Loch Ness Monster

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~ by Rick on July 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “Loch Ness Monster”

  1. I knew it!

  2. yes, you can tell can’t you.

  3. This doesn’t prove anything

  4. True, Maui. But you must admit that it shows a very famous hoax, and some nice touch up work on that flipper.

  5. great work on the flipper image and the “body” image
    i remember them from kids books at school and couldnt see what the hell i was mean to be looking at.
    well done man, great sight

  6. Hey, by the way. Thanks Damien! Took me almost a month to find your compliment here. It’s clear you are thoughtful and have good taste. Visit often!

  7. All I see is some very grainy photos, including one that was taken by a doctor who set up a camera underwater to take photos. Has anyone else seen the rest of the reel? It shows the underside of his boat. The supposed picture above shows something above the water. Or a moterboat.

  8. This is something that I think I almost believe in. It kinda looks to be like some swimming dinosaur that I’ve seen in older movies before. I think that, somehow, it didn’t go extinct, and that somehow a bunch just migrated to where “Nessie” is now. And what I think is that after a bunch of generations of these “dinosaur” things. Nessie was born, and spotted by people. The rest of the group died I suppose, (or they’re alive,idk) and so Nessie turned into the Loch Ness Monster…..just my opinion(:

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