San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende mural


chupacabra head

is this not a dog?

more like this from The Chupacabra Lady

typical victim


~ by Rick on February 25, 2009.

55 Responses to “Chupacabra”

  1. A welcome return, reminds me a bit of the Jersey Devil, maybe a subspecies?

  2. Others have also mentioned the resemblance to the Jersey Devil. I should follow that up, and maybe update the post if/when I learn more.

    Look at that, you made me fall back on my old science training. Now I’m wondering if I can link a mythical creature from New Jersey to a mythical creature in central Mexico.


  4. Rick maybe you should look up shipments form jersey to mexico maybe the jersey devil was poking around in a train cart or something like that. You might be able to link the two maybe they are the same species.

  5. Not a bad idea, Angela.

  6. Stupid… wheres the rest of the body in the ladies picture and the video is some bald naked dude… Once I see some proof that’s documented properly I’ll think twice about these pictures. The lady is holding a dead dog’s rotting head.

  7. Sheesh, people will believe what they want to believe. They only require proof from people who disagree. They are more than willing to follow like lemmings stories about Lochness Montster, Sasquatch, Yetti, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, and anything from ancient and modern folklore.

    Stories are one thing. I like stories. Believing in something is a big step. Believing in the POSSIBILITY of something is much safer, but there should be some kind of evidence, other than simply wanting it to be true.

    There are probably many things that mankind is unaware of.

    How many important isuues in today’s world take the back seat because of fools chasing mythical creatures?

  8. I agree i don’t think you should believe in some things unless you have proof or strong faith believing it is possible is much safer. and there are many things that we are unaware i would name them except well i am unaware of them.

  9. photoshop is an amazing thing. You know I took a picture of my shih tzu and made her look like she was 14 feet tall and had elephant tusks……you can do alot with those types of programs.

  10. There’s definitely a lot of photoshopped image out there. I think that woman has a Xolo on her hands, though. Check out the Wikipedia link.

  11. Do you have any idea how backward and primitive the people who came up with the idea of the “Chupacabra” were and still are?

    There’s a reason these stories flourish amongst superstitious Mexicans and backward hicks. They all have something in common. A lack of education.

  12. Arash, you’re mistaken. It’s true, there’s no such thing as chupacabra, but the legend started in Puerto Rico, not Mexico. Cryptid stories flourish amongst the educated and uneducated alike. Look at Arthur Conan Doyle.

  13. i was about 50 secs into the movie and like…sigh, another hoa… O.o HOLY SHIT WHAT WAS THAT!!!!! o.0 rewinded it like…25 times, this looks genuine, and real…. reminds me of gollum from LotR…. kinda…..

  14. ITS A HOAX!!!!!!!! pause it @ 0:54 you can see it!! its a man dressed in white clothing!!!


  15. Like I said on the Jersey Devil blog, you can believe what you want to. No one can tell you differently. My dear friend, Hayley, claims she saw a chupacabra break into her hotel in Mexico last year. Just believe what you do, and hold on to it.

  16. Hey, i realy belive d chupacabra exist but its not realy a mythical creture.
    Jus a k9 species that have never discoverd yet koz not every animal that we see now is everything from animal kingdom…

  17. hoax or not,
    freaked the shit out of me

  18. just because we don’t know what it is doesn’t make it a monster

  19. its a wiered old thing eh?
    but i did laugh though on that vid when the ‘thing’ looked at them XD i think its a guy personally either in the hoax with them or hes pranking the guys XD

  20. the head above was documented by scientist that it was that of a coyote, that was very deformed…….not whatever it is they want you to think…. do your research people, i bet the owneer of this web site is aware of the research that was done on the coyote head….stupid people want money that’s all plus attention

  21. So Daysha, you should give us a link to the coyote information.

  22. I believe in it but the video is fake i belive in big foot jersey devils DEFINATLY UFOS lochness most of them but that video is a bald dude

  23. ive been to Mexico in the woods there is nothing there!

  24. rick visit they did a show on it.its the head of a coyote and wolf hybrid.they tested tissue and hair samples. but this isnt the only one thier showing up in texas too.i think they have found like six now.

  25. It’s quite interesting. The Chupacabra Lady has what’s clearly some sort of canine, so a hybrid idea seems reasonable. There aren’t any wolves in Texas, according to The Wild World of Wolves. But they say there are in northern Mexico and New Mexico, so it seems possible.

    The chupacabra started as a thing on two legs, spines along the back, and knees that bent backward. I guess that would make them modified ankles rather than knees. Anyway, good link. Thanks luckymic76!

