Face on Mars


homonid face, leonine face




~ by Rick on October 7, 2008.

49 Responses to “Face on Mars”

  1. the third from the top is freaky, I’ve seen faces like that on other pictures. O_o

  2. hahah… I’ve seen more superficial things on earth.

  3. i think it is just wind or wearing down or the surface i mean i have seen faces in rocks before and cloud puppy dogs. does that mean rocks have faces and puppy dogs are made of clouds? well you anwser that one.

  4. tits

  5. Wow, aliens dont live ON mars, mars IS AN ALIEN! Its all Obviously now. not. Get lives! Haha and nice comment about the puppy clouds :P lol!

  6. It still dont proove that there is life on mars.
    Now do you have any proof that there is life or not??????

  7. WOW aliens are real!!!!

    im a vampire…..(:

  8. Cool pics.

  9. It’s a face you poor cowardly little sissies; can’t face the reality that we are but weak & primitive civilization in a Universe filled with sapient being far beyond us. Aw poor fragile ego-ed humans; can’t accept the fact that we’re not top dog or that some of our religions would be exposed to be a total lie (because they are the product of the limited imagination of a bunch of illiterate, childish insecure tribal bedouins who needed to feel special and chosen. I mean the Bible is a load of horseshit when it claims the Earth is only 5000 yrs old (and God created us in 7 of our days). Now definitive proof of other civilizations will implode all Abrahamic religions. So sad how the religions of the middle east have turned us into lemmings.

  10. OK, Al Anon, settle down. The face on Mars makes you think of the desert religions. The face proves to you that people have been in this solar system/universe longer than human beings have been on earth? Something like that? Say what you mean. Be specific. If the poor pitiful humans are confused, then show us how or why. If I understand correctly, your whole argument is based on the face on Mars being real, while I can show that it’s been thoroughly debunked. There is no face on Mars. Read the entries, and consider that the face is nothing but shadows.

  11. listen every 1 aliens r real the loch ness monster is real
    area 52 r a goverment agencey that r trying to keep all this coverd up
    the goverment no about aliens
    look up on the internet “ROSWELL”
    an officail alin crashed in roswell and area 52 coverd it up
    trust me ;)

  12. look on google earth aswell
    go to mars and type in face on mars
    it will come up but its all in blue so look closely

    think r we the only living thing in the whole infinite univers

  13. our brains are programmed to look for facial features, its embedded into our social psychology.

  14. Everything is so unsure, about religi0ns or such. One thing is for sure, the we need to find out ourselves. Coz n0body is there to help us, but ourselves. Aliens might be true.. And the bible may n0t. But it is upto us, we just need to respect others beliefs cause even you, him, she,they , me and we dont kn0w which is exactly the truth.

  15. I’s t seems to be true, I don’t think so………….

  16. I agree, it seems clear it’s just shadows. If you find my other post titled Odds & Ends, you can also see the Bigfoot on Mars, which is quite funny. Thanks, Karthikeyan T!

  17. yes…. I’ve seen pics of this before, but there are no specifics of how you think it was formed or what research has told you.

    I personally think that the face could have been formed by the natural conditions of the planet mars and that bulging piece of the planet just happens to look like what we humans call a face: coincidence.

  18. Yoooooooooooooooooooooossssssssssooooooooooooooooosssssssss aaaaas sfdddfds asdfesdfisdhfshfdkaslgy saedrfkjas

  19. I don’t understand why all these commentators get so uppity (I couldn’t think of a better word) about what you’re doing. I think it’s neat. It’s a good think to ask questions. And if anything else, it’s entertaining.

  20. I saw the face of my dead granny in the tea leaves this morning and my dogs rear end looks like a skinny Buddah. Oh, and there is a damp patch on my bathroom ceiling that looks just like a crucifix with one piece broke off although my brother thinks it looks like his ex-girlfriends butt.

  21. Thanks Leigh. I’ve learned that many people take certain subjects very seriously. Not me, I can tell you.

  22. Aliens, eroded rock structures, lizzard queens…
    I can pop out conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory and all it will provoke are more conspiracy theories.
    Yes, we are not alone in the universe. Yes, there are more advanced races out there. Yes, there is a face and pyramids on mars (similar to those at Giza).
    It is also quite interresting how technology has advanced so rapidly and how ancient human civilisations were in some ways even mire advanced than we are. Flying machines eons before the Wright brothers… Hyroglyphics if rockets and what looks like a helicopter…

  23. It might only be the mind (once again) programmed to see something thath is not there.
    I spoke to a Catholic priest about some of these things… needless to say I was banned from the web site and he refused to answer any of my questions, and he said the same thing. Then again, I don’t trust any church authorities…
    Believe what you want…

  24. explanation on the top by a thirteen year old:

    its surface has been worn down by the possible asteroids and or landings of some sort. there is also always the possibility of it being in the power of nature

  25. NASA wont tell you this but the Mars rover found a piece of the allspark buried under the face.

  26. YESSSSSS!!!!!!!! i have been searching for the allspark ever sinc i was born it was my purpose in life now i am gonna use my but powered jet pack and go to mars you and NASA are my heroes! haha

  27. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. That is sooo cool!! It looks just like my cousin! LOL

  29. you suck me and my mum!!! yes u do :)

  30. HEEYYYYY everybody!!!!!!! just so you know i just got back from mars and i found the allspark and now i am going to eat it! Muahahahahaaaaaaaa!

  31. Seriously, half of the people leaving comments on here are true idiots… You will reap the wrath of satan for questioning the work of GOD and not believing in his true prophecies. Read the Bible its all true. We don’t need science or facts to beleive in God. He is the begining and the end.. I will pray for you all..

  32. AMEN HEIDI!!!

  33. who r we to say we are the only leaving creatures on the solar system thats stupid there thing or watevs in other planets


  35. I’m not sure about why people posted things about religion… Aliens could exist and there could be many other forms of life out there and that neither proves or disproves the existence of a God. God, if there is one, could just as easily create other races, planets, or solar systems as our own. I don’t know of a religion that completely denies the existence of other intelligent beings other than humans.

  36. i noee that we aree the only thingss alivee on thiss solar system. we arent the only solar system thoughh there many of other onesss besides the onee that we livee on. we onlyy noee boutt our solar sytem but we dont noee bout the restt. thinkk bouit it if we weree the onlyy peoplee alivee, we wouldntt survivee.

  37. hey that issss sooooooooo intresting i looove it

  38. i like your site it is great thank you

  39. OMG OMG its a face save the children! and the women! only the good lokking ones RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!

  40. “Madonna”:
    This is clearly an issue of national importance, I know you’ll regret saying those things when the aliens attack and you will be left on Earth because you are probably ugly, if we followyour ingenius plan.

  41. Well at least i’m a G cup! and have a fit boyfriend who could beat you up anyday! ibet your a sad lonely little man who lives with his momma and nine cats and isn’t even a proffesser!!!!!! :@

  42. Well at least i have moobs!

  43. I don’t know about anyone else but I know I can see the face
    Maybe it’s a fake for more funding for NASA or Goggles trying to get more people to sign up who knows. Anyway check out my Face of Mars and make a comment all comments welcome.

  44. yea i see the face it looks like a vagina

  45. wow i see it its so funny ur a dutch bag 8==D

  46. put it in my but pussy 8====D–{}

  47. the face on mars is kinda real. its just the way you look at it. its just a rock formation.
    its like that whole “if you tilt your head and squint your eyes a little” thing
    its pretty cool tho

  48. The face on Mars is a tribute to Alalu, the first Anunnaki to arrive on earth.

  49. Damn shame the Earths upper echelon continues deceit to tha masses

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