the evidence is there about where we are from and what is going on. Start looking because the resistance needs you to wake up NOW.

  12. david ike has actully very very intresting points..

  13. These Thing’s are Real,
    read bible 5 1/2 Months to have God remove my Overwellming Addictin to alcohol. Seen similar
    Contact for more info “craftjoe@ymail.com”
    Very Curious if anyone else had similar experience’

  14. I think the guy should quit the LSD and start reading his own books. He’s CRAZY! The Queen is not some Lizzard woman. Bloody HELL! Did he fall on his head?

  15. It is a nonsense, why now?… I believe in democracy.

  16. To amberjade: I believe the pic is referring to the discoloured portion of her neck, not the droopy ear; although I can see why it dominated your view lol.

  17. you are very right i can spot a reptllian a mile of i have allways notest since i was 4 years old and i could spot it more the older i got.some images on the internet are put ther to put you off knowing what a real one looks like because they are not ment to be true but the queen is defo one because the family she is in they are reps

  18. david icke is partly right about reptilians,but our true origin is what the muslims call jinn,my surname is sinclair and my bloodline is jinn hybrid[not reptilian]they just choose to appear in that form,there are many species of jinns and jinn hybrids hence the word mankind

  19. I used to believe that what I was doing with my life was right. I was being educated by the government of “Britain,” or European State of Britain, but now I know something: people cannot handle truth. Whether it be 9/11, or the Reichstag fire (coughcoughsameshitcoughcough) or even the FACT that the world we live in is an elaborate display of human desire for control, people ridicule you when you present strong evidence of ancient xeno-intervention of evolution or the black box from a (supposed) Boeing aircraft. Defiance is the only word you need to save humankind. But I don’t think we deserve saving.

  20. The more to this world that that exceeded even our wildest imagination. Shakespeare said something like that and he was right. Not only David is talking of the reptilians (even though he was the first in modern time). They are real and the thing is that they are afraid of us, of our potentiality as human beings. Think outside the box folks. Cheers

  21. It’s the power of consciousness that tell’s the truth thrue David Icke, the one which we call GOD.DAVID ICKE TELL’S YOU THE TRUTH, SO PEOPLE, WAKE-UP AND LOOK AROUND WIZELY.
    I’ll tell you this, look at the sun and fill the sun’s power,(HOW?).When you look at it, appraciate it, appraciate it with your all heart, open your haeart, fill it and it will open your eyes of consciousness and you gonna see a lot of things and fill it around you.Think this,there is no phisical life without sun and we,as the earth are small particals in this universe who live thanks to the sun. And the sun is the creation of cosmic consious energy whom we call god.My dear friends, everything is possible, there is nothing impossible.It is just out there, all we need is to see and enjoy the powers which as given to us as GODS.Beleive it or not , it’s your choice.I make mine and I know I’m gonna enjoy it forever. Thank you very much for reading it, and thank you very much to you too, dear David

  22. you are not going to enjoy this forever ‘couse there is a BIG possibility to “fill” something that GOD gave you – it’s called cancer (which is also all around you)… there are many forms of “you” that still did not appeared through the levels of time simply because you have not been trough that forms of pain and confusion … and there “around” the age of 75, you my “friend” will stop believe in “reptilians” and misguide the normal people, because you will become DEAD and you wouldn’t feel a thing…

  23. The reptilian thing is hard to swallow. I tend to lean towards the explanation given by Freeman. There are two main groups descended from the Atlantians and the Reptilians. The “blue bloods” keep their bloodline clean by interbreeding. But as far as New world order and false flag operations he is spot on as they say in his country.

  24. reptilian i dont know but i do know that on 99.9% of so called holy buildings round the world you will find reptilian gargoyle Statues take a look at some on most of the ones with the skull and bones you will find that the reptilian ones biting the left ear of a man

  25. Wow. It’s called disinformation, people. 99% truth with a 1% lie interjected. The 1% lie is more devastating than the 99% truth. David Icke opens your eyes just to throw more pixie dust in them. If you’re buying into the whole Reptilian thing then you’ll be a prime subject for Project Blue Beam and the New Secular Order. If you care to see how true research is done then visit my site. Debunk me, I welcome it. I don’t talk about this BS, I expose it for what it is, Lucifer leading the world into Hell. Oh wait, people would rather believe in shape-shifting aliens rather than God and the simplicity that is within Christ. SMH.

