Hollow Earth





~ by Rick on October 28, 2008.

24 Responses to “Hollow Earth”

  1. Wow, that’s got to be the craziest one yet.

  2. It’s hard to see, but if you look closely there are openings, gateways, doors, if you will, to this inner kingdom. There’s an expedition planned to explore this inner realm, and I wish them the best of luck. Bring a camera.

    Visit http://www.ourhollowearth.com/ourhollo/p1.html

  3. This Earth model system is inherently unstable,forget the hard science that the earth mantle is filled with a molten iron core. Even if the earth crust had an uniform density, (which it doesn’t) even worse. It still would not be adequate to sustain the middle sun/heaven in its central location, for any slight variance in position would cause the middle sun to crash into the inside of the planet surface. It’s the equivalent of balancing a pen upright on it’s point. Not to mention how can a mini sun that lacks the necessary mass sustain a nuclear fusion reaction?
    Nazis is flying saucers, a hollow earth and a center sun, I generally like my science fiction a little bit harder then this.

  4. It’s true, the whole thing fails to stand up under scrutiny. If this sort of science fiction doesn’t do it for you, you might try the alternative model that we are the inhabitants of the hollow earth. We are already on the inside, and the expedition should focus on finding the outer earth.

  5. The theory of hollow earth, is a very crucial subject that requires very precised attention when we make conclusions about it. The reality is that the hollow earth exists thousands of years as described from ancient historians, something that the NWO calls non-sense myths. If these ancient greek people spoke non-sense, or had a huge imagination, how can our technology rely on their sciences such as (maths, geometry, etc)?

    Ancients hold the entire truth if you are willing to spent some years to study their scripts. However, most of these scripts are classified to public. Wonder why!!!

  6. There is a cave on the mountain of Penteli in Athens, Greece. It is called “Daveli’s Cave.” There is said to be strange voices and lights coming from the cave. It is been written that this cave has tunnel passages that go under Athens. Most people are scared to enter the cave because of paranormal phenomena. No wonder there is a small church in the entrance. This cave is said to be of high radiation. NATO used to work there digging tunnels as a top secret facility. They have stopped for unconventional reasons. What does this have to do with Hollow Earth? Well, The community in Athens which is located right below the cave has an ancient greek name, “Brilisia.” Ancient Greeks say that the people of the Bril used to come out of these caves, these people used to live under the surface of the earth. This is just one place in Greece, it is famous because it is close to Athens. There are many places, remember the greeks used to believe in the “underworld.” And humans made it there, one of them Hercules, trying to bring his wife back from the dead. There are known passages to the underworld all over Greece.

  7. I wish I knew about the “bril” and Daveli’s cave before I went to Athens. Thanks for making me think about it.

  8. Interesting reading-when can we leave to explore? I’d go in a heartbeat!! What an adventure that would be, but I would take
    extreme cold weather survival gear-just in case.

  9. hi there
    i have just had a powerful ayahuasca journey, and clearly saw the inverted earth.. but in a slightly different way than the diagrams above.

    the world is inverted
    like a big stadium actually.. that closes up on the top.
    the universe is made up of the everything..
    and creation is a space in the centre of our universe, the space if surrounded by a crust, and we’re on the inside of the space
    the sun’s in the centre of the space, and the sun moves within this centre
    around and arround. in the centre are also stars, planets, our moon etc, all moving around within the centre of the space.
    if we look towards the horizon, and beyond what we can see, it actually slopes upwards
    if we look up and travel up to the sky… we will get to the other side of the world
    the planet being round is actually an optical illusion that appear when we head further toward the centre of the space.
    space is the area in the middle of the universe that contains the son, stars, inverted planet etc
    the universe is the rest of it.. everything.. a vast sea of everythingness, all in wonderous perfective rhythm, with the great mind playing dj :-)
    send me your email if you would like a diagrame of how i saw it all

  10. ashleigh…keep off the drugs!!

  11. Dude, you are just lame. You aren’t proving anything here. Shit, you aren’t even SAYING anything other than a few stupid comments in the comment section that don’t even support ANY kind of validity. What is your goal here?

  12. ashleigh, I don’t want a digrame(as you called it), I want a dose of what you’re on!

  13. I’ve just recently had the desire to look into the concept of a “hollow earth.” I stumbled upon this blog, with these very interesting pictures.

    What do we really know? We were born here on this planet, knowing nothing about it having to understand it and discover things on our own. I am not going to just brush of this theory of hollow earth. I think It could be possible.

    Having said that, if this hollow earth theory is in fact true in some way, my intuition is telling me that it’s connected to the Chilean minor event.

    Why am I saying that? Well, there’s a lot of masonic symbolism that was involved with that event, (33 minors, the date 10/13/10, 33 days to drill the hole…) and the very fact that NASA was involved (never a straight answer heh heh) and a lot of other strange things… but the way I connect it to the hollow earth theory is what they said in an interview after the rescue:

    “But they are reported to have made a “blood pact” not to speak about the problems between them.
    “What went on in the mine stays between us and always will. That’s what we’ve agreed,”

    I recall there being a lot of attention focused on this event, and it is my suspicion that they encountered something while they were in the earth. Why was nasa so involved in this event when all the other trapped miner stories they get left for dead?

    Makes you wonder.

