Shroud of Turin









~ by Rick on December 9, 2008.

10 Responses to “Shroud of Turin”

  1. I think that it is a well stained garb or a fabrication. I have studied much history and i can tell you that when the Jewish went to wrap their dead, they would put them in strips of cloth and put about one hundred pounds of spice on them. because it was prohibited to touch the dead or to use the garments they were wrapped in, usually if they had to take the cloths, they would throw them away because it was unclean. because of this, i doubt that this cloth is the real thing. i can make one just like it if i had the right materials for staining.

  2. Would you? That would be great to see. Please make it and take a picture of your product.

  3. That is the beauty about these objects! People need something to believe in. Be it Krishna’s nipple ring or Allah’s undies. (No offense to anyone!) If that is Jesus stains on there, then let it be a Jesus stain. It could be a fake, or it could be real. Just because they wrapped other people in bandages doesn’t mean they did the same to Jesus.

  4. More signs and wonders from the LORD will come as we approach HIS return.

  5. i say the shroud is real because when the Jews put JESUS in his tomb a few days later Mary came to see him and he had vanished then when John and Paul came into the tomb they found the shroud that had wrapped JESUS just lying on the ground not thrown in the corner like someone had stole his body but like he had resurrected or gone home to his father GOD and plus when scientists researched it there was no paint stain ink or anything made by man they found blood and it was HUMAN BLOOD

  6. tough to be image of jesus when the shroud dates from middle ages. jacques de molay however, lived in the middle ages, knew the family that originally produced the shroud (in fact was executed with one of the family) and received injuries similar to those exhibited on shroud. and to jesus lover, i’m pretty sure that paul was not present at the tomb, road to damascus, saul of tarsis, etc… you might want to re-read your bible there.

  7. I think jesus lover meant Peter, not Paul, just a typo there. I do believe that the shroud is what Jesus was buried in; the carbon-14 dating was done years ago, and science has advanced so much since then. But I guess we’ll never really know everything until Jesus comes again, and I can’t wait for that day! Oh, and to Jesus Freak, I would like to see if you could duplicate the shroud, I have my doubts, but I tend to have an open mind.

  8. The shroud is real. Research shows that the carbon 14 test they did on the linen could not determine the exact era. The corner of the shroud was handled by many. The shroud also is impossible to make by hand because the “shadowing” of blood spots are only on the microfibers, not the whole fibers. And the image would only be done through some form of light. Test have been done and there are only 2 forms of light. A Lazar that just shoots straight out which would give this detail of a human but just the outline. And then a ray like a light bulb, which would leave a big blur. The only possible way for this image to appear on the shroud is by vertical and horizontal beaming. When the lord was resurrected, and brought back at that moment there had to of been a huge beam of light back into his lifeless body and then poof… he was gone. I honestly believe its a miracle, the shroud exists for those nonbelievers, for those to have hope. And for those skeptics to know that Jesus did indeed go through all that harsh suffering for our sake. Thank you lord.

  9. I believe the shroud is real like said b4 the body was wrapped in spice or incense and was how the image in part from bing wet was produced, as for thne shroud thrown away if was the true shrowd of jesus it would not have been thrown away also if was not jesus where did body go?

    Shroud was wrongly dated as told reason i believe is twas dated back to early 1500s in ttime they believe jesus was crusified through hands not wrists, the image plainly shows wounds in the wrists1 If was forgery would had wounds in hands!

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