Jersey Devil


~ by Rick on July 17, 2008.

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  1. here u tht culd be anytthing meeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrpppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  2. hey guys tht culd be anything omg lol meeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. Well Mr. Dick (if that’s your real name), I had to edit your comments for content. I think I left your arguments intact, though.

    I disagree. It couldn’t be anything, it can be only one thing. It’s unlikely that a winged monster is running around southern New Jersey, chasing deer.

  4. well if it has wings why is running?

  5. I don’t know, Baaa. They say it Swims! Flys! Gallops!

  6. shyt I wanna see it ..if they really cought it

  7. That is the creepest thing I have ever seen I think that thing is real and that it can fly but, only for a little bit like a turkey, and that it hides up in trees and is a noctoural animal and only comes out at hunt and that’s why no one sees it .

  8. I like your turkey analogy Big Chris. I agree the picture is totally creepy. I personally think this is a hoax. Click here to see what wikipedia says.

  9. that thing is so photoshopped haha, you can see the clone brush strokes. i got to school for computer graphic design ,i know my fakes

  10. You got the good eye, Seddon.

  11. do all of these things look like that?

  12. i think so

  13. My sis lived in NJ,but never saw it.If you look at other websites
    the name Mrs.Leeds comes up alot.

  14. it’s like a mountain lion or something tryin to pounce on a deer

  15. Scary Scary

  16. whatever i believe that picture is real no regular mammal or animal looks like that photoshopped or not. That is just my belief though……

  17. seddon u are stupid it is real do u see that every day no u don’t u don’t live there so u don’t know if its true or not so shut up and let every body say what they think and belive it is real so shut up. Now do u believe. Put that in your pipe n smoke it ….

  18. It looks my ex escaped from the pysc ward again, dam bitch an her deer

  19. psssssh…….

  20. hurba durb i like dragons and horses combined hurba durb hurba durb hurba durb hurba durb 69

  21. Excuse me???

  22. well i think its a total hoax (the picture im a strong jersey devil beliver my dad even seen it) the jesey devil is described to have a long snout like a horses

  23. If this were an actual photo, the tripod flash would have created more stop action to the creature to right (being closer) than the deer running on the left. Clearly this ia magical manifestation of Photoshop. I agree with the clone brushes strokes idea.

    That doesn’t mean Batboy doesn’t exist in our heart and minds though. LOL

  24. Ah, Batboy, our old friend. How could I have forgotten you?

  25. i think thats a whole load of horse shit something that large and unproportional couldn’t keep up with a deer it looks like a cartoon dragon you all are pathetic

  26. youall need to get a life

  27. Ohhh…crap. This is so fukin creepy. But All i have to say is…if you live in the pine barrens, watch your back yo.


  28. you mentally challenged losers use foul language too much…STOP!

  29. I thought the deer looked like a Kangaroo! My mistake! Anyway, It might exist. They found its corpse! Wheres the proof that its NOT real?

  30. It is SO VERY REAL!!! All you people who don’t believe me are big fat IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU HEAR ME?!? Idiots I TELL YOU, IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!! I’m done here.

  31. I’m not saying the stupid picture is real, mind you!!!

  32. Steady, Ilana, steady. Splash some water on your face.

  33. now a family in texas is claiming it’s a Chupacabra, and that they had taken it. here is the website if intersted

  34. Perhaps another enigma of atomic mutation? Look at those wings! Bat boy would be jealous, I’m sure. But being the celebrity he is, Bat Boy is not on the DL like this creature for sure. I have never seen this dragon in the Weekly World News.

    I wonder if Leeds Devil tastes like chicken? Would you like fries with that?

  35. For the entire concept of it being taken in Texas, I can tell you I know most of the idiots in that city. If this picture’s real at all (which I don’t think it is), then it’s sure as hell not from that cestpool of a city. Finally, if this IS real, somebody catch that bastard, and teach it to talk, so we can put it in a children’s movie.

  36. im watchin monster quest about this and by the stories on the show, if this thing was real it would fuck the guy with the camra up and forget the deer

  37. im no skeptic but that picture look CG to me

  38. This shit is real I don’t care what you other people say. I know people in jearsey who have seen it and they wouldn’t make it up. But this picture is fake it’s totally obvious

  39. OMG>..Where is Geraldo when you need him? This animal is epic.

  40. i saw it

  41. O_o Oh my gawd.

  42. do birds fly 24/7 no i don’t think so what if it was chasing after that deer to eat it or maybe the two were just frolicking in the moon light… i don’t know but what i do know is that this is substantial evidence that the Jersey Devil exists and is at large

  43. ManBearPig

  44. I have only heard of pigdogboy. Manbearpig is a new one to me. Thanks Joe!

  45. Ignorance and superstition go hand in hand. What kind of grown person actually believes in mythical creatures? Well, you can see some of them in this thread. Just a terribly blurry pic is all it takes to “prove” what they already believed. Any good salesmen should be contacting all of these gullible fools. hahaha

  46. Sweet! I just saw an episode about this on the History channel. That image looks pretty similar to the recreation they made in the episode.