  14. Hehe! This is all very funny and interesting! I never knew a hollow earth theory existed until recently, and had to check for myself. Just like most theories, science takes the best of what we know, and justifies it with observable facts to find the best truth we can. Not long ago, scientists believed the earth was flat and they experimented with what they had at the time to try and prove it. They weren’t dumb; they just didn’t have the technology we have today. We know now that the earth is round, but there are a lot of people who STILL believe the earth is flat. They are called the flat-earth society.
    As with the hollow earth theory, I think we have enough pictures of earth, as seen from space, to know that there isn’t a giant hole at both the North and South poles. If you believe it’s all a big conspiracy and the government is covering it up, then you’ll be swept into believing in anything; by rationalizing your beliefs instead of reasoning with modern scientific facts, you can literally come up with anything. Imagination is endless, and science evolved to answer these questions that began with our imagination; no matter how weird and strange it might sound. Hehe! :D

  15. the whole hollow earth thing could be real the governent will do anything to hide secret stuff from people dont beleive it ask any pilot they will tell you that the government does not allow you to fly over the poles at all must go around them why why cant we fly over them the U.S does not own the poles they got not right telling us not to fly over it but they still do hmmm what are they hiding in the NORTH and SOUTh pols…… dont be stupid always be open minded to everything

  16. Im looking at this thinking about Quantum physics, laws of attraction, and E=MC2.

    Im thinking, perhaps the “Inner Earth” is not a physical place, but A place higher enlightened beings will choose (through consciousness) to live in this Agharta. Making it more of a state of mind (manifested through quantum mechanics) *Note: What the Bleep do we know – Documentry**


  17. IF the earth were a hollow shell people could not walk around on the inside surface, gravity would pull them to the center which they would pass through at maximum speed, then decelerate until they nearly touched the opposite side of the shell , then pulled back again . But the biggest flaw in this theory is heat transfer , no one can deny there molten lava beneath our feet, there’s no way for this heat to escape!

  18. This is a joke right?

  19. now this is something I REALLY believe in. A hollw earth sounds so convincing! Like a hollow (read ’empty’) head: we believe our heads are FULL but sadly, till the time someone explores the inner space (pun intended)

  20. People are trying to rationalize and explain how a hollow earth is possible. They are talking about science and what our scientists know and have discovered and based on this a hollow earth seems impossible to exist. How do we know that 100% of everything we have been taught is true or correct? What if our scientist don’t know 100% of everything and some is assumed? Or what if we are and have been taught what they (government, the elite, those in power) want us to accept as truth. I mean we do rely on what our scinetist and government tell us, on what they approve to be taught in school. For one reason or another they may not want us to know the whole truth. We have to be more open minded. You don’t have to accept everything as fact but just be willing to listen, read, explore new things and ideas and at least say maybe, not sure but you never know. You limit your mind and your imagination by what you’ve been drilled with as fact, according to who? How can we know for sure they are teaching us the truth? The only thing we can do is be open minded and willing to learn about new things. If you stay stubborn and don’t open your mind to new possibilites then it’s like having blinders on and you won’t see even if it’s in front of your face.

  21. Check out Billie Woodard and Richard Byrd on youtube. They talk about hollow earth and they claim to have been there and talk about how things are. Even if you are a skeptic this subject is intertaining. Look these people up and give you mind a chance to expand and not be limitted by society even if for a little while :) I love Jesus and Jehova they are awsome. Man have even gotten their hands on the Bible Scriptures as they translated it. How can we be sure they didn’t omitt or change a little what they didn’t want us to know. Many humanbeings are corrupt and power hungry. They might have wanted to keep the knowledge or true reality to themselves. Knowledge is power right? Keep the masses ignorant and they can be easily controlled. We are so trusting.

  22. Love and peace to all.

  23. Well, I only stumbled upon the hollow earth theory a couple of weeks ago and did not pay much attention as I was following other trains of thought. However, thinking about it, I can tell you this:-
    We all know that ancient myth and legend is often based on fact, right?
    I come from a Gaelic background on my father’s side. My Nana (grandmother) was born and bred in The Hebrides, a Gaelic speaker where history is handed down in the telling. When I was a child (she passed out of this world when I was nine) she told me stories of the fairies, elves & the ‘wee folk’. According to her words, once upon a time, many aeons ago, we shared the surface and a land under the surface of the planet with these races and all lived in harmony. Then some of the human race began to change, became quarrelsome, discontented. Greedy for power and privilege. This created discord over much time. The different races had a meeting and was decided that the two lands (surface and inner) would be separated. The humans would have the surface and the fairy, elf and wee folk, would live in the lands under the surface.

    So, is a possibility.

    Another thing, in Celtic areas, in times passed. A person that was what we would call now ‘an enlightened spirit’ having ‘special gifts’, seeing clearly all things, etc., would be called ‘fae’ (fairy). Comments like “Oh! she’s/he’s a bit fae” or “Oh! you’ll/she’ll/he’ll be away with the fairies then”. An enlightened soul would no longer be able to live on the surface, it is too toxic, the physical body is toxic these days with all we breath in, eat etc…..
    and then we have the 2012 issue:
    Armageddon does not mean “the end of the world” as newspapers, T.V., Film etc. would lead one to believe. Armageddon actually means “the lifting of the veil”. We are born with amnesia (for a purpose), we are cut off from truth. A baby is born with it’s skull slightly open, still has a link. This closes and we are left to fend for ourselves. Then at 4 years we enter the schooling system to learn how to think on this world….as the power behind the governments would like. Much we still had memory of, parts of the brain we could use, is taught out of us……..
    Well, not quite that simple this story..but far too much info. for this space. You would do well to research this yourselves. Happy hunting.

    Keep an open mind, it is important more so now than ever. it is a year of change. People are ‘waking up’ all over the planet..be one of them.
    Do not fall for the first few articles or videos you see. There is a lot of info. out there, some of it misleading. Start with yourself, your spiritual body and work outwards. Feel your way, rather than logically think your way.

  24. […] that there is a star or other source of heat and light at the very center of the Earth.  Here is a number of different maps showing various artistic renderings of a Hollow Earth including my […]

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