Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle

USS Cyclops disappears 1918

Training Flight 19 disappears 1945

PBM Mariner rescue flight also disappears 1945

yacht Renovoc disappears 1958

Marine Sulphur Queen disappears 1963

Argosy Feb 1964

mystery solved 1975


~ by Rick on February 19, 2009.

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  1. Glad to see you’ve started up again.

  2. When I was on the S.S. Universe Campus in 1976, our ship went throught the Bermuda Triangle when arriving back to Fort Lauderdale from Haiti.

    I’m still here. Had to be my cabin mate’s rabbit’s foot that saved us. Either that or we were being watched over by the statues of Easter Island. Oops. My bad. Wrong ocean.

  3. Some beautiful ocean throughout that region.

  4. If you notice around that region is where alot of hurricanes come in and tropical storms i would say that could be the reason for some of these missing ships maybe when we didn’t have all the technology to track hurricans and tropical storms that could be the reason for the missing ships but other than that i couldn’t think of any scientific or logical explenation.

  5. There are regions of ocean known for extremely unpredictable conditions across the globe, it just so happens the Bermuda Triangle is the most famous.

  6. ive taken my yaght through there before. ancored it on night in the triangle wen i woke up the bottom of the anchor was gone

  7. i like go thear

  8. has anyone actualy managed to prove and locate the locations of the numerouse ships and aircrafts reported to have dissapeared in the region at end of day ships and aircraft are not small objects they had to end up we realy know everythin about our own planet i wonder lol

  9. bermuda triangle is nothing we can go to there easely & come to home

  10. LOL.. I think it’s humorous that you have a YACHT and can’t spell it correctly. Air France just went down off the coast of Brazil, wonder if they have a Bermuda Triangle there too.

  11. Yeah, ‘anchor’ is also misspelled. I LOLd but it seems many folks aren’t native english speakers.
    The Triangle is still fun to read about, even if it’s been explained every which way from tomorrow. I like the idea of a giant mystery spot. It’s creepy.

  12. i wud lyk 2 noe mre abt dis plane…… wannna noe wats da actual coarse????

  13. you heard about that plane that’s missing, Air France?

  14. Hanz? Of course i heard about Air France, i subscribe to CNN.

  15. What happend to the Black box? USE it don’t USE it

  16. the plane will b a complete mystery if nothings ever found . weve already been saying the triangles swallowed it up lol .. and lol 2 the mispellings .. if i had a YACHT i would certainly no how 2 spell it hahahaha

  17. The disappearance of Air France A330 looks connected to Bermuda Triangle Mystery as this wide bodied Aircraft can take heavy Turbulence,lightening and bad weather but can be vulnerable to mysteries of Bermuda Triangle like other ill fated Ships and Aircrafts disappeared there.
    Condolences to the families of the ones lost in this disaster,peace with all onbaord !!!

  18. can anyone explain what it is that makes ships and plans vanish? this is playing on my mined there must be something in the water or sky what makes it do it?????????

  19. Well, It does make sense that planes and ships disappeared in the triangle area due to earlier days when there was no such thing as doppler radar. Hurricanes could have very well swept the vessels and aircrafts away, i imagine that the severe weather downed Air France craft and it dropped into the ocean.

  20. I dont think air france has dropped into the ocean. I av js bin listenin 2sky news and 1 lady has bin ringin her husbands mobile all day it is just ringin but no answer. The phone would not ring if it was at the bottom of the ocean

  21. Unless my geography is terrible (which is possible) the plane would have at least flown close to the triangle

  22. all these prediction are just a prediction,i can dare to go there and come back again.

  23. Lots of things to uncover. But scientist still discovering new things and researching on’formation of planet earth’ . In one part of the world people don’t have food to eat and the same place come first to have swiss bank black money (India). On the other side have plenty and making and selling defense equipment and polluting world (USA).

  24. Bianca – if you have a yacht, I’ll eat my own legs!

    You would need a half mile of chain to anchor in the triangle!

