~ by Rick on July 24, 2008.

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  1. Rain, dust, glare, snow. Explains pretty much all of it

  2. i got some just like it in san francisco last week, golden gate park… I thought it must have been the fog

  3. I like the one with the butterfly

  4. i saw a few orbs in my sons pics and one of them has a smiley face

  5. orbs are suppose to be energy of a spirit right…

    these orbs look lie bubbles :(

    am convinced these r fake!!

    i really want to know whether ghost are real though :)

  6. Some friends of mine and I went out and took some pictures with a digital camera. We took one picture of the house, but instead of it having one picture it took 16 in one. I have 4 different pictures that we can’t explain. I’d like to share with you. Thank you for you time.

  7. i have to agree with connie, alot of this could just be glare or dirty lenses or any number of things. now if a it was more consistent, say everytime a pic in a certain room was taken it had one or in a particular house. but a single picture with a random defect doesnt seem like proof of anything else. i mean it could be something in the development of the picture.

  8. Not real. spots on the camera or snow

  9. I have a new house here in New Zealand,all on native maori lands or near ,i simply took photos when I arrived of rooms and one shows a lot of orbs i was completely unaware of at the time.
    From then for approx 12 months I experienced extreme coldness
    around me and i took photos and showed only two orbs very bright around the rooms and these would follow me around the rooms i was in and also while talking with a friend they then became small pins of light.they do not appear in every shot i took though in three i took of the worst night they appear in all three and also in daylight when i work.my lenses are always kept clean.
    One night I was out watching a cruise liner depart on dusk and only when I developed the photo found orbs appear on the image of the ship.They have never appeared since and i do take images of that area often,it was the scene of a native massacre in 1600s.approx.I have no issue with orbs and I have no problem with spirit ,it frankly simply needs to be understood and peoples minds opened up a little to the probabilities of PERHAPS!

  10. I have many pictures taken inside my house of orbs. They are not spots or dust, i am very scientific about checking all matters and they are not fake. They do exist, its a fact I have proven time and time again. I have the proof.

  11. hey guys dnt try n talk with them word of advise they arent good. lets just say god knows best. If u want to know about ghost just keep saying to urself i would like to see jinn in my sleep in tell me if u dnt wake up thinking about aladdin!! whoops i mean allah. IF ur lucky enough to get attacked by one in ur sleep(spirit walk)

    how about goign to a website called the wakeupproject.com if u want to see real shit that happening in the backyard n in ur very homes n then think about these little dots that float n move n dont stay in the one place.

  12. thanks for the nice pics with these beautiful circles, I really enjoy looking at them, and for me it really doesn´t matter if it is snow, dust or spirit or whatever… its all mind-fuck, I just enjoy looking at it ;-))

  13. These show up alot in our photo
    s. How can they be dust , they show up in some and not in others, some are really big, some are really small. These are not fake, for whoever said that!!!! I just took a picture of three incredible women standing side by side and the orbs above them were thick. It didn’t surprise me, as the energy there was all good.

  14. I saw a red orb in my room :o it was scary and i saw who makes them……. it’s these little bugs that can turn in monsters have you checked under your bed? or your closet? i checked them and i saw them your house could be … a haunted… or a normal did you see the orbs on top? the one i my room with those red, and.. just a poster? you could have saw them peace peeps! A Fella Productions.

  15. That my friend is how they GLOW!!!!

  16. i see orbs at home and in work




  19. Shortly after my Uncle died, I saw three orbs and the pictures on this site are realistic. I had never seen one before and then researched them. When My brother died in 2009 I saw one single orb and it literally went round corners rather than through walls. Something has to be out there! I saw a ghost when I was younger as well so as you can see I am a believer!

  20. Sorry skeptics but this is not rain or snow. My cat sees them in the house all the time. Looks up at the ceiling, her eyes follow them around then she runs. I grab the camera, take a picture and there they are. Don’t know about you but it doesn’t rain or snow in my house. Also, she wouldn’t be afraid of dust. Next “logical explaination”?

  21. Yes, because it snows in spring and everyones camera has defects even brand new. Open your mind. Go somewhere historic and take a bunch of pictures and see for yourself.

  22. Taura, I work somewhere historic. Over 2 and a half centuries of history, including over 85 deaths on site. I take pictures all the time as part of my job and nothing. A dozen or so “orbs” when we go into a disused building or something and disturb the dust by moving items but that’s it.

    Plus I live in a history town. I love taking pictures all the time of the nature in our area. We have an old monastary. Nothing. An old church, nothing. Old house ruins, nothing.

  23. hello me and my friends brianna and melyssa and lilly were taking pics outside and there were orbs in them sooo… then we took another pic and they were gone can you scare them away?? thx get back to us as soon as you can
    thank you

  24. heyy people me and my friend were taking picson her camara and we found a lot of orbs and i was stupit and spat on a dude geave and i thing his haunting me what do i do ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  25. There will always be skeptics….

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” – Albert Einstein


    Since my best friend ‘dog’ passed and was buried in the yard two months ago I would sit at her memorial and take photographs of the candles and flowers every night (my way of grieving) and then on the one month anniversary of her passing an orb showed up in one of the photos and it appeared very energetic. I have never seen an orb in any photo I have taken before and thought that was pretty special. Then another night I saw an orb in a photo and then thought maybe I should just walk around and keep taking photographs. I focus on one part of the yard and see none for a couple shots and then they show up and then they are gone again. Then I move to another part of the yard and the same thing, here for a few shots then gone for a few shots.