  26. David you are my idol you’re a great scientist and a great man, I’m learning a lot from you, I love your theories, I have 22 years and from 20 I have internet, and thanks to internet I’m moving espiritualmente.Quisiera share something with you, I think there are many levels and that ours is a level 1 in the whole of all universes that exist and therefore all the aliens are in the Level 1 and Level 2 comes after death, and you progress to death or levels to die your spirit, you think of this? david thanks for posting your Theories in internet.Yo believe that the reptilians are the second level, but of course in the second level can be in the first and second level is nivel.Esa my theory, something dijo.un hug me cuidate, I’m from Spain, madrid.agur

  27. ROFL. Praise the disinfo agent. If you buy into his alien theory then you might as well just go back to sleep Simon. Not everything he tells you is the truth, particularly anything to do with the “Reptilians” and aliens. Ref Project Blue Beam.

  28. In my opinion the second level is of teitan or that of the reptiles that have gone down level, but they cannot raise the last one this where the great architect of the levels, something said it to me of the levels, we are enclosed like in a box that is our universe and of which it has beginning and end and of which it is not possible to go out, well, for the reptilianos with his technology they can come to our one and go out when they plazca. The star of 5 tops wants to say in my opinion if we count the triangles and the pentagon adds quite 20 that it wants to say 02, the second level of teitan, this something said it to me, that you think? So it that alone can leave of the level dying or with extraterrestrial beings’ technology. Me encantaria extraterrestrial being to know to algun and to share opinions. Always and conceited in the extraterrestrial beings but there are things that are new for my, since them and overdraft thanks to Internet. In my opinion there are muchisimos levels and everything is surrounded by the god in whom I believe that it is a black cloud that surrounds everything with 3 black stones that control the levels, or good it of 3 black stones I had it in a dream, but not well in order that they work. In my opinion after dark nube biene the white light and already there is nothing mas. I and conceited providing that the evil existio before that the good, and every cloud has a silver lining, this is the above mentioned Spanish, wherefrom I am I and they can be spied ovnis. But into my opinion these extraterrestrial beings do not develop of being very advanced since his ships see, and in my opinion not tendrian that to see, tendrian that to be something like that as water drops.

  29. I him follow gentleman david, to another thing that queria to say the star of David, this of the Jews, the first pyramid or triangle means extraterrestrial serpents, and other one that goes down means that they were slaves of these. That you think david? You are the big one. A doubt that I have is it of because the extraterrestrial beings do not invade us and I believe that it is because there are laws in the cosmos and they cannot enter the serpeintes that protejen, but in order that they want the serpents? To take our soul to him and this way about being mas strong? Not. I say goodbye, agur. (Agur means good-bye in the language mas anitguo of españa, of Basque country.)

  30. In my opinion the second level is the one of teitan or the one of the reptiles that have lowered of level, but cannot raise I complete where this the great architect of the levels, something said the one to me of the levels, we are locked up like in a box that is our universe and of which has principle and aim and of which cannot be left, good, for the reptilianos with its technology they can come to ours and leave when it pleases to them. The star of 5 ends means in my opinion if we told to the triangles and the extreme pentagon all 20 that means 02, the second level of teitan, this something me it said, that you think? then that can only be left the level muriendote or with technology of extraterrestrial. Encantaria to meet me some extraterrestrial one and to share opinions. Always and creido in the extraterrestrial ones but are things that are new for my, since the e shortage thanks to Internet. In my opinion there are very many levels and all it surrounds the God in which I believe that it is a black cloud that surrounds everything with 3 black stones that control the levels, or good that of 3 stones I had black it in a dream, but not well so that they work. In my opinion after the dark cloud Bienne the white light and no longer is any more. I and creido whenever the evil existio before the good, and it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, this are this Spanish, of where I am and ufos can be descried. But in my opinion those extraterrestrial ones do not have very of being advanced since their ships are seen, and in my opinion they are not tendrian that to see, they tendrian that to be something as well as drops of water. Him itself Sir david, to another thing that queria to say the star of david, that of the Jews, the first pyramid or triangle means extraterrestrial serpents, and the other that goes downwards means that they were enslaved of these. That you think david? you are a great one. A doubt that I have is the one of because they do not invade the extraterrestrial ones to us and I believe that she is because there are laws in the cosmos and they cannot enter by serpeintes protiles that it, but so that they love the serpents to us? in order to take our soul and thus to be but strong? not it. I take leave, agur. (agur goodbye means in the language but anitguo of Spain, of Basque country.)

