William Fuld coined the term Ouija

The Magic Game c. 1920

William Fuld ouija display

These very interesting images courtesy of WilliamFuld.com. Click for more.









~ by Rick on November 24, 2008.

25 Responses to “Ouija”

  1. I did one of them once, and Satan still hasn’t come for my soul….

  2. Did it cause arguments, like, “Stop moving it!” “I’m not moving it, you’re moving it!” That’s what I seem to remember.

  3. Yup, that was a bout the size of it. It was kind of irritating because the people I did it with were really into it, and I wasn’t believing any of it.

  4. I own a few of these boards, and not once EVER has Satan come for my soul either, not to mention any of the dead communicating with me. I am a believer in the supernatural, but I do not like to be cheated by a piece of wood.

  5. hello my name is shannon and i am 12 years old.
    i have always wanted to have a wigi board to test it with my friends to see if it woulg actualy work.
    i would love to be able to talk to a spirit.
    i totaly believe in you guys.

  6. hello shannon again.
    when i said woulg i meant to say would.
    i believe in the unbelevable.

  7. Hi everyone, I would advise everyone that has not or want’ts to do ouija board to not because your aren’t talking to the dead thats all bull, your talking to a demon trying to disguise as a person that is dead, and this is dangerous because if you keep doing it, it will get addicting and it will open doorways for possession and this stuff is scarey I have friends that are doing it now that are 14 and 15 and it’s scary you could get hurt, This stuff isn’t fake, it’s real.

  8. I used to mess around with these! It is fun, just take it seriously and don’t ask stupid questions.

    The guy tossed up in the air with electric volts running through his body… not realistic. Just cool to look at. ;)

  9. how can i speak for the first time, or what words to be use?

  10. Find a partner to use the Ouija board with. Burn candles, and turn off the lights. Both people put their fingers on the planchette, and one person asks the questions. I would start by asking, “Is there really an afterlife?” Or, “Is there really a spirit realm?” Like that.

  11. i played it 6 years ago on 12/07/03 . And till this day i am visited by evil spirits! i warn anyone who thinks of even going near that board DONT DO IT!!!!!!!

  12. honestly people, its just a game.
    for fun and for goofing off.
    nobody will get hurt or be haunted.
    and just because you play it doesnt
    mean you worship saten or dont believe
    in god, once again its a GAME

  13. Oooooh! I like this toy! Home made works best. Unfortunately it does open doors that should remain closed. It’s NOT just a GAME as Mr Colbie would want you to believe it is. I like to dabble in some occult things and I have the dendancy to get into trouble for it.
    No, I will not be getting into that right now, I have more comments to write before continuing with my book….

  14. Okay, I read through what everybody has to say. Good laugh! Seriously people. No, I have not seen the devil (I hear he is VERY sexy) nor has some idiot demon from hell try to drag me down with it. Sadly, I must admit, there are some real dangers involved. Every now and then you get some dumb straight guy who tries to be brave and he pisses poor little dead Johnny off. Now, poor little dead Johnny does not like that very much and he will hurt you. Why, you ask? Becuase the stupid straight fool gave him permission to do that when he envited him in.
    You see children, you do not swim in a pool filled with sharks if you expect not to get eaten.

  15. I believe port holes can be opened, random port holes. Its like the lottery you never know who or when…so why take that chance? If its you that opens that port hole you would have wished you didnt. It’s not just a game it is serious for the most part just be careful & know that this is one reason exorcism exsists so ya there is hope for you people who play the lottery…& win

  16. i got one, its been passed down from my family and i wanted one and i was going to go buy one but my mom gave me this and said its really old and to keep it safe and well i wanna play really bad, but im kinda scared? like if it was really real and could hurt me my mom would have never gave it to me, right? she played it as a kid around my age (14) and said it just scared her but it was her mind nothing else she said she thinks she was moving it and was just too into it to think that and wanted it to move so bad she did it and thoght she didnt, well idk i think im gonna try it but i dont wanna like open ports that’d be a little creepy its a board game right? why would “evil spirts” wanna talk to me? hahhaha they wouldnt so maybe it is worth the chance? im going to research it more and then see if i really want to or not i feel like im just wasting my time being scared when nothing is going to happen but whatever heeehee

  17. well just to let you all know im a biug skeptic and i always have been but i play it with an open mind and me and my two buddys deffently connected with a few sprits including jim morrison and kirt cobaine so belive its real cuz it is and if you dont go into it opend minded and things that you cant explain will happen

  18. God is here for you the people that is playing this real games god blass you all and the names of god. when you are playing the game have gods book with you all day. Then read it all day. God is here ok. From Baby Gee.

  19. So im 16 and i played with one of these for the first time last night at a sleepover with like 13 other girls. The girl who owned it got it from target and it was pink. (?) its so ridiculous how they advertise these for little girls. ive read up on the history of ouiji boards and its messed up and it is dangerous and it isnt JUST a GAME. the demon pretends to be good to f*ck with you. i feel like i want to do it more cause it is addicting but i know it could get bad. This sh*t isnt a joke. Just never ask “when will i die?” dont be stupid

  20. Look i always wanted to try a ouija baord but i get bad feelings its like someone is telling me not too but then all of a suddern i got tempted so i just watch TV one time i just started thinking about it and i became all mad. i just didnt know what was happening

  21. I have used one of these when i was younger and I too thought that “supernatural” forces where controlling the planchette. But if you do some REAL research then it becomes evident that this is a fallacy. Here is an exert straight from Wikipedia:

    Rationalists contend that users unconsciously direct the path of the planchette to produce a word that is in that person’s unconscious thought process. This unconscious behavior is known as ideomotor action, a term coined by William Carpenter in 1882. It is also known as automatism. Some people may be convinced that the “powers” of the Ouija board are real because they are unaware that they are in fact moving the piece and therefore assume that the piece must be moving due to some other “spiritual force”. The unconscious thought process may produce an answer that is different from what the user expected in their conscious thought process—thus perpetuating the idea that the board has “mystical powers”.

    During an episode of Showtime’s series Penn & Teller: Bullshit! multiple experiments were run using unbiased participants. Questions were assumed to be being asked of the late William Frawley–in the building where he died–and showed solid “Yes” and “No” answers. When participants were blindfolded and the board was turned 180 degrees without their knowledge the planchette traveled to blank areas of the board where the “Yes” and “No” were previously located.

    This is only 1 site that can be found when searching for REAL evidence in the subject. If you dont believe me then look into the “ideomotor effect” yourselves.

  22. I think the Ouija board will work whether you believe or not.
    There is 2 theories. Spiritual belief ( you believe your talking to spirits) and game belief ( you believe its a board game)
    Of course it depends on you and what you believe.
    the Ouija Board is a mystery though.Thanks 4 listening!!!

  23. oh wow people nobody can say what the the oijia board is doing because obviously nobody freaking knows so seriously if poeple wanna play then they can and they will experience whatever …..in all the times ive played nothing bad happened so all you people should really stop thinking that they know whats happeneing cause nobody knows

  24. Never done a Ouija board. Would like to. Won’t.

  25. Play with it , come on! just play with it !,it’s only a game.

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