~ by Rick on December 20, 2008.

18 Responses to “Vampires”

  1. I believe vampirizm is more of a religion then it is a creature i think there are such things as vampires but not turn into bats and fly away and stuff like that.

  2. There are still cases of people fighting vampires. Slobodan Milosevic recently had a wooden stake driven through his grave in an apparent effort to stop him from ever coming back.

  3. … people dressing up… its called canibalism guys its for mentally instable people who had traumatising childhoods.

  4. Several of these guys definitely need to see a their local manicurist.

  5. There’s a terrific article about vampires in popular culture in a recent issue of the New Yorker.


  6. I wan tu suk yur blaaaaaad! Blah ha ha ha ha

  7. lol well my friend bit the other day does that make him a vampire?

  8. i agree, vampires do exist but they cant fly, ive heard they can glide but i think that is probably a myth. hell i know a couple vampire (actually just friends who like the taste of blood but you get my point)

  9. I had a traumatising childhood but i am not insane my family is but so far i am not. at least i hope so. lol. Jared i would like to know some things about vampires if you don’t mind infoming me please?

  10. TSH WAT this thing is about vampires but dosent mention twilight this is such junck atlist say something real!!!!!!psh!!!!!!!twilight’s better!!!!!!!

  11. OK, omg!!!!! I admit, this post doesn’t say much, but I was on the letter V and had to post something. Besides, Twilight isn’t about vampires, it’s about saving yourself until you’re

  12. Undead, NO… Sick individuals sucking on blood, See a damn shrink!!!
    Though, with the whole Sephenie Meyer phenominon… As hot as it seems… Necrophilia is against the law! (Though I prefere the Charlaine Harris crap better!!!)

  13. i blame twilight.

  14. Twilight is about sparkely pixies fairys that are too shy to come out of the closet!

  15. I’m going to through a bunch of what ifs into the mix here if I may.
    lets talk about the art of astral projection.
    Suppose .. It were possible for the “projector” to actually manifest themselves in the place the project to.
    Perhaps be able to appear to other people, maybe even be able to manipulate objects.
    Now we “know” that ghosts draw energy to manifest ( I say “know” as in what is widely accepted)
    Often they draw heat from a room causing cold spots.
    So if our astral projector could manifest physically it would require a great deal of energy.
    A good source of energy could very well be the life force of people in the room.
    This of course would leave the “victim” (for a lack of a better term) rather drained.
    This technique would likely require a great deal of concentration.
    A sensory deprivation chamber might be used.
    The manifestation itself may have a few odd characteristics.
    I likely couldn’t be photographed, and probably would not cast a reflection.
    The person that would see the manifestation would likely have to, want to see it or “invite it” in some way.
    Now older sensory deprivation chambers were similar to a sarcophagus with warm salt water in it.
    You float freely with no light or sound. The idea is with out any sensory distraction you could put yourself in a trance easier.

    Lets see …..
    “Sleeping” in a sarcophagus, no reflection, can’t be photographed, needs to be invited in, locked doors mean nothing to them, and leaves people drained…. What does that sound like?
    Could masters of astral projection been part of the legend of vampires?

    If these masters could drop themselves into people’s minds …
    What if they could teach their art directly to the subconscious.
    People now try playing tapes while they sleep trying to learn new things subconsciously.
    But if an actual teacher could teach you subconsciously that would be very efficient
    That would explain yet another legend of the vampire.
    The strange dreams one has as they are being “turned”.

    Now as for the biting the bleeding and the undead crap, this could be simple lack of understanding or it could be yet another way to demonize magic.

  16. Well. I don’t have any deep seated thoughts or commentary here. But a girlfriend bit my neck once. I liked it. What, me worry?

  17. You found a photo of Anne Rice actually trying to enter the corpse of Lene Lovich before Lene’s even had a chance to die! That’s a rarity. A keeper. I’d heard that Anne did these sorts of things in public every now and then, but I didn’t really believe it until I came here. Thanks for this invaluable documentation.

  18. Pic of Shelley and Lee was taken before 1970. Think it was around 1964, the year MARY POPPINS came out.

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