  31. I have doubts abt Icke. His theories are WAY out there…what is running our world? The Gorns from Star Trek?

  32. alright there folks. i challenge you all to do your own research instead of listening to what one man says. I agree with alot but as someone said he is throwing in some lies alos. Check out the theory of the Holocaust from a historian by the name of David Irving who has been to Jail twice for the THOUGHT of denying and of course denying it. Got his evidence straight from the archives and Hitlers secretary and so called henchman. The proof is in the pudding. This guy actually presents evidence..He has been to Jail twice for God sake for thought crimes..He went to Jail for denying the holocaust in his own home in London and was arrested by the frence. When you look at holocaust lies or auschwitz lies on the internet you dont even need Irving to convince you but he presents more. He didnt come through the system either. He is a self professed historian so government couldnt take away his power. His words speak mountains. If you can believe in David Icke. This will blow you away. THIS for me is real truth. But then i suppose who was behind the propoganda of the Holocaust which by the way is a 3billion a year to Palestine. 2billion from america and 1 from Germany??? If Icke is such a truth teller, why has he not figured the holocaust lie out. He keeps referring to nazi facism. But who of you know the real history of the second world war. If you want to get to the real meat and potatoes dont type in REAL history of the war. Try, the Holocaust Lie. that will start you. How many of you know about 30,000 Germans bombed in Dresden when the war was at an end. Honestly check out David Irving for some REAL proof of history…
    David icke points out symbolism without evidence.. Honestly i dunno about him. On his videos in youtube there are warnings by FBI about copyright law: Why? Why does he not allow to freely distribute like A Jones who could be another dangerous mind…What doesnt sell it for me is the fact that they never seem to promote love and acceptance. The greats did, Ghandi, Martin Luther etc… I totally agree with the wake up message but i m sceptical and careful and I smell a rat. He could be disinfo. Do your own research peops. I wonder why that maybe. Im sceptical and afraid to listen to all he says. Any man who says another mans opinions are wrong and doesnt send a message of hope to people needs to be seriously considered…My opinion, idolise or serve NO man, forget God as you think you know of and connect yourself with the highest power and original creator, which is God without the image.. Remember listen to everyone and question everything. THEN decide. Peace is the path, freedom is the gift given to all of us by God

  33. So the queen wears a lot of makeup. So do I. Point?

  34. “reptilians”=jews=satans spawn
    you must be retard to not see that

  35. The thought of an ancient technologically advanced race of reptilian extra terrestrials controlling our world is fun to entertain, but without actual proof, it is a hard line to swallow. However, since NO ONE knows exactly how we all got here anyway, and can prove it 100%, then hey, anything goes. Lol, the moon is made of cheese! Lol!

  36. Id have an easier time attempting to believe this crap if everyone involved were not obviously still reeling from an acid trip.

  37. I believe that if all that stuff is real, Mr. Icke would be more endangered than Julian Assange with his wikileaks. Maybe the only truth is that Mr. Icke sells tons of books every year and his speeches yields him lots and lots of money.

  38. old people get flopping ears it comes from old age and wearing earings for decades. gravity takes hold and droops them just like gravity droops other body parts. The queens ears dont prove a thing

  39. This stuff is real. The background is in archaeology itself. From ancient Sumer to Egypt to the Chinese to the Mayans, the Dogon of Mauritania back to the Hopi and the list goes on. None of these were reported as legendary. They were reported as real.
    Just a side note: The Dogon Tribe had knowledge of the Sirius (Canus Major) Star system before NASA even existed. Like thousands of years before they existed.
    “This legend might be of little interest to anybody but the two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930’s. Of little interest except that it is exactly true.” SEE: The Dogon, the Nommos and Sirius B.

  40. Afs não vi prova nenhuma, e axo muito dificil de acreditar em tudo isso, obama um reptiliano, ele é so um negro qualquer, icki me manda um email se vc tiver provas mehores que me convençam.