  47. well it does not nessciarlly have to be a mythical creature it could be a real creature maybe from africa or something there are still lots of animals the human race is uhaware of. why can’t this be real? why does it have to be fake not saying anything about the picture i am no genius when it comes to stuff like photoshop so i am not sure about that. to say as weither this animal or creature exsist i do not know but i am not saying it does not for i have no proff of it exsisting or of it being of no exsistence. but everybody is entilited to their opinon so lets not get to worked up over what somebody says.

  48. well Tom do you have any proof that it doesn’t exsist there have been sightings 100s of people have claimed to see it are they all crazy mental or lying thats alot of people they all can’t be one of those three i don’t know if it does or not and i am not going to say if it exsist or if it doesn’t.

  49. Its a bat flying in front of the camera… prettttty lame guys…

  50. First of all, having proof that something doesn’t exist is pretty much impossible. What kind of reasonable adult would even expect such a thing? Only someone who thinks that such a request derails, disproves, or avoids skepticism.

    Being able to disprove something is a requirement of any scientific theory. Are there any professional scientists who share this opinion, and have any of them come up with some kind of thesis or hypothesis? There should be several if the Jersey Devil is truly being witnessed all over.

    How can anyone have proof that something doesn’t exist? Do you have proof that Zeus doesn’t exist? Or proof that Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist? Many people claimed to have witnessed the Greek and Roman mythical gods. Were they all crazy or lying? Perhaps they were simply mistaken.

    You might have proof that there were some hoaxes when it comes to good ole santa or the easter bunny, but just like this picture being obviously phony, those hoaxes don’t prove that santa claus and the easter bunny aren’t real. Yet I’m sure most people on this board don’t believe in either one.

    I don’t have proof that purple three headed aliens DON’T live in my backyard, but I still feel safe saying that they don’t live there. You might need proof of that, but I don’t.

    People have claimed to see many things. It doesn’t PROVE anything.

    The burden of proof is on the people who believe, or are calling skeptics IDIOTS. Those who resort to name calling because someone has common sense and isn’t ready to jump on the bandwagon and believe in something that is questionable at best.

    Where’s the proof that it DOES exist? Where’s the PROOF that there are still lots of animals that humans are unaware of? Why don’t you provide some specific examples? Or do you only require proof for things you disagree with? I mean it sounds like a good argument, but where’s YOUR proof?

    Something in New Jersey? Well, let’s just say that it’s a very different scenario than in remote Africa. New SUB species are very different from some kind of incredibly radical creature that has such mythical features as the jersey devil. Sub species occur as a natural part of evolution.

    Sometimes people DO indeed see something. Their perception and interpretation of what they think they saw can be wrong, even though they did witness something that’s hard to explain. These people prefer to conjur up something rather than just leaving it unexplained. Some people are more prone to believing in conspiracies, mythical creatures, and supernatural phenomenon than others. So they naturally lean towards explanations in those categories.

    And Angie, you ARE saying it exists, even if you end your posting by saying you are not saying whether it exists or not. Your flawgic (flawed logic) is that 100s of people claim to have seen it, and they can’t all be crazy or lying, so therefore the implication is that it MUST be real. But where’s the proof?

  51. i can not say it exsist if i have not seen it myself i said it is possible for it to exsist and tell me why can it not exsist? Is it not possible who says it has to be mythical just because someone says it is why can it not be scientific and there were alot of things scientist were thinking of that we have accomplished today or that we have discovered i am not sure if this jersey devil exsist or not maybe it isn’t a devil but maybe an actual species that has not been discovered i can not be sure. maybe those people saw something maybe you are right that it is just something that somebody made up or they saw something then they heard of the jersey devil and just said it was that i am not implying that it is real or not i do not know. i am just saying it is possible. why can there not be a jersey devil? maybe it is not exactly how people describe it but i am just saying it could be possible i dont know if it is real or not i have no proof if it exsist or it is does not exsist. and how can you say something exsist if you have no proof vis versa. and how can you say something does not exsist if you have no proof. you say you can’t smash through a brick wall prove it to me by trying to smash a brick wall i know it sounds stupid but if you can’t smash the brick wall then you just proved to me you can’t. if is not impossible to prove something does not exsist or is impossible i don’t know how you just have to be creative. and who said i was an adult? and nothing is impossilbe unless proven impossible lol.

