Santa Claus


~ by Rick on July 30, 2008.

10 Responses to “Santa Claus”

  1. You better watch out.

  2. The evidence is all there.

  3. Is it naughty to take a picture of Santa?

  4. well i heard some clutcher thought of santa as a demon who comes down your chimney and killed little kids

  5. ok who put clothes on big foot in the last picture?

  6. Yes, and I am the Queen Mother, daughter Isis and wife to Krishna.

    I actually do have a bigfoot pic exactly like the last pic (just without the Santa suit.

  7. that is not big foot in the last picture!!! I think that is santa clause.I saw him in PERSON once and not in the store or mall in my house. and that third to last commet well he does not kill little kids.

  8. ha ha ha i cent belive haow u people can be stupid ha ha ha

  9. Yes I agree, Christmas is celebrating Jesus’ Birthday right??? Well isn’t that what Easter is for?? Oh and what does Santa Clause have to do with Jesus??? He was made up around one of the World Wars I think. It is all so people will buy things and the economy will go up. No mystery here.

  10. Love the petroglyph!!!!!

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