  25. we are all talking about our so called ultramodern technology that can spy or keep watch on even a car on earth surface from the space satellites and there must be thousands of such satellites that must be stationed in the space. Does this mean that our current technology cannot even sense,warn,prevent & find the scientific reason for such mystrerious happenings. Nor even we can find traces of missing air france plane ??? very disgusting for this world

  26. maybe the air france pilot was also a skeptic and he decided to test the bermuda triangle.
    is it not an area that pilots avoid?
    and leave the poor guy to spell “yacht” any way that looks right to him. the imortant thing is that you could make out what he was talking about. who gives a damn about spelling any way.
    my sincere condolences and prayers go out to the families of the missing passengers.may God be with you all through ths time of uncertainty.


  28. LOL!!!!!

  29. The FanceAirline might been crashed here because it left in Brazil and it can pas to it????HEHE???IM SO SMART!!!!!

  30. It’s a very haunting story…but I definitely link it to the magnetic field in the Bermuda Triangle or close to it. Who can define that triangle, and is there anything in this world that is a 100% triangle, I think it is broader, and the field did disturb the plane’s system. Now where the fuck those people are?

  31. I can only guess that since last contact was 4 hours into flight anything could have happened to the plane. Though there is speculation that the plan just fell apart due to storms. As for magnetic fields, the equator is an ackward zone of fields and Earth forces. Don’t under-estimate Earth’s forces, the triangle is just in the right spot where things go wacko.

  32. I agree with Liz on her statemment !!!

  33. I jst can’t stop thinking abt the ppl who were tavelling on that plane… wat would they have been going through??? and the Kids??? Omg… I was on a plane recently and due to turbulent weather the flight was a bit uncomfortable, I was totally freaked out!! I jst hope that the relatives and fmly of the travellers get sum news soon…. (I’ve heard they’ve found some metal debris in the atlantic ocean????)
    My sincere condolences to the relatives may Allah give u courage.

  34. I again agree with Mina,it must has been a great pain to all onboard and the ones they have left behind,there lives are devastated forever,May Allah bless their souls regardless what has happended to them,God knows his works better then we all do..

  35. People stop. Its freaky lol.jst say all of em and the plane ended up in my bk garden:-D

  36. may jesus bless all that were onboard and their families!

  37. Ive been thinking the Air France plane was lost in the Bermuda Triangle since it hit the news…… R.I.P To all of them!!!

  38. the bermuda triangle mistery isn’t a’s only the truth.
    only the God know what it is…..

  39. wherever we go across the world there is mysterious thing to talk about and to wonder, some of them have been discovered by the science and other we had learn about theme either through legends or history, especially religious history.
    in Islamic history there is a story talking about a large people named “people of “YAJOJ and MAJOJ”
    this people was in era of a strong king named “DOLKARNAYN”; Muslims say that he may be a prophet but not sur.
    this people used to attack poor ones and torture them.
    the victims peoples asked for the help of the strong king, and the asked him to built a big wall between them and this wild people, who were living between two mountains.
    and really this strong king had done what he had been asked for by building a big wall like a door between the 2 mountains.
    the GOD “Allah” telling us that this people is the most wild creatures that he had ever created. and ALLah will keep them there until the end of the world.
    many scientist tried and always trying to find there place but in vain.
    that was a short tell about mystery.
    if anyone of you find himself interested to know more about this story i can send you more.
    have a nice day all of you.
    then this wild people will be

  40. salam 2 every 1. dear kareem can u please tell me more as u promised here. really i want to know more.
    does any 1 know more about this mistry

  41. Dont say Allah Allah here..simply say God..whole world is in trouble with this word Allah.pls stop stop saying that here

  42. Hey Mark, be nice. this is my blog, people can say whatever they want.

  43. Mark,

    Please keep your personal opnion upto yourself,we say Allah as we beleive its our God,when you say jesus or whatever we do not say anything as we are thinking about people lost here therefore we are not interested what you like ot don’t.