  52. oh and by the way tom thank you i believe you oppose a very good arguement too it’s just you don’t understand fully what i am saying i am not saying if the jersey devil is real or not just that it is possible.

  53. why is it that it’s just a bit bigger than the deer? Isn’t it supposed to be approximated to be 400lbs?

  54. It’s all about the money.

    If you just call it a big deer, there is less intrigue,you couldn’t can’t make any useless documentaries that would captivate mindless audiences, who in turn would watch commercials about how great Snuggie™ blankets and Walmart is.

    But America loves monsters, houses of mystery, ghosts and space creatures. The northwest has Sasquatch, Roswell has its aliens. I do have an aliens t-shirt from Roswell, but that is practically required when you visit that town. There is nothing else to do. I don’t know where one could get a Jersey devil T-Shirt. I’m sure somewhere out there somebody is monetizing it.

    Really want to make some money? Give local tours in a dark forrest at night hunting Jersey Devils. Colorful posters, flashlights and a tour booklet is all you need.

    Same reason there were alot of dinosaurs on Route 66 in the 60’s. If there isn’t any news, its always fun to make it up.

  55. Looks like a male deer with a hint of photo shop. I like how everyone bashes the people who don’t believe…how is that all these pictures of mythical creatures are always blurred you conveniently have an excuse for that too? So if I showed you a picture of the tooth fairy would you believe she’s real too?

  56. I don’ think that’s the jersey devil. It’s tail is too thick. It could either be a deamon or maybe a deformed dragon. And for the skeptical person who posted this before me, there are videos and pics of mythical creatures that aren’t blurry and you can tell they aren’t photoshopped. And neither is this one. I should know, I’ve been a photographer for years. And I’ve taken pictures of some weird shite.

  57. well…i think the photo isnt real….it looks like the creature is slightly seethrough and over blurred compared to the rest of the photo…allso i dont see his limbs touching the ground…. and if it was real, id go with the exlpenation of Big Crhis

  58. this is so stupid how long ago where this dumb retraded things updated my step dad says there is on the jersy devil hockey team

  59. this is so stupid how long ago where this dumb retraded things updated my step dad says there is olny the jersy devil hockey team sorry about that other one i messed up this is the real one

    fdgaer said this on April 18, 2009 at 12:26 am

  60. You’re right, fdgaer. The only real Jersey Devil is a hockey player.

  61. i think the jersey devil is real it has a lot of eyewitness reports hell they even put armed guards on there trollys because it attacked a trolly before

  62. besides on pic is off its suppost to have a dog head and a horse face with glowing red eyes and if there is a decendent of the family leed then that only makes its chances of being real greater

  63. Everyone has their own theory. My friend claims she saw a Chubacabra break in her hotel room in Mexico. Although I love her dearly, I soooooooooooo disagree. Brian, a guy at my school, thinks we all are monsters. I HATE him too, he is so fricking retarded! Anyway like I said, everyone has their own theory. Thanks for considering my part!


  64. well i guess your right but still there is even a 10,000 dollar reward for the capture of the jersy devil

  65. Dear Angie,

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I read your conversation with Tom, you really have a way with words. I would have went to to town on his sorry ass. No offense Tom, I love a pure, worthy, sweet girl. And again you rock!


  66. $10,000 is a little low. If you found this thing you’d get a book deal, movie rights, action figures, baseball cards, and royalties from video replay on National Geographic and Animal Planet. Sure would nice. Still all I want it a Official Jersey Devil Autentic T-shirt.

  67. Do you guys really think that the blurry pic is real? Well I think it looks like some midget in a Barney costume. I feel sorry for the little sap. wouldn’t you? I wander if people in New Jersey make little trinkets of that little midget?


  68. I would just put my friend, Riley, in a Barney suit and tape his mouth so he would sound like MMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPP; when he hiccuped.

  69. If the Jersey Devil is alive or real wouldn’t somebody have caught it already?

  70. Hey Rick,

    Make your mind! Do you believe? You do and you don’t. MAKE YOUR MIND!


