Atlantis map 1882





antarctic atlantis

Bolivian Atlantis

Helike Atlantis, on the Gulf of Corinth

Plato, 400 BC

Island City

Atlantis in Indonesia

special thanks to de for the Indonesian link

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  1. Hi,

    I was interested in using your image – lost in atlantis for my clients brochure. They are a Christmas party company in the UK and would like to use it for their brochure cover. Can you let me know if you have a high resolution image say around A4 300 DPi that we could use? If so how much.


  2. I replied to this by email, but for the sake of the post I thought I should confess that I don’t own these images, I don’t know who does, I can’t sell, I simply gathered images to make a post for the letter ‘A’.

  3. atlantis is real. haha, the bahamas resort of course. haha,

  4. I don’t know if Atlantis is real, of course, but I am not afraid to have some faith in the subject, as odd as it sounds, and I don’t honestly really have the heart to put it down. Or, at least, I wouldn’t consider Atlantis fiction… some hard research on this lost continent would do some good over just pictures, also..

  5. The gulf of Mexico seems like a likely place (if Atlantis existed).

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  7. We love Spongebob’s version of the story! We recommend it to everyone..!

  8. The story of atlantis is different. where it is when will it will come back. what is its scerete

  9. check this site:

    it will tell u about Atlantis

  10. Thanks de! Sounds like Indonesia is where it’s at. I’ll add this to the post, rather than justing leaving it hidden in the comments section.

  11. Bagaimana kalo atlantis berada di Indonesia (sekarang)

  12. Hello eki joesryza. says you ask, “How if Atlantis was in Indonesia (now).”

    I will try to answer, hope I understand your question correctly. Professor Santos says the sea level used to be much lower, and during the last ice age, Europe and North America were covered in ice, but the South China Sea was above sea level, with fertile soil and lots of rain, which led to agriculture and civilization. Once the ice age ended, sea levels rose, and Atlantis was submerged in the Great Flood as described in the Bible, in Hindu texts, and in other writings. Now there are islands rather than a continent, and the grand cities of Atlantis are underwater, somewhere near Indonesia.

  13. Sebelumnya saya minta maaf karena saya tidak bisa berbahasa english, saya orang yang sangat ingin tahu tentang sejarah kehidupan manusia di masa lalu termasuk misteri atlantis…bukan hanya atlantis yang masih membuat saya penasaran, sejarah kerajaan yang dulu pernah berjaya di Nusantara (Indonesia) pun masih menyimpan misteri yang besar.

    “Tidak akan ada hari esok jika tidak ada hari sekarang dan kemarin”

    thanks you very much :)

  14. Yah, sejarah modern dimulai sekitar 10.000 tahun yang lalu, dengan orang-orang membangun peradaban di Mesopotamia, Lembah Indus, dan di Cina. Sebelum itu, saya pikir ada apa-apa kecuali Zaman Batu. Tetapi banyak orang percaya pada kehilangan peradaban. Cari informasi tentang Mu, Lemuria, Hyperborea, dan Thule.
    Tapi saya pikir semua itu adalah khayalan. Namun, menyenangkan untuk dipikirkan.

    Saya menggunakan Google Translate untuk membaca dan menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia.

  15. Hi Rick, cool post you’ve got here…
    I appreciate that you tried / google translate, although it seems hard to translate eki joesryza questions and your answers correctly.

    If I’m not mistake, the question supposed to be translated into “How if Atlantis is in Indonesia right now ?” anyway, Im not sure if eki joesryza really asked for your opinion.
    I hope both of you find better way/tool/software to reduce communication barrier.

    and for eki… coba deh cari tau tentang kejayaan Sriwijaya dan Majapahit, jangan-jangan yang tenggelam bukan Atlantis… :D
    good luck :)

  16. I should have known that the online software wasn’t working very well. My wife translates from Finnish into English, and it’s a very subtle and complex art. Still, I like that people from all over the world are interested in the kooky, and all languages are welcome. Thanks for the help, mahapatih!

  17. I kno atlantis ia A islan of Nebucadnezar / Zulcarnaen Or Propret of Allah

  18. Indonesië als Atlantis is onzin. Engineering resultaten die de mensen Brasilia. Op het moment van Plato heeft de Griekse niet in staat geweest om de verre oostelijke regio te verkennen.

