~ by Rick on August 17, 2008.

6 Responses to “Zodiac”

  1. Like the cool old Zodiac art.

  2. Yes, mosaics are nice. Been to Ravenna?

  3. Lol I’m just gonna say this for anyone that reads Fruits Baskets

    Why’s the cat?

  4. I mean’t
    Where’s the Cat?

  5. To Connie: In Fruits Basket, I think there’s something like.. umm.. that they tell that the cat has been left out from the zodiac, or something.. and that’s why Kyoo is so angry.. or something.. Well, read the first parts of it, and you may get it :) It’s been long since I read them..

  6. I know I was making a joke cuz I was hyper last night

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