  41. christian conspiracy theorists- it just doesnt work, david icke is disinformation but the bible isnt? I think David Icke is doing fantastic work exposing the reptillian agenda and the religion scam, the money scam and much more. Conspiracy websites are always subject to know it alls, but we would get so much farther as a people if we opened our minds to the nedless possibilities of this universe

  42. Looks like that milktoast toady Phillip finally snapped and throttled “her majesty”. I doubt she is an infant eating interdemensional lizard myself. More like a leech living off a host. And that host is most of our ancestors, relatives, and stolen booty. The only way to know for sure is to dissect her….Go for it, Icke!!!!

  43. David makes it clear that all he wants is to help humanity take back reality, we are programed to see reality as what they want us to see it

  44. You David Icke fans are crazy. Literally crazy, like, put-you-in-a-funny-farm batshit crazy. If you had to choose a conspiracy, why this one? You sound pathetic. Look at yourselves. Look at how you look.

  45. If you see the reptiloid as methapher (picture) then thats all aboud the persons right!!!

  46. I believe that human kind will soon be in a huge suprise,everything whats going on around us can be only directed by different species with no feelings(vaccinations,global nature and resource destruction etc), its so obvious.One thing which i cant coprehend is the fact that is a milions of christians in the world,they come in Vatican and no signs that anyone would say,ok its enough we want to see what is hidden between the walls.In the end that is our human race heritage.

  47. nancy, didn’t you understand? No matter how they look like if they are right…
    So, if you say “Look at how you look”, just think how you will look to your own eyes if you discover that this is the truth…

  48. Reptiles are just demons. Satan is a snake/reptile, David is disinformatiom. He gives you some truth and puts a twist on it to discredit Christianity. Satan is the father of lies.

  49. David has been preaching about the Reptilians for years now, and there is not one shred of evidence, photographic or otherwise, to substantiate his claims. He does more harm to the freedom movement with his ridiculous claims than good.

  50. You guys must read more about how the hemispheres of brain works, you are reacting just as a donkie humans, first of all thinking how about the goverment control us and saddly we believe in all the shit that they give us, anyway I hope that when all of this shit comes true you can open your mind to be ready otherwise just shut up and down you head.

  51. Considering the man was poor, stupid, and desperate his entire life. That leaves the people who follow him just as stupid and desperate as him. My grandmother has a bruise on her arm every time I see her, is she a reptilian? Hahahahahahahahahahaha, idiots.

  52. Oh wow, didn’t even see that the circle was for the ear. Hahaha, mine are starting to do that. MY GOD!!!!!! I MUST BE A REPTILE! HELP ME! Weird how everyone types like they dropped out of school in 3rd grade. Inbred fools

  53. And to the 3rd comment- how can a guy have some pretty good ideas on one subject, while on the other hand claiming we are being run by reptiles. The “movement” doesn’t exist, cuz you guys are all sitting on your computers typing, what does that do? I know my former friend, who tried to convince me that this stuff is real about 3 years ago, is now sitting in the mental hospital here in MN because he thought his own mother was a rwptile and tried to “find out for himself”

  54. 5th comment ^^^^^

  55. Simon, I don’t think he is a scientist, from wikipedia- He was always a loner, spending hours playing with toy steam trains, and preferring to cross the street rather than speak to anyone. He attended Whitehall Infant School, then Whitehall Junior School, where he spent most of his time feeling nervous and shy, often to the point of almost fainting during the morning assembly and having to leave before he passed out. The family doctor suggested a referral to a child psychologist, but his father put his foot down

  56. He is CRAZY, but his father couldn’t admit it, now he has a bunch of pathetic people living the same ridiculous life he is. Good luck to you all, I’ll have my box of flies ready for when the reptiles come, maybe they won’t eat me then.

  57. thought it was gonna be several boring outdated
    submit, but it really compensated regarding time. I’ll post a web link to the webwebsite on my personal blog site. I am sure my own visitors will certainly locate that extremely beneficial.

  58. David Icke, and several people here apparently (and unfortunately), are the opposites of skeptics: They ACCEPT just about everything, as long as they can find some way to tie all of the crazy threads together. Human beings have evolved to find patterns in their environment – even when there are really none there. Using this methodology, ANY conspiracy can be shown to have merit.

    The thing people really need to keep in mind is this: It’s ok to initially be skeptical of ideas, because TRUE ideas/concepts can withstand scrutiny, while FALSE ones will be revealed as just that: False.