  19. Bedankt, DutchManTalking. Ik denk dat Atlantis werd door Plato als een instrument voor zijn dialogen. Er was de gezonken stad Helike, en toeristen uit Rome zou zeil eroverheen, kijken neer op de gebouwen en standbeelden. Ik denk dat dit was inspiratie voor Plato’s Atlantis.

    Ik gebruik Google Translate om te spreken Nederlands. Hoe werkt het?

  20. Menurut Alqur’an, Kerajaan Atlantis adalah Indonesia yang dulunya adalah satu pulau menyatu dengan daratan Asia, disebut Kerajaan Saba dengan Ratu Balqis sebagai penguasanya, di pulau Jawa terkenal dengan sebutan Ratu Boko. Ratu Boko diperistri Nabi Sulaiman, maka jadilah Nabi Sulaiman penguasa Benua Atlantis, tapi sepeninggal Nabi Sulaiman dan Ratu Balqis, rakyat Atlantis berpaling dari ajaran Allah, maka Allah mengirim kepada mereka banjir besar yang menyebabkan Benua Atlantis ini terpecah menjadi kurang lebih 17.000 pulau. Peninggalan bangunan Nabi Sulaiman dan Ratu Balqis adalah Sandi Borobudur, Sandi Prambanan, Istana Ratu Boko. Khusus Sandi (Candi) Borobudur merupakan Sandi (Kode) yang terdapat dlm Alqur’an, reliefnya bercerita tentang kisah Nabi Daud, Nabi Sulaiman, Ratu Balqis dan Burung Hud Hud sebagaimana tertera dalam Alqur’an. Untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan akses http://WWW.SSQ-DLA.COM, semoga menjadi pelajaran berharga bagi generasi yang akan datang, bahwa nenek moyang kita adalah Penguasa Dunia sekaligus Nabi Allah yang membawa Agama Islam

  21. I think Atlantis is is the Atlantic ocean. It probably broke off the main land and started to drift out. It was made by the greeks, and acording to Popular legend, is where the merfolk dwell. Awsome picutures by the way!

  22. I agree with the lego theme! That a long time ago, greek lego men decided to build a city and name it atlantis. Later, it sunk into the ocean and all the lego men did that weird brick sound. Then some scuba divers discovered the gate of the squid and got all these keys to atlantis. Oh, and I agree with Mr. Spock, and if it is there, It’s probably in the mariana trench. Hey, Mr. spock, where are you from (country)? LEGOS RULE! end.

  23. Lego baby, Logic suggests I am a vulcan from the Enterprise. My commanding officer is Captain Kirk. It would be Illogical if any of you humans stalk me, Because I would be in space. Legos Do not rule, They are not even sentient.

  24. Ha ha! ur funny Mr. spock! Ur not a vulcan! Thats a tv show!

  25. Hi Guys
    thats bad that you can’t look underwater with google maps!
    because i have to do a huge project on atlantis and i don’t know enything about this place.

    Have eny suggestions
    and i have to do the project in another language!!!!!!


  27. wahhh! indonesia apakah benar Atlantis!

  28. hi m kenilo and m writing a poetry about this paradise lost…. and i wanna kno more about atlantis… and how the folks lived…

  29. Well, you can click on the image of Plato to get his account of Atlantis. You can also listen to Donovan sing “Atlantis” from 1968. The lyrics are here.

  30. do people really know where atlantis is because due to these maps its everywhere????

  31. :)

  32. oh,is very good,i’m in iran,and i search story atlantis,sorry,i can’t wriat correctly english

    your blog is very good,tank for you

    atefeh seyfi(diana)

  33. Thank you atefeh. Welcome! Khosh Amadid!

  34. the similarity in locations of atlantis and the bermuida triangle are too close to just call coincedence, i am not asking you all to go mad over this statement, i am just asking you to give it a thought, if the bablonians had sky tower maybe the atlanians had an advanced way of using magnets.

  35. heloo…
    I come back your blog.can you find me some persion information about ATLANTIS ,please please please.thank you
    please send the to my e-mail by language perion,thank you,
    thank you thank yo thank you

  36. woow

  37. Wow! You’d think a continent with vast technological advances and enlightened government would be easier to find.

    Though I do believe Atlantis shouldn’t be dismissed as nonsense.
    There are a lot of similarites between many cultures of the world.