    P.S. I’m not mad, but just make your mind, please

  71. Rick doesn’t need to make up his mind. All you need do is read the title of his blog to get an answer.

    I would imagine catching a winged quadruped to be a difficult catch. On the other hand, not all four-limbed animals are quadrupeds. Although arms and wings are, in the evolutionary sense, modified legs, four-limbed animals are in fact classed as tetrapods, members of the taxonomic unit Tetrapoda. These include all vertebrates with quadrupedal ancestors, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and birds. So our friend the Jersey Devil is something of an evolutionary aberration.

    Probably, of course in this case this is merely a photographic fake more than anything. Good fodder however for wax museums and mystery shows, and the T-shirt that I want.

  72. OK Sami, you seem to have been reading these comments very closely, so here it is, no messing around. Just between you and me, the Jersey Devil does not exist. It’s a legend, myth, etc., just like the Loch Ness monster or the abominable snowman.

  73. yall just dont get it do you? you leave it alone and it will elave you alone. i have lived in the pine barons for 20 some years. do not try and go find it it will present its self soon.

  74. uuuum i had a nightmare bout the jersey devil and i wanna say that i get scared when i go by where the jersey devil lives!

  75. rick so youre saying its not real end of story? theres absoloutely ZERO chance of loch ness, sasquatch, jersey devil etc. exsisting? how can you say that when theres no proof thats it doesnt exsist? theres proof the its out there it may be drugged up sightings or blurred pictures but its still proof that its out there and theres no such thing as proof that something doesnt exsist because as long as someone says theyve seen it its ALWAYS possible for it to be out there somewhere

    and this pictures obviously a fake (i say its out there this just isnt a picutre of it) you can see clearly that the tail is brighter than the face and the face is closer to the light same with the chest and right side of that face theyre both dark when they should be bright since theyre close to the light

  76. Hey, I thought that comment was just between Sami & me.

    You’re right, Barker, there’s no such thing as proving something doesn’t exist. Anything’s possible, even the Jersey Devil. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and so far there’s none. Fun to think about, though.

  77. why does it need to be extrordinary proof? (not saying it in a rude way just wondering why)

  78. The burden of proof lies with the person making a claim. If someone says that a ship from another planet was here, they need more than blurry photos, or eyewitness accounts. To prove something that big, really prove it, the world needs to see the actual ship. It’s not enough to believe it or want it or debate that it’s possible.

    People see and hear things all the time. We need to catch a Bigfoot, or a lake monster, or a devil.

    But you’ve made me think, and I think I overstated my own claim. I should have said, “There’s no proof the Jersey Devil exists,” because to say it doesn’t exist puts the burden of proof on me to prove it doesn’t exist. And as you said, a person can’t do that.

    So in the future I’ll try to watch how I say things. Thanks Barker!

  79. but lets say we DO catch (just for the sake of proving a point) we catch an alien (i know sounds dumb but bare with me) we release him/her and (s)he flires back and tell the other what weve done and then the rest of the species comes and wipes us out. it goes the same for bigfoot or the jersey devil or whatever else since we dont know what they can do we cant just got and capture one and do stuff like that becuase there could be alot more than we know like living underground or something. but i do see your point of needing better proof which we do but we dont need it to be extraordinary just enough proof to say that its real like that bigfoot video that was released however many years ago people have studied it and said its possible but the idea of saying something can not exsist just becuase its diffrent or something inst right and thats when people should just belive it like when they were kids when youre young you thought any monster that was described to you to scare you that it was real or it was possibly real everyone should be like children and have an imagination about everything instead of just saying no its cant be

    i dont know if that makes total sense in whole im too lazy to rea dover it and such

  80. Barker i believe you just hit the nail on the head. I believe most people don’t believe something is real because they don’t want to believe it. If someone wants to hear something they will hear it if they don’t they won’t. It is for their own comfort they change and morph things to fit their mind. Makes them feel better. Makes this life seem less scary.

  81. exactly and those are the people who end up being the people who are doing stuff which is vital to our survival and end up screwing us over (like the people who say global warming isnt happening i know very off topic but something to prove my point) and i just wish everyone could just realize that there are things that are scary and there are things that go bump in the night that live under your bed and in your closet the people who live like that are the people who are making the big breakthroughs and understand on how the world really looks and works

  82. You are most certainly write people just need to get their heads out of their butts and face the facts. I am not telling people to not be afriad but to accept that somethings exsist scary or not they do. Death is apart of life it is nothing to be afraid of. You have to accept it or you will drive yourself crazy with fear. So why should you be afraid of monsters. They are not nessicarly monsters though just new species of undiscovered organsims, and you can ask scientist they will tell you that their are some species of plants and living orgainsims that they have not discovered. Face the facts and deal with it. It will make life alot easier.