  44. Snarf!!

  45. So um.
    In recent news as there been anyone missing from the triangle?

  46. hey i heard that ther is a plane that went thru the triangle around a day or 2 ago. fate was as expected.

  47. i no it seems like stupid Q bt has any 1 got any theories as 2 the reason ov these disappearances? don wry. im no critic. just curious

  48. Mark,,,

    I dn’t really knw wat to say 2 u…. this is very unexpected….. I will jst ask u why u think the whole world is in trouble because ov this word???
    kind regards….

  49. 1stly i doubt the plane went into the Triangle becos it was going 2 paris so there was no need 2 go to that area! ANd 2ndly it was probably thunder storms and the plane went down! if you look at a map, paris is on the other side! the only way they wud have gone into the bermuda Triangle was if the piolets did on purpose and took the plane their for some reason! but i doubt the plane went into it! Unless it was ment 2 stop in florida! but i think logically why wud the plane go there when its destination was Paris! it was probably becos of the weather! its sad and scary!

  50. hi everybody,
    first of all i want to tell you MARK that i did not get angry because of your commentary on the ward “ALLAH”, but i want just to tell you that who have created us is one “GOD” or “ALLAH” he is him the only one, but just because of the diversity of beliefs, everyone wants to call him as he wants. but believe me Muslim, Jewish, Christian or others our God is one.

    And for you MOOSA i will bring the whole story in English and i will try to make you know everything about it.
    but i will need RICK’s permission for that since he’s the blog owner, because i don’t know if it’s possible to talk about the whole story here.
    see you then.

  51. i didnt mean that particular talking in general terms

  52. Yes, Kareem, that would be fine if you wanted to post a story on this blog. Make it a good one!

  53. That’s a lot of comments, you’re going to have to do some more posts Rick.

  54. When i went near the corner of the bermuda triangle i mean i didnt go in but i was at the perimeter of it i felt a creepy type of feelin like someone was watchin me.

  55. hello,
    as i promised yesterday to tell you more about the story of the the wild buried people named GOG and MAGOG that had been mentioned as real mysterious story in several religions.
    i think it’s too long to discuss it here, so i invite everyone of you to visit this site
    then if we can discuss it later.

  56. The air france disaster should not be taken for fun. it shud be a wake up call to the word that there is a God in heaven who controlles everything under the sun. scientists seem to have failed to explain about the bermuba triangle – thanks be to God.
    May God give the peace and comfort to the family members of the plane crush.

  57. Glory be to God for the bermuda mystery. Worship him.

  58. I looked at the link for Gog and Magog. I was very excited to understand what the Bible had said and was very saddened. Why is there so much hatred toward other religions? I am Mormon (No I dont share my husband) LOL!!! I dont like what the autor said in the Mormon view. Not only do we beileve in the Book of Mormon but we believe in the Bible. If you would like more info on my reigion go to I think if we just reserch other religions we wouldn’t have so much hate in this world. I think people are just afraid because they dont know. Did you know the Koran has never been changed EVER. The Bible has been changed lots of diffrent versions. I still love my religion I believe in Jesus.
    I Would love to learn more about Magog and Gog. I will read my scriptures and listen to you all. Im not going back to that web site sorry. Thanks for letting me vent. Back to the Triangle!!!!

  59. Scatty stories. Something eerie and unexplainable happening.

  60. hmmm ok, now these are just some of my views on the triangle, lol sum migtt seem realy far fetched, but hey its worth a thought …
    What if the triangle is realy a portal, a worm hole or maybe even a black hole to another dimention in time and space this could be highly possible .. .. Or maybe another conspiracy ?
    have you guys heard of the – Philadelphia Experiment – ????
    it sorta all started of with the experimentation of electromagnetism (electromagnetic radiation) with gravity to create what we could refer to as an ” invisibilty cloak” at the time it was also refered
    to as -project rainbow- The Philadelphia Experiment was a naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sometime around 1943, in which the U.S. destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be made invisible to human observers for a brief period.
    however im sure u guys know what happens when the word gets out? evythng is said 2be a HOAX !
    [or a myth or a bed time story, like FRANKENSTEIN !! yeah peple thats a true story, but thats a topic by it self]
    Experimentng began in summer 1943, and was successful to a limited degree. One test, on July 22, resulted in the Eldridge being made almost completely invisible, with some witnesses reporting a “greenish fog” in its place. However, crew members complained of severe nausea afterwards. At that point, the experiment was altered at the request of the Navy, with the new objective being invisible solely to radar detection.