  38. Wow….. i can not believe Atlantis was that flooded or beautiful, no a fence, but i thought Atlantis was a piece of CRAP!! Turns out that it wasn’t. It was a beautiful place that now is hidden under the deep blue sea!

  39. pople say there was a city be for atlantis

  40. wow atlantis is marvellous

  41. Hi, I was looking for a nice image for Atlantis to use next to a workshop on Atlantis that will happen at my studio (Eternal Balance) and came across your site. Not to be too spammy, but if you live in Massachusetts, Beverly area, you might want to come to the workshop on May 19. It’s called Atlantis – Myth and Reality of the Lost Civilization and will be presented by Greg Kaminsky, host of Occult of Personality podcasts.

  42. As I said earlier, there may be connections between ancient cultures. For example, in Asia, some buddist statues have their hands in a religious gestures called mudras. One of them has their left hand palm forward and the other outstreched. While in Central America, there is another statue with their right palm forward and their left hand outstreched. Most people call it concidence but I really don’t know. . .

    I also read this from a book, so I apologize for any misspellings.

  43. its annunaki destruction. think if americas and africa were still connected it would be off the tip of florida not smack dab in the middle of the atlantic close to africa. there are pyramids down there in the gulf. and on mars aswell.

  44. About 35,000 years ago, the Cro-Magnon man took over the Earth from the Neanderthal man. The Anunnaki Elite murdered the entire Neanderthal population after they had finished using the Neanderthals as specimens for genetic experiments. Homo sapiens were the result of the second wave of genetic engineering. This second wave allowed the Homo sapiens to procreate with the civilian Anunnaki.

    As time went by things got out of control, with monstrosities abounding and many half-human half-beasts were running amok. In the heyday of Atlantis, there was space travel for the privileged classes. Teleportation was also common in those days for the privileged classes. As the Atlantean “slaves” became more and more advanced, they began to disobey their “gods”, the Anunnaki Elite. This concerned their masters. Thus a decision was made by them to destroy Atlantis. Some of the Anunnaki Elite and their chosen attendants fled the Earth in huge spacecrafts and went to other planets, such as Mars, and even to other systems. Most of the Anunnaki were left behind. Upon fleeing the Earth, the Anunnaki Elite blew up Atlantis and destroyed it, hoping to kill all of the remaining Anunnaki and the rest of the inhabitants.

    However, some of the Anunnaki slaves discovered the plans of the Anunnaki Elite to destroy Atlantis. Some of these slaves were able to escape before the destruction, taking with them some of the knowledge, artifacts, technology, writings, weapons and culture of Atlantis to various parts of the Earth.

    Another reason the Anunnaki Elite decided to blow up Atlantis was because they were under extreme pressure from the investigation of the Attas (the Amoebic Rescuers of the Light who are like space-patrol). The Anunnaki Remnants who escaped Atlantis began constructing cultures which we now know as Aztecan, Inca, Mayan, and most importantly the ancient Egyptian. There are many Anunnaki on planet Earth today. Some are the descendents of the survivors from Atlantis who escaped before it was blown up.

    After the destruction of Atlantis, the third wave of genetic engineering performed by the higher classed Anunnaki Remnants took place about 20,000 years ago. One group of Anunnaki Remnants built the pyramids by employing massive amounts of forced human labour and advanced technology. These sites were used as launching pads for spacecrafts for the privileged classes of the Anunnaki Remnants.

    The early Egyptians who built the great pyramids and the Sphinx were also Anunnaki Remnants from Atlantis whom the Anunnaki Elite had intended to annihilate when they destroyed Atlantis. When they returned to Earth after destroying Atlantis, they saw Anunnaki Remnants’ cultures.

  45. As mentioned earlier the Anunnaki Elite conquered and enslaved the primitive people who were already residing on Earth. Some claim that Jesus was a hybrid from Nibiru, which maliciously implies that He was an Anunnaki. This is patently false. Jesus is in fact, an Avatar of the Light who “incarnated” here to remind and to re-awaken the “sleeping” Divine beings of their true Divine origin.

