Urine Therapy






~ by Rick on December 13, 2008.

8 Responses to “Urine Therapy”

  1. A workshop? You would think that it would be fairly straightforward. I can’t believe she included her picture in the advert either…. LOL

  2. Not just any workshop. A workshop on the wonders of our own wee wee.

  3. I”m at a Farm Show this week.

    Had I of known earlier I would have brought a vial to take home for self treatments. One must kowtow to show bovine respect for the most holy of derived urethral specimens!

    – – –
    When a cow sneezes, does milk come out of it’s nose?

  4. whats the last pic got to do with anything???

  5. It’s a link to an article about a soft drink in India made from cow urine.

  6. Drinking Piss, there’s nothing like it. Especially if you’re doing an all nighter for what ever reason… It keeps you in a balance and gives you the natural bio-system-balance while you go the distance…

    I am not taking the piss figuratively, its more literal yet mostly on special occasions.

  7. necessary? is it necessary i drink my own urine? no but i do it anyway cause it’s sterile and i like the taste.

  8. That cow made my day

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