    The experiment was performed again on October 28. This time, Eldridge not only became entirely invisible, but actually vanished from the area in a flash of blue light. According to some accounts, the U.S. naval base at Norfolk, Virginia, just over 215 miles (346 km) away, reported sighting the Eldridge offshore, and then the Eldridge vanished from their sight and reappeared in Philadelphia at the site it had originally occupied, in a so called case of “accidental teleportation”.It was also said that the boat traveled back in time for 10 seconds.

    There was some serious side effects for the crew. Crew members suffered from mental conditions or would have just vanished into thin air, the crew was also subjected to brainwashing, in order to keep the experiment a secret. So now back to the triangle lol … hMMMMM So like in reference to the Philadephia Experiment and electromagnetic radiation and gravity, you could conclude that it might be a “natural” occurance or just another “experiment” test sight to perfect something of the sort.
    Its been reported a load of times that hectic magnetic interference exists near the triangle, the triangle is also close to the equator, so which means that the force of gravity would be less …. i once read some where that ” The Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center” is located in the Bermuda Triangle its also called Underwater Area 51. Its a US Navy Research Center, its a top-secret facility. No one is allowed to visit there or film in or near the facility.

    hMMMMM it could be that alien life form exists there, maybe it landed there and is preparing an invasion, maybe crashed there or maybe its held captive there.
    So in a nut shell a electromagnetic force and a drop in gravity or zero gravity would result in a black hole / time portal.
    Something to consider lol … what if the anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle icrease on an extremely large scale and eventually
    consumes everything in its path ……..

  61. OK, my friend, you win. That is the kookiest comment yet on this entire blog. The Bermuda Triangle, the Philadelphia Experiment, and AUTEC, together at last. I have to admit, I like it. You should write for a living.

  62. First, RIP to all those on board, may all the families also find peace facing this great unhealing loss and pain.For those on board, I wish it was instant death and they all felt no pain cus watching and going through the actual fact of dying to us is inmaginery and was definately horrific to them. I love flying but now ………I jus want to be reminded of the other vanishing spots I heard once on d globe apart from d Bermuda triangle. Does anyone know?? I find it so hard to understand how a huge plane dissapeared, no debris and no bodies? Some times I wonder if this plane was not taken and due the circumstances of d electrical fault can not traced on raider? Could they all be alive?? Landed/crashed Somewhere with no means of contact?? I don’t know what is better to wish for?? It is jus sooooo sad…. God help them …..

  63. Mark, good for you for this blogsite. I don’t know much about the Bermuda Triangle and its possible portal-like characteristics, but I do believe that this blog is an excellent “portal” of sorts for the spread of inter-cultural and inter-religious understandings. Bravo.

  64. whoops, that’s Rick ;) Sorry, I guess Mark’s comment sort of got his name stuck in my head. Hopefully the responses to his comment helped to increase his awareness that “Allah” is the arabic translation of the “one God”. Just as “door” is “bab” in arabic,, it is simply the direct translation, but in reality, a door is a door regardless of the language we state it in,, as God is God, the one and only, regardless of the language. Of course, this meaning applies to those who carry the belief in one God, and hopefully helps those with other beliefs to atleast better understand mono-theistic values.

  65. Good thoughts Alia :) I think Mark knows it very well now..
    We all have drifted away from the topic..where 228 people has disappeared..we should pray for them wherever they are as Allah,know his own secrets !!!

  66. Bermuda Triangle is a place where Satan fall immediately he was sent out of heaven. Since he came with one third of heaven’s angels, he left most of them at the triangle. The forces and all the miracles done there are organised by them. All evil deeds happening in the world are planed there.

