Nostradamus, The Lost Book of












~ by Rick on November 21, 2008.

13 Responses to “Nostradamus, The Lost Book of”

  1. I have a book from 1587 with most of the illustrations contained in so called manuscript “The Lost Book of Nostradamus”

  2. uh cool does anybody really think we are all going to die at 2012. I kind of think it is true because he is the most famous predicter in the world.

  3. seriously anybody

  4. 2012… hmmm… It could be anything, could be nothing. Global awakening, or mass stupidity. Wait and see.

    Maybe this site can explain more. No, I have not visited, it’s some quack that’s beem mailing me.

  5. where does thid “original” text came from. it looks like latin but eitherer way my father is an expert lingguist and can translate.. i would love to know what this book is/where it came from any info would be greatly appreciated

  6. It took me a long time to find this again, but the source for the illustrations from 1440 most likely came from the Marston Manuscript 225, located at the Yale Library. Some related images can be found here. Also, check out the wikipedia entry on Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus. Both are sources for the Lost Book of Nostradamus. Very good question, Benny, thanks for asking.

  7. thanx rick i’ll look into it asap

  8. very helpful. thank you rick. its odd that the information on that stuff is still limited though. (possibly creepy but not very doomsday-ish) i’ll take wut i can and have my dad translate it and post it. may take a while. be back soon.

  9. I don’t think anything along the lines of what this book says will happen. That’s coming from my christian view point.

  10. Persian Goulf
    Down With Esrael
    Not Comming DoomsDay In 2012

    Nostradamus Is Stupid Historyer

  11. the image above where you see a man standing who is wearing a black cloth and a red cloth wraps around it shoulder and on his right hand a pole with 3 cruxifition cross and on his left hand 2 keys and small pole with a ball and a cross on top and is wearing a biship hat and a lion holding a red flower on each side. above on his right, a sun with a face and on his left, an angel with a horn. The man represent the anti-christ. the black cloth he is wearing represent black heart or evil heart. The red cloth that cover him represent blood, stained with blood. The biship hat that he is wearing represenr a relion man. The pole with 3 cruxifition cross represent the tree of life. The small pole with a ball and a small cross on top represent the Dome. The two keys represent claimed, claimed on both the tree of life and the Dome. The two lions represent the anti-christ followers. The lion represent the people who will not argue with others but will only kill others for the smallest of things others have say or done. The flowers that the lions are holding represent blooming.The red flowers represent blood, blooming with blood. The sun is the eyes of God. The face is God,the father. God, the father is keeping an eyes for the anti-christ and his followers who have murdered millions of people as we speak, stained with blood. The angel with the horn will blows the horn on 2012. All of these things will happen on the real world, the world beyong the graves. Sorry about the english I am but a cape man. The image above that I think you’ve already know,

  12. 2012….Hmmmm…i’m teling you its 50/50 guys nobody knows….hey remember the “Problem 2000” were everybody tought that computers allover the world will jam becouse of going in to the second thousent years…or in 666(the DEVIL’s nomber)every one tought that the devil will come out from hell kill all of them…no seriosly i don’t know and soon we will find out.We have a year and a half,maybe TWO becouse its the 21.12.2012…so we have more than enough time to see what see what is going on here…and if dont succseed than we will have to find out the hard way…

  13. Guys let’s wait and see.


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