    In Genesis 6:2-4 it is recorded by the Anunnaki (who wrote most of the Old Testament) that “the sons of God” (the Anunnaki males) “saw the daughters of men that they were fair”. In developing this doctrine, the Anunnaki were trying to show that the “sons of God” were lured to Earth and corrupted by the indigenous women of Earth. In fact, the women of Earth at that time were purer than the males The Nibiruan God Enliland they were revered by the males because earthlings’ spirituality still retained closeness to the Divine Mother. The Anunnaki had to twist this to make it appear that women were a gender that could not be trusted and that they must be oppressed by the males. The “sons of God” abused and horribly mistreated the indigenous women of the Earth to set the example of a misogynistic model for the indigenous men of the Earth to follow. It was very critical to the plans of the Anunnaki to switch the gender of God from Mother to Father.

    Anunnaki chauvinism has caused women to be subjugated to men and treated as their “footstools” in many cultures including the Arab, Asian, Jewish and Western societies. In Isaiah 66:1 is found the saying “Thus saith the Lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool . . .”. In Ephesians 5:22-24 Paul, who was an incarnated Anunnaki, wrote:

    Wives submit yourselves onto your husbands, as onto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore, as the church is subject onto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

  46. Well, that’s Zecharia Sitchin’s point of view.

  47. Yes, Marlowe… then came the great flood and all the harlots drowned along with their nephelum children… (seriously) Noah built that goddamn ark (which is irritating the sh@t out of me!)…

  48. hi im s glad to see this photos when i was 7 i started to like mermaids and atlantis and my friend and me studie together marmaids and we knew that some day we discover somenthing but i move to mexico to texas so im so glad i found this pictures.THANKS

  49. wow that was interesting! there is obviously a connection between atlantis an the great flood of noah ..than again i cant help not to think that this is one story that has been over told.look at us we are still talking about it if i was to tell my kids about this i would chose the version after atlantis sunk which involves mermaids im sure they would find it more interesting than the actual events.
    grow up!mermaids are not real .atlantis was a real city that was not built under water but sunk coz of a the articles

  50. ATLANTIS THE LOS EMPIRE exists its real he has entred under water to live more thant every real and some arhitects say that atlantis has a guardian and he left a part of it under water cuz he now exist underground in a giant cave and is very hard to get there but they used magik to go there belive dont let some lise to let you down

  51. sorry i can’t speak english well. i will leave a comment : “siapa yang tahu proses terjadinya bumi, siapa yang tahu bentuk daratan pertama kali, siapa yang tahu dulu tepatnya atlantis berdiri di atas benua apa dan sekarang dimana letak sebenanya, karena menurut teori daratan di bumi selalu bergeser. Indonesia is true atlantis ??? i think maybe yes or maybe no. or maybe Indonesia adalah cerminan atlantis, tetapi atlantis adalah negri berperadaban tinggi. sedangkan indonesia masih banyak orang yang kurang mampu, so belum tentu atlantis is indonesia”.

  52. i want to know more about atlantis.

  53. no one know the true mystery of the earth.. So we can’t judge just from a theory.(tak ada yang tau misteri di bumi.. Jadi kita dapat memutuskan dari sebuah teori) and please don’t think that atlantis made by muslim cause we still searching for the fact. Sorry if ther are wrong spelling.

  54. “Atlantis” is a unique word, a translation from the Egyptian word Keftiu into Greek. Keftiu itself was a translation of an original Atlantean word – thus said Plato, the person who wrote about Atlantis. As it is a unique name, and a unique account, the story of identifying Atlantis is difficult – had it been easy, the mystery would have been solved long ago.
    When Plato wrote his Timaeus and Critias, he would probably never have imagined that Atlantis would create a controversy in the following millennia. The controversy started almost immediately after he had written about it and apart from medieval times, has captured the imagination of western civilisation. And even though the civilisation is often believed to be located in the Atlantic Ocean, numerous locations have been proposed, from America to the Middle East. Equally, the inhabitants of the island have been classified as gods, extra-terrestrial beings or a special racial type. Confronted with so many possibilities, few are able to make sense of it all.