  67. It is announced that the flight AF 447 transmitted 24 error messages including that the autopilot had been disengaged minutes before it disappeared. These messages are very important, because it is the first time, messages are transmitted from Bermuda Triangle related phenomena, which we think related to intense External magnetic fields (ExMF).
    Visited htt://

  68. After watching d news… Dunno how to take in d news of bodies being found…Good that now they’ve been found ……Bad that they all died a horrifying death….this was when they really needed a miracle. I have one question thou… On a previous trip I once took from Nigeria…the flight was not allowed to takeoff during the usual heavy tropical rainfall cus of lightening….now based on d news clip this plane took off during lightening… Why take d risk since passengers did not sign up for that…..the flight could have been delayed due to bad weather?!! ….and this loss jus proved why! soo painfully sad!!

  69. Hello

  70. Something to keep in mind… The sea’s in the “triangle” area are some of the deepest shelves in the entire ocean. This makes it near impossible to spot anything that is at the bottom and even harder to recover. Even with new-age spy satellites, as some would call them.

    Also, as a Canadian living in St. Thomas (USVI), which is just inside the triangle, and flight paths to Miami are directing inside the triangle, I have flown to and from countless amount times in the last 10 years… The only thing that seems to be disproportionate in this area, is the amount of tropical weather that his area gets.

  71. I have just heard about the mystery about Bermuda triangle. It is really a true mystery which has been unsolved till.

  72. I like to take dumps on triangles. Does that make me any less of a yacht?

  73. Let da man spel yacht wicheva way he wants 2, so lng we cn make out wat hes tryin 2 say, hele mense gat an oor KAK. Da ting dat guy sed abt da woman wo foned her husbands mobile nd it was stil ringing, wen he was tort 2 b lyin at da bottom of da ocean, makes u tink….. Dat air france flight could hav crashed on a remote, uncharted island….u neva no

  74. we all will go for a picnic to bermuda triangle nd lets not cum back…..just tell me who all r wit me….m afraid 2 go alone….girls i wil sponcer yew…..:)

  75. wee! so creepy… I just hope that everything will be fine. condolence for those who died in that mystery.

  76. wee! so creepy! I just hope that everything will be fine. condolence for those who have died in that mystery…

  77. My, what a lot of posts, little Ricky.

  78. Wants information about Tringle

  79. OK, Padmakar. You want information. Try Wikipedia, which states that most disappearances can be explained, but not all of them. Then try the Skeptic’s Dictionary. This site wonders why the area is considered a mystery at all. Finally, visit This site is dedicated to the idea that something mysterious is going on. Use this when you want something translated.

  80. After reading all of these comments, I am with “Forbidden Element”. Yes, the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery, but if there are such relevant explanations, why does the US Govt. have AUTEC? The Government knows a hell of a lot and will go to great lengths to keep us civilians, in the dark because they think sharing this “restricted info” will cause a wide-spread panic…which could likely happen. If people think humans are the only living existance in this universe…well, that’s just a tad self-centred. My point is, the Govt. will cover up the things they know and have in their posession and will continue to spend billions of dollars on their projects, evaluation centres, restricted areas and loony-bin headquarters….but they MUST keep us ignorant…and of course, go to great lengths at doing so.

  81. One of the legends of the Bermuda Triangle has it that during the time of the slavery when African’s where being brought to America and other countries, they would tie up the weak slaves with rocks and through them over board, or women use to throw their babies overboard. Apparently majority of the people that were thrown off, were thrown off in the Bermuda Triangle. Some people believe that those slaves are at the bottom of the ocean haunting passengers who fly over the ocean and who travel along on the ocean.

    But then yet again, it could possibility just a legend.

  82. It’s a mystery for me can some one provide me the sufficient information about this Bermuda triangle…………….

  83. It’s a mystery for the world but I want to explore it who can suport me to do so?

  84. i think mabey theres like a higher form of gravity for some reson and it messess up with compases and thing and mabey even effect turbulance so ships and planes go haywire and get sunk but who knows, mabey it is just storms.

