~ by Rick on September 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Cupping”

  1. …? What is so scary about…this?

  2. It’s not supposed to be scary. It just means I think people should be skeptical about cupping. It’s supposed to increase circulation, which it might do, and also suck toxins out of your body, which it does not do.

  3. circulation huh? like massage, exercising & hot tubs? oh I see… hope people arent paying alot of money to have these light bulbs attached to their skin. whats that? a sucker born every day…oh ya!

  4. Sigh. I wish people would at least have a tiny bit of education about a topic before commenting on it. Your education is below:

    Cupping is a very useful therapy to help improve muscle and tendon function by eliminating any blockage preventing blood from entering the local area of disorder. Cupping can reduce inflammation, decrease pain, recover blood circulation and improve blood flow. By stimulating blood circulation, cell metabolism is increased thereby aiding the removal of substances that cause pain and impede healing.

    Increased blood circulation in the affected area provides cells with oxygen (vital air, qi) and nutrients thereby increasing ATP synthesis/production at the mitochondria. Cupping influences the pathological cellular process to restore normal, physiological function of the cell. An example would be the rapid disintegration of the hematoma (bruise) commonly left by cupping therapy.

    Cupping causes hyperemia which increases blood flow to different tissues in the body.
    The negative interstitial pressure caused by cupping increases capillary fluid filtration (swelling) of the skin. If the pressure is negative enough it produces cellular and vascular damage initiating the inflammatory response. Molecule production during the inflammatory phase increases blood flow (hyperemia). So, inflammation is the mechanism that the body uses to facilitate healing of the tissue damaged by cupping.
    Placing cups on the skin stimulates skin receptors causing an increase in blood flow.

  5. Looks painful

  6. Cupping therapy is great for releasing scar tissue, and gaining mobiity

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