    One of the many researchers who claim to have located Atlantis is the American researcher Robert Sarmast. Though his story may not be as spectacular as some of the other theories, it does have the advantage that his possibility is likely… and thus might be the key that unlocks the problem.
    One of the most remarkable facts about the disappearance of Atlantis is that the “continent” slowly sank. It was the end result of a series of disasters, which include earthquakes. According to Sarmast, this is a clue in determining the location; few locations in the world can meet these specific demands… and an island in the Atlantic Ocean does not meet the criteria.
    Briefly, Sarmast has identified the Mediterranean Sea as the location for Atlantis, specifically the area immediately to the southeast of Cyprus, currently buried underneath 1500 metres – about a mile – of water. It is known that the Mediterranean has not always been a sea – at least not as large as its current size. At least three times, earthquakes and the continental drift have closed the Street of Gibraltar. As a consequence, water began to evaporate, turning the sea into land. This is now an accepted scientific fact, testified by various geological remains, including the visible routes of the Nile, continuing its course much further. Graham Hancock is one of the authors who has gone in search of evidence that buildings and cart ruts around the island of Malta are now buried underneath the water’s surface; evidence that even relatively recently – 5000 years ago – the water level seems to have been lower than today.
    Sarmast argues that approximately 10,000 years ago, the Street was closed off, which resulted in one of the biggest waterfalls the world has ever seen: a hundred times bigger than Victoria Falls. But when earthquakes reopened the corridor, millions of tons of water slow entered the Mediterranean, whereby land began to “sink” underneath the water. And Sarmast believes that Atlantis was lost in this catastrophe.

    undefinedAtlantis has a number of characteristics, whereby Sarmast has been able to confirm that they apply to Cyprus. The presence of elephants and copper are two important characteristics, which fit within his hypothesis. Copper was so abundant in Cyprus that the island was actually named after the metal.
    But what about the so-called “Pillars of Hercules”, where Atlantis was said to be located beyond? Criticism against the identification of the Pillars as Gibraltar predates Sarmast; Eberhard Zangger was one of those who argued that various locations around the Mediterranean Sea carried that description. Gibraltar should not be considered the sole candidate for that title.
    But could Atlantis be an island, if the Mediterranean Sea was not a sea? Even though most of the sea was turned into land, the rivers still emptied inside the area… and some ocean must always have remained at the bottom, unless the period in which the Mediterranean was cut off from the Atlantic Ocean was extremely long.

    It is a fact that the shores of the Mediterranean Sea show signs of the origins of civilisation, whereby the eastern shores has many remains that are dated to 8000 BC – relatively shortly after the sinking of Atlantis, which the ancient Egyptians had dated to approximately 9500 BC. undefinedIt thus seems likely that that region indeed had an unknown civilisation… and if Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean, would we not have seen those signs in the western Mediterranean, or even on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean, along Spain and Morocco?
    Sarmast adds that Cyprus still has a yearly Festival of the Flood, whose origin has been lost in the mists of time. Is it a remembrance of the catastrophe? The festival is even named Kataklysmos and even though it is now celebrated at Pentecost, it is clear that this was an old festival that the Church Christianised.
    It is not the only potential link with Atlantis. The highest mountain on the island is now almost two kilometres above sea level, and is named Olympos. Is this the original Olympos, the sacred mountain of the Greek gods?
    Cyprus is also recognized as the centre of the cult of Venus, the Mother Goddess, who many historians have identified as the central object of worship in primitive societies. Researchers have shown that between roughly 20,000 and 5000 BC, a cult of the Mother Goddess existed around the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The island also has the village of Yeroskipou, a name derived from “Hiero Skepos”, or “Holy Gardens”. The gardens were dedicated to Aphrodite/Venus and could well be identical to “Paradise” and the Garden of Eden. The name “paradise” actually refers to a garden, enclosed by a wall and this is precisely what these gardens were: sacred territories, walled off from the world. Inside was a veritable paradise, with springs, flowers and trees, whereby the worshippers of the goddess practiced free sex in worship of the goddess of love.