  85. I don’t think there is any thing supernatural about it. That region has methane gas venting out from the ocean floor, if methane gets too dense in the water there is no boyance. Same reason you cannot swim in a sewage pond. As for all these old ships that went down. Whose gonna waste time and money lookin for them when it wouldn’t benifit anyone to find them.

  86. i really want to go there.naybe that would be another “lost”

  87. it’s mystery.i realy whont 2 go ther…

  88. When i got older i wll become rich and i will buy the Bermuda Triangle ill live on it and do test with dirt and what not no one will be allowed on it but oh and if yall wanna talk u can reach me at or or add me on AIM darkhp2 Or msn djdigital3 same as my email , or hit my up on Youtube my channel is Djdigital3 i got no facebook so dont bother asking

  89. i hope that someone will solve the mistery very fast!!!

  90. you talk about radar , how is radar gonna detect whats going on at the bottom of the ocean.Some say that there might be some small black hole or something down there.Also there is a spot on the opposite side of the world with this same problem.

  91. hey ANJAN KHADKA buul crap u know u are to much of a whimp to go near the triangle so dont start somethin u cant finish

  92. godfbless TAYLOR and airline france and there family


  94. The strangest thing about the Bermuda Triangle is the Devils Sea off the coast of China. If you were to bore a hole through the center of the Bermuda Triangle all the way to the other side of the globe you would pop up in an area of Asia known as the Devils Sea. The Devils Sea has also been known to swallow ships, planes, people and has its fair share of freaky stories.
    In most cases I would call the Triangle bovine fecal matter, however the Devils Sea hits the logic button in my brain and tells me there are some unknown earth forces at work here. I am inclined to believe that there are areas of the ocean where large quantities of gases are pocketed and expelled at random. If an enormous amount of gas were suddenly released under a ship it would effect the ships boyancy. The effect would be so profound that the ship would essentially free fall to the bottom of the ocean. A fall from sea level to the depths of the triangle would destroy a ship and the force of the fall would kick up enough of the bottom to hide all evidence. I do not know how gases would effect planes flying overhead as I have no experience in aeronautics however I can estimate that they could pose similar dangers at best. The only myth is coincidence. I want to believe.

  95. can u tell us that after the disapperance of so much big cretures like a ship why all the scientist are unable to solve this mystery.

  96. i need to know what is Bermuda triangle and what is in it

  97. i hope to be there soon…

  98. The strangest thing about the Bermuda Triangle is the Devils Sea off the coast of China. If you were to bore a hole through the center of the Bermuda Triangle all the way to the other side of the globe you would pop up in an area of Asia known as the Devils Sea. The Devils Sea has also been known to swallow ships, planes, people and has its fair share of freaky stories.
    In most cases I would call the Triangle bovine fecal matter, however the Devils Sea hits the logic button in my brain and tells me there are some unknown earth forces at work here. I am inclined to believe that there are areas of the ocean where large quantities of gases are pocketed and expelled at random. If an enormous amount of gas were suddenly released under a ship it would effect the ships boyancy. The effect would be so profound that the ship would essentially free fall to the bottom of the ocean. A fall from sea level to the depths of the triangle would destroy a ship and the force of the fall would kick up enough of the bottom to hide all evidence. I do not know how gases would effect planes flying overhead as I have no experience in aeronautics however I can estimate that they could pose similar dangers at best. The only myth is coincidence. I want to believe

  99. Abdul were you quoting me?

  100. There is one record saying an aircraft was on the radio with their commander and then all of the sudden the pilot in aircraft just stopped answering and the commander did not hear a crash, boom, bang, Ect. Complete Silence…They just mysteriously disappeared…

  101. this is cool stuff

  102. wow i dont wanna disapper

  103. thats dangerous

  104. the cause mite be Atlantis! a eradead part of atlantis look at maps of atlantis and compare to the Bermuda triangle maps

  105. the best way to know is to go for yourself. its a sacrifice ur gonna have to make to know somthing that extreme.
    Its such a crazy thing to think of wat happened to those ppl.
    We are prolly never going to know the secrets of our world.

