Mayan Prophecy



~ by Rick on July 21, 2008.

52 Responses to “Mayan Prophecy”

  1. wtf?

  2. It means that I don’t believe anything unusual is going to happen in 2012.

  3. Bah, it is “foretold” by the ancient mayans that the world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012. This “apocalypse” has to do with the chakras of the planet and other kind of crap…. oh! I forgot to mention… we will dissappear by “vibration” ¬¬’ yay… I can’t wait (suckers…)

    My personal opinion is that the mayans didn’t know that the world would kept going for soooooo looooong hahaha

  4. Dark Master, this sinister laughter bodes ill for mankind.

  5. dark master, that is bad karma. yep you will definitely die first! ;)

  6. Well I sure the hell aint going to lose any sleep worrying about it. It’s just a thing…. if it happens, it happens. There isn’t a soul on the planet who can stop it. I think it’s time for a ice cold CORONA !!!

  7. Kathy, you should definitely buy some champagne to ring in the 2013 new year.

  8. It’s amazing how just a little Photoshop-ing of photos, how grand new theories can be generated, and attract audiences and sell books. Inquiring minds want to know?

    Just because you see something in a Rorschach inkblot test doesn’t mean it exists. Me? I’d rather have dark chocolate than dark beer.

    In any case, que sera sera. Don’t worry. Be Happy.

  9. Thanks, Concept. I must say, though, that your link is blank, no one can track back to the gettheconcept site. Still, you make a good point about being fooled by photoshop. People should take everything with a grain of salt.

  10. Yikes!

    I had a profile issue I didn’t know about. Thanks for saying something. I’m hoping my link works this time.

  11. I am not sure the mayans could date certain things to the littest detail and alot of the stuff that they fortold that would have happend has happend so why not this it’s possible the world can’t survive forever, but i am not sure these people were not stupid and i don’t think they made a mistake, you never know till it happens we’ll just have to wait and see.

  12. Angela, I think people are scoffing at other people, not at the Mayans. Our calendar goes on forever, while the Mayan calendar (if I understand it correctly) was cyclical. I’m pretty sure when a Mayan calendar ends you’ve come full circle, and a new cycle begins. The Mayans weren’t stupid, but they didn’t predict the end of the world, either. That is all our own doing.

  13. False prophecies are a waste of everyones time and worry.

  14. Nothing happened Y2K… nothing 2012…

  15. If you want to scare people try the GLobal Warming subject… much more realistic.

  16. So Vladmir, you’ve left several good comments. But you might be missing my point a little. These posts are about things you should be skeptical about. So a post about global warming should actually be about people claiming the globe is not warming. Trust me, I’ve thought about it. Good tip, will keep it in mind.

    UPDATE: check out the Gobal Warming Naysayers post.

  17. The Mayans were an advanced society. Some of their traditions seem brutal and barbaric to us. Predictions of the end of time, the end of mankind, the end of planet earth, etc. are typically meant to manipulate people. Follow this ruler and they’ll protect you from a horrible ending. Pay this penance and you will be granted a good life in the next realm. Obey the laws and you will help prevent a terrible catastrophe.
    Especially when the prediction is made hundreds or thousands of years out, when the prophet will no longer be around for anyone to say “I told you so” about being wrong.
    Could some cellestial changes occur in 2012? Sure, they happen all the time. Could the Earth go through some radical changes in 2012? Sure, it’s already doing it. Does any of this prove that the world will end. No, it doesn’t.

  18. Well ignorace is bliss. i wouldn’t want to know when i was going to die or if the world ended but if you think about we all will die sooner or later i prefer later then soon but it is not something you can avoid so i don’t think people should get worried about it but good point. you just never know certain things just have to wait and see.

  19. If the Mayans were that smart they would’ve predicted that brutal uprising that made them “disappear”.

  20. The Mayans were humans just like us, they talk of their prophecies and they talk of the end of man kind as it is currently…WE decided to think it was the end of life, but as it’s been pointed out, that is not the correct translation to their calender. It’s like a circle it’s continuous, we are simply another age to pass on this planet (Stone Age, Iron Age, Silver Age, Golden Age) and finally this world as it is now. I plan to live out my days not worrying about when the world will end. I will live a full life as long as I can along with my wife. I encourage you all do the same. I hope to see some of you in my lifetime, although I doubt I’ll know who I’m walking by. To everyone on Jan 1st 2013…A Happy New Year and a Hopeful New Enlightenment. May the sins of our past not taint our future.

  21. All living things die why be afraid and maybe they did Brandon we just haven’t found the material that says they did

  22. I think the whole end of the world thing is so stupid, don’t you think that the mayans would get tired of making a two thousand year old calander? Not all prophecies are true, for example, the mayans are known to predict many things, so was nostradamous, nostradamous predicted hitler, everyone knows he’s a good psychic, but he said that in 1985, California would sink fully into the ocean, that didn’t happen, now did it? I know it is sinking, but its sinking slowly, I think its like 2 cm/inch a year? Anyway, even if people or a person are known to make famous prophecies that will come true, not all of them will come true, I’m gonna be sitting back on December 21st laughing at all of the people who are running screaming in terror like Godzilla is attacking New York City.