  83. exactly theres scarier things in this world than new species like doing something really dumb/offensive infront of the girl you like or cancer and of course bears :P naw bears are awsome but still just accept the fact that theres aleiens, or whatever and youll be better off

  84. oh and i dont know if anyone can help me but im trying to find a site like this but you dont discuss anything it just has stories about things like this like aliens, bigfoot, champ, and canadian “monsters” like lake monsters, and something that was in toronto sewer system? it had alot of stories and stuff and i cant find it and i really liked that site so if anyone knows it could you please notify me thanks

  85. You might try Paranormal Studies & Investigations Canada. They have the story about the Toronto Tunnel Monster, etc. Click PSICAN

  86. it wasnt the exact website i was looking for but it still has a couple of the stories i was looking for like the toronto tunnel monster. thats the one that creeps me out the most becuase of the source and everything

  87. Dear Rick,
    Your a cool guy. Your not a person that goes all crazy on other people if they don’t believe what you do. Fun talking to you! Are you in other topics?

  88. Why do people have to be so mean! Seriously! Why go out of your way to make someone mad or depressed?

  89. If you mean do I have other blogs, then no, just this one. If you mean other topics, there are about 50 of them so far. If you want to see the most current topic, updated about once a week, go to the top of the page and click the title, who you calling a skeptic? Thanks Sami!

  90. Awesome Rick! I’ll check them out! Thanks!

  91. For all of you people who are bloody sceptics the jersy devil is real and i have seen it up and personal so fuk you all the jersey devil is not at all like that that is clearly a costume.

  92. The jersy devil can be killed so ha ha ha ha and kids can be right if they are given a chance.

  93. OK, Cambell, settle down. Tell us what you saw. Was it during the day?

  94. Well, Rick, this is really very interesting to me.
    I’m doing a school report on the Jersey Devil. So far, it seems to me to be a story of maybe a child possessed (which does happen, mind you, read books from Jesus’s time period. Like the year 0. Not being religious, just giving an approx. time) that was blown far out of proportion. My mother, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. have lived in NJ for decades. They don’t quite believe it. I honestly don’t unless I have good, solid proof. If it like came up to me or whatever of COURSE I would believe it no doubt. People- no offense to anyone- can imagine things and make them worse than they truly are. Who knows? There could honestly be a demon of sorts walking around New Jersey. Please, people, don’t get all cursing at me. I’m just saying: Things happen. The TRUE Devil (Satan) has demonic angels. It could be one of those. We can never know unless the entire human race saw this creature.
    Until then- keep looking everyone! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear some more stories!!! This is extremely interesting!

  95. that pic is fake the claimed devil looks like a plastic blow-up dragon for a kid’s party. lol the myth may be real but the pic is definitely NOT

  96. dover demon:

  97. That’s a good one. Thanks, Rick, I think I’ll add this to the Odds & Ends post.

  98. it looks kinda real but idk lol this thing is really creepy looking and if it is real i wanna see that piece of shit dead or alive in a museum somwhere lmfao anywayz ahhh

  99. It’s totaly fake.Because water has very magnic power and they has capcity to include any thing like boatship and seaairship.

  100. well one..who knows if it is really real or not.. two i live in the pine barrens, actually i live on the street where the Wharton State Forest starts. if anyone wants to hear my opinion then you can read this. i have lived here all my life and i can say that i have heard and seen some things i couldn’t explain. i can tell you that one night about 5 years ago i did hear some kind of screeching scream that i couldnt explain and it had scared the shit out of me. and i do know of people including that were hunting in the areas of the sitings and they have seen some weird things.and the comment way above me with the wings and running there are birds around here like chickens and can fly only a little but only for a short period of time. but overall i dont know if this “thing” will ever be caught or if its real.. i guess maybe one day they will find out , but in my opinion maybe not this exact thing but there is some very strange things that i have seen and heard that do scare me to go into my own backyard at night…

  101. this is fake as hell

  102. The jersey Devil does in fact exists, because unlike other monsters, the jersey devil was seen not only by common people who are accused of being drunk at the time but also by famous people such as napoleons brother who shot the devil with a cannon ball (Even though it kept flying as if it was’nt hit at all) and people have tried to capture it but only to see that it has escaped through their fingers like water through a net.