  106. There could be a connection between Atlantis and The Bermuda Triangle.

  107. Another theory is the center of the Bermuda Triangle may have been a source of energy used by the Atleanteans.

    I read that in a book somewhere. Can’t remember the title.

  108. Hi Rick.I am very glad while watching and reading your nice blog, and while searching for Bermuda Triangle, i got the answer for my own mystery what happened with me.I strongly appreciate and admire the comment of Forbidden Element, that there are strong ELECTRO MAGNETIC FORCES in different parts of the world.The people have to beleive this fact,this is not a rumuor or fiction, its what happened with me.Still the modern science has to discover and unleash lot of mysteries.

  109. Yeah, read up on the Dragon’s triangle. They have the same mysteries on the other side of the world next to china and japan. I think I read somewhere they’re on exactly opposite sides of the world.

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  116. we can solve the problem if un help me

  117. What really happens there.Plz explain

  118. It’s a giant octopus… everyone knows it.

  119. There are a couple of vile vortices around the world that has similar aspects as the Bermuda Triangle.

    Do a google search. I am sure most of you will be surprised…

    here are two links explaining it a little more…

  120. i think it has the implication about the existance of the ultimate power holder over the univers.

  121. hi tell me a book in which i know about this misery .i m pursuing in B.Sc.

  122. I belive it! That’s where Amelia Earhart disapeared when she was fying over the Pacific ocean….. so why can’t it happen to boats?!?

  123. I hsve strong feelings in this region amd wanna to know the actual fact of this story. As we have strong & enough technology, it will be very easier to find out this.


  124. Actually its a magnetic field of unknown origins, thats why it sinks all the ships and planes, and each recording cameras defect when enter the area, however its not impossible to cross it, finally it was tried a crazy theory. All of you must know enough physics to know that when 2 magnets of the same magnetic fields (or poles) met each other, they reject each other…. so, a ship had the down part made entirely of magnet, like a giant magnet , when made the magnet ship, they put it randomly with the north pole down, hoping the magnetic energy coming from bermunda triangle is also north pole, lucky for the crew of the ship, when the ship crossed the bermunda triangle, it just flew over it

  125. I fnk i’m gonna solve d puzzle, 1 day. I love d philadephia exp.

  126. I’m a guy 4rm Nigeria, nw i’m afraid of Airline traveling cox of d freaky Bermuda

  127. Gallileo, I think it was, saw lights coming out from under the water when he was off galavanting the globe… That was at the Bermuda Triangle. Think about that for a while…

  128. People die in the middle and there ufos in there

  129. i think this is what is causing the problems all problems i think another K.R.A.K.E.N another kraken

  130. this is so fastinating…i love history but at the same time its is sad…i wish i cold go out there and help find everything that has dissapeared…but ovissally i cant…wish we could find out were eery thing has dissapeared…myseries ????

  131. y it is mystiries many hundred years ago to till now day even the human going in space & discovered many more in this modern time. the science mostly powerfull day by day . is it possible to solve its mystery by navigating in it or over it using analog devices????????
    it is irony that,today with such high advanced tech still we couldn’t unfold this mystery.
    why cant we use lasers to find wats up inside ………… there any comment made by any pilot or sailor after entering that region and before disappearing, if yes, then what evidence do we get from them???
    Is there have any power among the creature of good those are doing this?
    is there have any men who face this tragedy and alive?
    what are the reaction of them?can’t we use our technology to know this y y y?????
    can u tell me in which year this bermuda triangle seen and correct fact behind it . in 1498 vascodi gamma’s navigation he saw the flame’s on the water is it true give me the correct reasion!!!!!!
    why ship and aircraft is dove into the sea.what is its logic and when is it created . explain the process of diving ships and aircraft into the sea?

  132. I wanna Go there! and dissapear

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