    David Icke and his ilk, have forgotten, it seems, how to use their critical thinking skills to discern the truth from falsehood. Without critical thinking we would still be living in the stone age.

    The question is, though, does David Icke actually believe this stuff or did he just discover that he can make lots of money making this stuff up? It seems that there is no upper limit as to how wild and crazy you can go and still have at least SOME people believe you. In fact, there have been many cases over the years where even after a hoax has been admitted BY THE HOAXERS, the followers STILL believe it, saying that the hoaxers were paid off or threatened or some such crazy thing. It’s like a disease that cannot be stopped once started.

    Critical thinking skills should be required learning in all schools, starting in elementary school!

  59. Absolute proof in Mr Icke’s favour has not been provided. Much is inferred to date apart from witness testimony from a few individuals; professing that they have encountered reptilians. However, on reading the case for psychopathic tendencies in those in power positions; elite dynasties, corporate heads, etc., it becomes clear that the nature of those in positions of control correlate to what is described by Icke in his unique manner. Dr Robert Hare has researched psychopaths for most of his life and indeed his medical thesis underscores diagnosis criteria for defining psychopathic behaviour. At its worse, psychopathic behaviour is a very similar mindset to that described by Mr Icke as reptilian behavioural aspects. Both mindsets are very dangerous for society and bizarrely are little understood by most in society, as being dangerous. Only those who have experienced it tend to understand because most mortals have inbuilt ‘humanity’ and even when experiencing the effect of a psychopath, tend to disbelieve what they are witnessing. Such is the ability of the psychopath to draw one into their world view. Interestingly, latest indications point to an amygdala difference where the fight/flight response doesn’t operate in psychopaths as it does in most non psychopaths, effectively so they do not ‘share’ fear. This is a common factor with the character described as reptilian by Mr Icke.

  60. namaste

  61. David Icke, much like all of us is being deceived. Watch the videos on you tube where he talks about entities entering the room, these are the thought form archons the Gnostics were trying to warn us about. You will see his relation to this killer bloodline has been hidden from him and us to give plausible deniability. Look up pictures of John D. Rockefeller jr. and compare to what David Icke looks like and there you will see the family resemblance. They won’t kill David Icke because Icke is one of them and has been authorized by them to put out disinfo. These corrupt thought form entities created these lizard people from our own creative imagination to give them selves an artificial race for bodies to operate in our level of consciousness and our reality. This is to create the boogy man concept that there are things alive hidden from our view to control us and keep us in the vibratory state of fear they need to survive. These lizard people were genetically engineered a long time ago as programs like the agents from the matrix movie. The elders or gods in some pagan religions had immense technological ability and were corrupted by these inorganic entities in thought form but these entities needed bodies in order to progress without resistance. These entities then interbred with our human lineage to create puppet hybrids that Icke teaches us are the so called Illuminati families. They can only manifest in our perception if we believe in them and Icke is the man that is making people believe in them. Icke has a history with the BBC and the Political Green party so he was the obvious choice for a more sinister voice. Not the peoples voice. Icke has been a part of the system he claims to be against and he has been a part of it for quite some time. Infowars AJ is of the same breed. They are front men in a false front line of truth seekers. These 13 Illuminati families are using us as thought projectors to manifest these horrible thought form into our reality. They are doing so as well only on a more rigid belief system which gives these beings more power. Awareness and belief are two different things. Belief in something gives it power. Awareness of something gives you the power to stop it. This is why ignorance is not bliss but rather ignorance is extremely dangerous. I am not saying David Icke, AJ and so on are bad people. Some of the information they give is spot on but a certain percentage is misinformation that suits the agenda. So in total the information being presented in it’s entirety suits the agenda, even the parts that are very true. It would not be allowed otherwise. I am aware on some level that these reptile beings do exist. We are manifesting them with belief systems as devils or demons or jinn or archons or whatever you want to call them. I personally do not believe in them. You do because you are not aware of them but you give your power away to them through fear and belief. This is the best I can describe, if you choose to remain in ignorance you are a danger to yourself and everyone you care about. Ignorance is for the mindless slaves and if you like being a mindless slave then ignore what I am saying. I like David Icke but I won’t buy his stuff because I don’t believe in him. He is another false prophet with something to gain. I am not saying he is wrong either, perhaps just a bit misguided by false spirits. Why? Because he is one of them.

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