    I love it. It’s very comforting.

    I must have over a hundred photos of them and some have over a hundred orbs, blue, green, brown, yellow, white, lavender and pink, all different sizes and in some I see dog faces and human faces when I blow them up.

    I have been to two neighbors houses at night and have found them there, although last night one of my neighbors tried to photograph some after I did and she found none. Hmmmm….

    Perhaps the orbs have always been there since I live in an area near indian burial grounds, but I have never taken outdoor photos of my yard at night where I have lived now for 7 years.

    I will continue to investigate the area.

    Thanks for your photos and video. I’m not nuts after all. LOL

  26. I’m not saying paranormal orbs don’t exist – we caught some ourselves. But recently we went out on an investigation and were catching a lot of pictures of orbs. We were quite interested until I held the flashlight up and we could see pollen and dust flying through the light beam!! Same place we thought we caught a massive orb quickly going through the graveyard but on closer inspection on the computer – it turned out to be a bat! You have to be careful and really check those pictures! And use the beam of the flashlight to see if dust, etc is flying around!

  27. i found some orbs in my photos and whene i zoom i found faces! that’s why i’m here because i want to know more about this things in my house, here is some pics


    one thing for sure, this can’t be dust!


  28. I am looking for the photographer of the orbs photo with the stone steps. I’d like to inquire about reproduction rights for the cover of a book on nature spirits. Please contact me as soon as possible.
    Nancy Grace

  29. I am looking for the photographer of the orbs photo with the stone steps. I’d like to inquire about reproduction rights for the cover of a book. Please respond as soon as possible.
    Nancy Grace

  30. i have a picture but i don’t know how to put it up, this picture was of when we were at my uncles house and we were cleaning it up (before and after pics) tell me how to post it or something, its definitely not a fake.

  31. it does not snow in my country i saw orbs in my pic like WTF ?!! it was almost like it was inside my cat that scared the shit outta me ! and am 100% sure that my camera is clean .

  32. My name is April and i have so many pictures with orbs in them , my husband and kids do not believe that these are spirits, i have always… i also have a picture of my sister and our kids standing on a ledge of a montain in moulton alabama where we scaterd my grandparents ashes, well low and behold my daddys face is beside them he passed when i was a year old , iam a believer

  33. Soon as i figure out my downloading {lol} i will post them

  34. those “orbs” you guys “see” are just like reflections off of glass or somethin. those pics are boring and they suck… i’ve seen way better, but i dont believe in orbs…. floating balls of light… really?…. like your comment naveena

  35. Hello
    I am writing to you on behalf of Dr Kelli- The Angel Whisperer. She is currently working on a book that discusses the phenomenon of various shaped orbs found in pictures. Is it possible to use the pictures found here on your blog in the book? She wil mak sure that each picture used from your website is properly referenced.
    Waiting for your reply.
    Warm regards
    Rosheena Siddiqi

  36. Can you also please somehow contact April England or pass her email address to me so that I can contact her personally. Perhaps we could use her pictures too. April if you are reading this yourself, please try contact me asap.

  37. these pictures are amazing, i went to Wallaton Hall in Nottingham, to do a research project on trees, and i also took pictures and picked up orbs, these are definatly orbs, dont care what anyboby else thinks. They are similar to mine, not as many, but definatly orbs.

  38. These pictures are kinda crappy. Omg those are rain drop damage on the lens of the dang camera. Sure, maybe orbs exist! I’m just saying these photos are…. really sad cuz they’re fake.

  39. I see orbs and light appearing out of nowhere all the time..that look exactly like the “supposed” camera tricks(plus most of my pictures in my very clean home have tons of orbs all the time)..and i have almost near perfect vision plus things appearing in front of my eyes out of nowhere..real objects not light orbs(lost items i had been looking for) among numerous other crazy awesome things..like my 8 track player skipping back and forth like a cd player on 11 11 11 and no it was not stuck 8 tracks are loop system only and only go in one direction not backwards..than forwards and then back to the same song again..6 times in a row..ahaha it was great..and no i dont do drugs of any kind ,but then again i am a channeler of energies and empathic which all people have innately built into them..the higher you vibrate spiritually you become quantum and the more you see around you like light photons..i see them all the time.:).to the people who dont believe in these things and try to constantly disprove others its fine you feel that way, truly its your opinion and beliefs,but going out of your way always trying to make others feel like fools ,because they believe and truly have spiritual presence near them..why do you even give a shit anyhow you dont live their life so let them be?yay good for you for tearing something special from someone….someones dignity and beliefs mean everything to them and nothing to you.:) so let people be..much love to you all not matter what you believe:)

  40. I have some off the best proof on THIS EARTH.Great videos.What you will see on my sight will show you truth all truth.Inn a court off law it would win.BE READY FOR A CHANGE IN PERCEPTION..WHAT THE EARTH HAS BEEN WAITING FOR ..http://www.youtube.com/user/stanley03061973

  41. I have acouple of pictures that are covered in orbs.u can hardly see the picture ..for all the orbs in it…

  42. I think those that Are not connected on the Pagan /Spiritual Path Are Lost and are Skeptics Because they SAre afraid of the Truth . I find obs in the bush and in caves I am from new zealand . Allow your third eye to be open . And control your Ego instead of your ego controlling you .

  43. Get an infrared camera like the $90 S7 Bell & Howell and you will see orbs moving all around you house. They are not dust. I state that 100%, they are real.

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