  26. that is so sad i was going to go to mexico but now that i saw these videos it makes me change my mind well good luck finding out more facts

  27. q mwdo

  28. que?

  29. Why are these sightings always taken in the dark?! It’d be so much easier to see in the daytime, but anyway… this one could be real, possibly… and there are pictures.. if that particular animal was a certain bread of something else then it’d be that, otherwise you could just call it a chupacabra…

  30. Anyone notice that the critter in the second video, in the segment filmed through the venetian blinds (nice touch), when slowed down looks as though it might be a kangaroo? Just a thought…….

  31. i saw that head when ir was still on the.. whatever a week or two ago. it was on the news. it had real long front legs . i couldnt tell bout the hind legs cause it was curled up when it stiffened. (i know cause it was leaned up on a camper lol 4real.) a vet said it was a deformed k9 probley. west tx and south is a harsh climate and food is sparse 4 coyotes. and their population is dropping so im sure coyote packs are VERY inbred. ~birth defects~. it probably had health problems just bein deformed and maybe retarded and just plain starved. we had a retarded calf once. its face had that down syndrom look. every species has a few bad genes. it just looked like a dog that had a piss poor life and some a–hole put its carcas on channel 11. (aint the internet great. even a dead dog can become a rockstar)

  32. It’s all as phoney as the the day is long. It’s all phoney. Puppets, masks, whatever, someone is having a good laugh while the gullible gnash their teeth. Get a life!

  33. both vids are a hoax the second to last i think might be real

  34. wtfuckkk

  35. someone said that they would belive it if they saw it…why? you would tell someone & they wouldnt believe you! you would have a picture too but you would be acused of photo shop. Alot of sightings in multiple places with replicable people analyzing such evidence & pictures. do you look outside too when someone says good morning?

  36. In every culture, every nation and every belief, there are certain things that cannot be explained. Angels, fairies and UFO’s. It all depends on the pop culture of the day. Yes, I do believe that the experiences people had and have are real, some not so much… There are alot of people out there just looking for attention and can get up to some pretty sick things.

  37. As I was saying…
    Truth is only as true as you believe it is. I have seen “ghosts” or spirits or whatever the hell it was.
    One night, when we were on holiday at the coast, we also saw something that cannot be explained. A set of footprints, biped… (walking only on two legs), goat hoofed footprints.
    We heard something or someone… saw a guy playing in the surf… as we got closer, he started walking away… the only thing we saw was the tracks.
    I do not know what that was. I am not sure if I should classify it as an hallusination, but my brother and his friend saw the same.
    I have researched goat men and everything I could find with goat feet walking on two legs and all I could come up with was Puck from A Midsummers Night Dream and Pan, a Greek god (the Christian image of Satan).

    Tell me what you think about this!

  38. gw masih bingung chupacabra itu binatang apa yaa………???

  39. The mural pic looks strangely like the Jersey devil. It must migrate during the winter.

  40. That “thing” in the video is a cut in from the film The Descent. It’s one of the mutant cannibal creature/human. It’s been edited into the footage.

  41. um chupa cabra parese gente!


  43. i saw a recent news report stating that a man in texas found what he believes to be a chupacabra it looked like the one in the 6th and 7th picture

  44. the thing in the first video looked like a mix of human and some kind of mutant DNA.

  45. The creature on the second video look like a computer pupet not that im being a sceptic but i dont think its real

  46. its really nasty and im scared omg lyke im neva goiin there hahahahahahhahahaha yuhh bitchh as motha fucka this is by zaire halwikins

  47. The least aliens can do is put some clothes on!!!

  48. Chupicabra most likely myth. maybe another sci-fi gov. experement gone bad. just like expected in the jersey devil situation

    PS: that night vision video seemed fake but scared the HECK out of me when the eyes lit up :D

  49. Is it just me or the chupacabra heads look like gray hounds?

  50. Oh, man. This has been put up there already, but apparently no one has looked at it, so I’ll try again. DNA shows it to be canine, probably some coyote. The other part HAS to be a XOLO. Please, everyone, look up XOLO. It looks like every one of the bodies found. XOLO–the Mexican hairless dog. Ugly things, weird skin, very rare.


  52. i have seen and met the chupacabra myself but some said that i am just a crazy guy.

  53. So there have been some weird phenomenons, sure. But These vids and pics don’t sway me, they’re fake.

  54. that is definetly a dog and have u ever wondered why a lady kept a dog head?? weird

  55. omg that pic of that guy pocking the “chupacabra” actually looks like a deer..kinda.

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