  23. It didnt state that the world would end in 2012. it said we would cross into the 5th age. what will happen nobody knows.

  24. Bullshit.

  25. ahaa, maybe they didnt know how long the world was going to go on for.

  26. I don’t care. Its bullshit.

  27. Lucy, it’s not clear what you’re disagreeing with. The doomsday?

  28. why the hell didnt the foretell kennedys death ????

  29. This whole Mayan doomsday thing. Nobody can predict the future like that! I personally dont care about the end of the world. I live in the present and enjoy life now instead of worrying about something that may not happen for another million years.

  30. Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow we die. This could be said on any day at anytime and always hold to truth. Every day we are one day closer to death and the demise of the planet. Which personally, I think that the world will end at the hands of humanity rather than some catastrophic cosmic event.

  31. My question is why do people worry about the demise of the planet? Who cares how or when it ends? As long as we are happy and at peace with ourselves thats all that matters.

  32. the Anti-Christ aka Obama will be in office in 2012


  34. seriously, are people putting faith in a calender that cannot reach beyond 2012? It is basically numbers and has just a stop date. this is over annalized.

  35. I also see that there is a christian theme sprouting out hear so i will quickly give my thoughts. we have at least a thousand years left. (that is if the Bible is correct and the rapture happened right now.) we have at the very least the millennial (1000 year) kingdom of God upon the earth. When people hide in bunkers, i will be walking around the streets doing my usual thing, Lord willing.

  36. Look IDK if what the Mayans said is true but all I know is that If theyre correct i might as well just enjoy the 3 years and praise GOD!! So he can let me into the promiseland and HEAVEN!!


  37. all b.s. how can you believe on a calender that myans today dont even use and one that said a “new world” started 3114 b.c., and black holes, collision with a planet, and other crap are nonsense unless someone here redefine the laws of physics. and the myans didnt even believe in a doomsday.

  38. honestly this hole end of the world shit gets on my nervs if it is the end of the world then so be it because wich ever way you put it everyone has an experation date..In other words were all going to die some day what im tryin to say is that lifes way to fucken short to be worryed about when the worlds goin to end!! so live life get lade and get payed nikka!!! also the mayan calender ends in 2012 because who ever maid it just ran out of room to put more dates haha duce!!!!!

  39. mayans were liers

  40. if we have a thousand years of peace…how long is that really? back in the day people lived to be 150+ or did they? i just want to know if i can max out credit cards, take out loans & not pay them back or not….haha jk my luck i will be in debt til i die which will be along time cause the govt wants my money…in debt its the american way.

  41. well to tell to truth the i ching and the myan calander seem pretty real,know im not sayin it will happend but when it does and if it does i hope im with the persons that mean the most to me,2012 might happend and then it might not we never know till december 21 2012!!!!!!

  42. i think that the mayans simply didnt finish the calendar at all. they either quit becasue they went ahead in the future enough or they just felt like quiting ya know?

  43. people are stating that the mayan calendar ends in 2012 and the end of the world is gonna happen thats bull i know that there has ben allot of shows or people saying it will happen but is that a reason to belive i myself have studied the calendar and the story of the maysns how it started and their matematical power theyd possed and trust me youl be surprise what they say so before stating that the world would end in 2012 why dont you do a litle research about the mayans and its calendar and let you be the judge about 2012

  44. i have my doubts about 2012 but i also think that it would be possible because of all the other things that the myans predicted like hurricane katrina and like 20 other things. I mean since all those things happened why wouldn’t 2012. they were correct about everything else why would they be wrong this time. anyways we should’nt worry because we have at least 1 1/2, 2 yrs. left don’t we so spend those yrs. doing whatever you never got a chance to do.

  45. this is all bullshit the calnder ended at 2012 because the ran out of room and the lazy asses just decided to not continue nothing moe!!!!!!!!!


  47. world is not going to end

  48. People need to get there facts straight! The Maya did NOT predict the end of the world! The Mayan calander will stop yes, but the Mayan calander stops EVERY 51 (I don’t remember the exact number but I’m pretty sure it was 51) YEARS!!!! And every 51 years on the year there is an eclipse… Please stop being thrown into a panic because of a solar eclipse…

  49. 2012 is real… it wasnt just predicted by the mayan. It was also predicted by the great nostradamus and it was found in the bible. Was it just by accident the these people from different periods of time just happened to say that there would be something dramatic happening in 2012. It’s very real! Todays scientists say in 2012 our magnetic fields are in danger. this will cause major problems, satellites go down, cell phones go down, the earth takes in a lot more radiation from the sun. The planet can be torched. just happens to be in 2012? its real people!!

  50. The most beautiful part of the earth

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  52. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who has been conducting a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me dinner because I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this issue here on your website.

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