    Sarmast touches upon, but does not extensively discuss, the possibility that the demise of Atlantis may be connected with the story of Noah and the Flood. It is clear that a catastrophe of this sort – the filling of the Mediterranean basin – and the Ark of Noah beginning to float on water, until it finally reaches land, are very similar. Indeed, once the waters had risen to a new level, the world had been transformed and the evils of the old world had been washed away. And it is clear that the evil was also in Atlantis, as the disaster that befell it, has been identified as God washing the slate clean of the evil that the civilisation had begun to wreak upon its neighbours.
    Whether it was God or a natural disaster, it is clear that the refilling of the basin must have created a massive reaction – panic – with the people that lived inside it. undefinedSome must have been confronted with a rising sea-level, some may even have experienced a tsunami. Many must have died. Atlantis had a further problem, in the sense that it was a plain, located next to the sea. If it had been a mountain civilisation, they may have survived, or had more time. Amongst all the victims that the disaster must have made, a civilisation along the shores must have been its major victim. And the Egyptians remembered them…
    As such, perhaps we need to look upon Noah as the eccentric scientist, who observed the possibilities of the upcoming disaster and took his precautions. As such, he was well equipped to face the disaster – and succeed in his survival… perhaps he was one of the few who did…

    Sarmast hypothesis remains for the moment that. But he is in the process of mapping the area. Even though the Mediterranean Sea is well-known, its surface is not. Sarmast is equally hopeful that traces of the civilisation have survived, despite being buried under a mile of water. And some of the maps he and his team of researchers have been able to get from the area in question do seem to indicate that Atlantis may indeed be located there. Though much more work is required, at least, this possibility is more hopeful than so many of the alternatives

  55. Atlantis is found here in the philippines

  56. Becoz there is the quest at the mel & joey last sunday that they said that the atlantis is found here in the philippines at ayala land makati

  57. ….believe or not….ATLANTIS @ Philippines…..niether visayas or mindanao??????….

  58. yeah atlantis is somewhere in philippines

  59. the man on the t.v wasn’t lying the atlantis has been found here in philippines.. but i dont know where it is?

  60. gusto ko talaga makita ang atlantis na sinabe sa mel and joey sana kung sino man ang makabasa nito kahit profeesional na tao please isama nyo po ako i wanna see it for my self and discover the truth..
    paki contact na lang ako sa email ko..

  61. i think the long search is over i guess?

  62. atlantis, here in the pearl of the orient seas?

  63. is the continent of atlantis is already found?someone said its already found in philippine’s side…he said he saw it under the water when he dive…is it true?

  64. yeah jeanette its true..

  65. its you mark who said about sa mel and joey…after i watched it,im so interested about the atlantis..i hope na maaksyunan agad ito…and mgpost agad ng comment dito…tnx

  66. well i believe Atlantis is real just like all the other cities hidden before our time and there wounder just thinking of it. Love the adventure just wish i could go n see places like Atlantis but just like the lost city of black hill. they believe under the rocks some were there was or use to be a city there but berried under all the rock . Anywayz i love history n majority of it is real

  67. There is no real ATLANTIS. It is just a myth. The story featured in Mel & Joey has no veracity… It is a hoax. The credibility of the person claiming that he already discovered it is questionable in nature. If it’s (ATLANTIS) true that there is a lost island discovered, then it’s not ATLANTIS island but just a lost ordinary island…

    If Atlantis is true and someone already discovered it, what is its use to us humans? How significant is Atlantis to us people? Will that help the earth? the nature? Will it stop global destruction? Will it improve our lives? Or it will just create more and more chaos? We have to focus more on important issues that we people are experiencing. Let us alleviate our lives and befriend to nature… We don’t need to quest for lost islands, or for new planet to make our new home… EARTH is enough. Let’s take good care of it… Let’s MAKE GOOD CHANGE IN OUR LITTLE WAYS…

  68. ETCHOS! LOL!

  69. yeah its on mel and joey its been disscus by mel and as well the other vistor thier.. if there is no atlantis? why did plato keep telling the facts.. the in the time of critias and timaeus? wat do u expext that the great philosohpher is lying after all? how on earth can u prove that atlantis dont exist in a short period of time?

  70. …….

  71. @mark: Atlantis (in Greek, Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος, “island of Atlas”) is a legendary island first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias.

    *take note ***LEGENDARY ISLAND***


    As continental drift became more widely accepted during the 1960s, and the increased understanding of plate tectonics demonstrated the impossibility of a lost continent in the geologically recent past,[37] most “Lost Continent” theories of Atlantis began to wane in popularity.




  72. @mark: TAKE NOTE:


    *2. containing legends: retold for generations as history but unlikely to be completely or even partially true
    the legendary tales of ancient warriors
    Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

  73. @ MArt:yah? i know that.. i have nothing to say your the boss now.. W!!!

