Weather control


~ by Rick on August 10, 2008.

8 Responses to “Weather control”

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  2. Every time there are bad hurricanes stories appear in the papers about how airplanes are going to deflect the hurricanes by releasing various gases into the hurricanes path, never works.

  3. The thing I noticed while doing this post is there are two views about weather control. The old view is a hopeful “Some day we shall be the weather masters.” The new view is a very conspiracy-laden god-help-us-all approach, which is hard to debunk. Especially without using words.

  4. A condensation trail will eventually disapate the ones that dont and stretch from horizon to horizon are suspect and are the subject of this entire debate! Google and read all of it pro and concoverup propiganda!

  5. Well, K.T., you’re a little mistaken. This post is about weather control, not chemtrails. But for the sake of addressing your portion of the debate, current scientific opinion has it that chemtrails are contrails. Please read what Wikipedia has to say. It has several scholarly links that back up the skeptical stance.

  6. Oh, man. Found you while looking for a picture of a contrail to use to assist my attempts at steering paranoid conspiracy theorists toward a life of critical thinking. I wondered what your stance was, then saw the “Sprinkler conspiracy lady” video and knew you were cool. That is surely one of the videos that should be saved for future posterity to stand in awe of. A true jewel of the web.

  7. just watched the sprinkler conspiracy vid and had to laugh. I,m over 40 years old and remember seeing this effect as a nipper, when playing with water sprays during the heatwave we had here in the UK in 1976. Its called REFRACTION, simple physics,the breaking up of visible light into its component colours, and was happening 20, 30, 40 years ago, in fact probably since rain started falling out of the sky back in the dawn of time, lol

  8. The rainbow effects have always happened like that, I just think ppl are going crazy && want to imagine something bad is going on.

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