~ by Rick on August 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “Xenoglossolalia”

  1. It is a great phenonmina for so many Millions to read
    internationalJerusalem.com ( # 1 on most search engines)
    even under the words (international (and ) Jerusalem to never
    ever contact me personally to test the reality of the 25
    known languages I speak that I have not learned.
    It is a great understatement to say such does not exist today.

  2. It seems to be apparent that all 25 Languages of Poly-
    xeno-glossolalia I speak are related to tribes who made a covenant
    relationship Semitics at one time or another.

    In another conclusion I find xeno-glossolalia is only used
    during times of extreme interruption of human history by a
    parallel universe. The establishment of the Jerusalem Temple
    or perhaps even the Mayan Calender are two possible usages
    of the supernaturally self evident comos communication.
    To gag this information is only to sabotage a true trust in
    the scientific process.

  3. So you speak in tongues in 25 different languages. Well done.

  4. Still missing the point. When the Bible said that the donkey
    talked it would be ridiculous to infer the donkey was smart
    enough to speak in a human tongue. Therefore the only intelligence
    The ability to speak in Xeno-glossolallia is like deciding which TV
    channel ( in a foreign language ) to select. Then shove the speaker in your mouth. Yes, breaking the Hebraic code with
    Jastros dictionary takes smarts. Correlating the 25 prime
    Jewish gentile peoples takes research but being a Holy
    medium only skill is to be clean enough to keep from accessing
    unclean spirts. Keep in mind I have dance commands from the inner
    man to the inner part of the brain intermixed a little with
    the logical part and then automatically sent to the motor
    control areas to all parts of the body. This allows a much more
    3d effect of ancient Jewish related elders including not only
    vocal language and dance but letter signs, hands signs and music.
    Therefore this is perfect backup of the evidence of the Shroud
    of Turin proving another universe that is multidimensional. Unfortunately my mind and body cannot use multi-comunication
    expressions but I can use Celestial, Earthly or even Underworld
    dialects to each cultural communication system making a full
    angelic representation as an attorney for them one at a time.
    I can mix the frequencies or even use them backwards becuase
    of the small amount of interplay with the logical part of the
    brain. This answers Acts Ch 2, Tower of Babel and even the
    audible voice the Old Testament prophets heard. This is part
    of the combination of New TESTAMENT gifts including, Tongues
    interpretation of tongues, profecy, word of knowledge, word of
    wisdom and discernment of spirits ( seeing or accessing into the spiritual world of angels demons ets. ). I Cor Ch 12.
    Diagnosing these inspiration parts of the brain and their effect
    around the body may help people whose logical part of the brain
    has been damaged. However a big warning. If those who choose
    to access the spirit world are not in ultimate harmony with
    ultimate love joy and peace then they may invite dangerous
    authorities into our already confused planet.

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