  74. yes this is so mysterious

  75. i do believe that atlantis is located in philippines archipelago…

  76. yeah! so do i that the legendary atlantis is here in the philippines archipelago.. we just have to find it..

  77. if only i have some things like doraemon, i think all these questions will be answered…anyway, that topic featured in mel & joey is quite interesting…

  78. haiyou!!ur ryt….

  79. Hellow.
    I’m korea high school student and mamber of English news paper club. I’m going to write article about Atlantis, so can I use your images? If so, I will really thank for your cooperation.
    Please sent e-mail to me if you permit using your images.

  80. if the lost city is true as said,then ladies and gentle men be prepared because,there is much more under our noses still yet to be proven

  81. So interesting

  82. just so you now the first pic ture is a fake. it is so obvious to tell if you no how to look for it so stop trying to make people think its a real cause when they realize its a fake they wont bliveif they already did. im a big beliver in atlantis, but that there is an insult as it is so obviously ffake

  83. Hi, i’m looking for the source of the first Atlantis image above – it would be very helpful if you could remember where you found it and let me know on email.

  84. Firstly, it is obvious that it is an artist’s impression, you have to be an idiot not to realise that. I am sure Rick only put that on as a reference, so, hfhfks, no need to bore us with the obvious!!!
    Second of all…

    There are hundreds of cities that vanished from the face of the earth… as a manner of speaking. With my previous post regarding Aliens, I mentioned a Cataclism. It is very possible that something similar might have happened to Atlantis. And it is very possible that we will never know for sure. Some things are just not meant to be known.

  85. is it true that there is an atlantis that could be found at the boundary of the philippines?. . .because i had watch on the tv that he knew where it was found. . .i’m just curious. . if ever it has. . wow. . what a wonderful place?. . looking forward to see. . LOL. .

  86. Atlantis is well known for its technology, and mostly its dam. so is Saba’ Kingdom, its advances and its dam. i started to think they’re the same, especially i’ve read that Saba’ Kingdom was sunk the way Atlantis did.

  87. .hmm..sooo interesting.the images trigger my nerves to dig deeper…

  88. Atlantis is mentioned in the novel “back through time” by henry connery. is appeares as a great kingdom underwater, as henry says he saw it, do you believe this?

  89. WOW ! is this really true?! unbelievable! :-O
    CAN I ASK? how about the ancient people before did they survive or all of the died?
    thank you…. a really nice report…. and this kind of topic is really really nice! :D

  90. […] […]

  91. I believe all the versions about atlantis till we disprove them

  92. Hi! I was just doing an image search for Atlantis and the very first image is one that we did for Quest Magazine back in 2004! Nice to see it getting around :D

  93. I did a paper at Rollins night school on Atlantis if anybody is really interested let me know.

  94. How can it exist?
    Gimme a little bit o’ proof, boyos and girlies.

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  98. the true atlantis is southeast off the coast of florida usa

  99. where is atlantis?

  100. I’ve written a book called Letters from Atlantis:the truth of a legend, by Carol Adams(my given name). It is written as fiction, but based on the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, which I believe are entirely true. The story is told by El-ka during the last years in Atlantis. The priesthood of the Law of One makes plans to take many of their followers to Egypt, Yucatan and Peru. Other followers will settle in various parts of the world. Each chapter is introduced with a letter from El-ka on spiritual beliefs of the Law of One. The happenings in Atlantis are happening again in our present day, as Earth’s cycle is being repeated now. The book is sold on Book Baby and most e-readers.

  101. I have just finished reading Carol’s book in kindle. Highly recommended!
    Read in conjunction with Dweller on Two planets and An Earth Dwellers Return by Phylos and the Edgar Cayce readings on Atlantis. Christopher Dunne. The Gaza Power Plant.
    Atlantis is all around us, in the Great Pyramid, the pyramids and cultures of South America, our myths and legends, eg, Noah, but more so in the reincarnated souls of both Law of One and Children of Belial with their materialism and external focus and denial of the spiritual reality of Life. The end days of Atlantis have returned again in our present time. Learn to meditate, turn inward to the wealth within your own souls, not external wealth which is transitory.

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