  103. ragnarok163 no comadore stephan decatur isn’t napoleans brother thats joesph bonaparte and the devil was said to be shot in 1798 comadore stephan decatur wasn’t even born until 1799 and joesph bonaparte probly wasn’t alive at the time but you may be right about those people who saw them and the police thought they were drunk.

  104. The photo is probably fake(pretty much understood), but the creature is another story. I think there’s something out there that people are just associating with the common description of the Jersey Devil. It probably is something weird looking, but not horselike. It may move too quickly to be identified properly. I think with the hundreds of eyewitness accounts and even physical attacks that there is a Jersey Devil out there, but it’s not exactly what people think it looks like. It’s very hard to discount so many encounters with the same type of creature during the same time and with similar behavior. I mean, they even closed schools and businesses during the sudden outbreak during the week of January 16-23, 1909. There’s SOMETHING out there….

  105. what the fuck is dat it looks like my wife

  106. oh my god thank god its just my wife

  107. what is it god its just my wife

  108. looks like camel with wings

  109. wow i dont know if its real or not
    could be if that zoo asked for a reward but it probably looks more animal-normal like than people describe, there could be something out there… as a program i saw the other day declared we have only discovered about 50-60% of all life on earth

  110. i think i saw this riping bark of a tree???/? but im not sure… i always wondered what i saw and i think this pichure answers my question.

  111. that family that said they caught a pic of the jersy devil and called it a chuppacabra were probably right the chupacabra is located more near mexico and texas while the jersey devil devil is located in new jersy on chiller theres this family has a tradition where they go into the forest together to see the jersey devil and in that last picture the jersey devil was probably running because of the fact that theres too many trees to fly and that its easier to catch a deer on your feet or hooves

  112. yeah this is totaly a hoax….

  113. I wander if anyone has ever been eaten by the Jersey Devil?

  114. U know ppl sound retarded when ppl say the same thing over & over [ no offense ]

  115. Hey Sami, welcome back! Nothing new on the Jersey Devil front. Let me know if you hear anything new, and I’ll incorporate it into the post.

  116. Does anyone believe this picture is real? Seriously, it’s all angled weird and I think if it were chasing a deer, it wouldn’t be stationary. You can tell the deer is in flight but that thing? Look at it’s legs…no creature moves like that. Try harder next time if you want to convince skeptics.

  117. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears; Oh My!

  118. Angela, Would you really want to see it? Just to prove to yourself that it’s real. I wouldn’t think so. I’m just going to believe this picture provided to us. Because I wouldn’t risk MY life just to prove something to myself I knew all along. You know? There are probably many other creatures just like this one all around the country lurking night after night, probably in our own backyards!!! We just don’t take the time to notice. So i’d say pictures like this one are evidence enough for

  119. 8th grade genius so youre saying that youd belive anything if someone showed you a picture of it? now this one’s obviously fake and the jersey devil is probly out there BUT i still need to see it to FULLY belive it and who ever said about risking thier own life? do you know for a fact that it would harm a human every time? it could be like bigfoot and run or walk away. and youre also saying you wouldnt want to see it for yourself? why not?

  120. alright this coming from somebody that actually lives here. browns mills in the smack middle of the pine barrens my neighbors aren’t in eyesight alright. i believe in the devil but this looks photoshopped don’t let one hoaz picture change your mind on it. there’s alot of things out here people don’t know about. i’ve been out at night in the woods i hunt. haven’t seen him but he’s out there. i promise.

  121. ok,if this pic is real then why would the tripod be in front of the cam? like wtf!

  122. why is the tripod in front of the cam?

  123. I think that if the creature was caught, as it says on that theater slip above, it would still be in captivity and better photos or forms of proof would be available by now. This Jersey Devil theory is on uncertain ground for me, even if we never know what exists.

  124. wow it real because my sister old 15 in wood go to pee and saw red eye and wing,tail i am old 11 and it real i am not
    kidding ok one day at good morning i feel wind but it not i feel wing very fast go fast whoo and i see the jersey and no more it real story but i am and my sister very luck not die

  125. ^ k sorry but what? i didnt uderstand anything you jsut said

  126. Hey Barker, welcome back. I believe malu says he or she is 11 years old, and one day while in the woods the 15 yr old sister went to take a pee and saw the jersey devil. Then one day, it was morning, malu felt something rush past, only it wasn’t the wind, it was a wing, and when malu looked it was the jersey devil, and they’re both lucky that they weren’t killed.

  127. thanks rick and ah ok sorry i didnt fully understand it.

  128. You don’t have to apologize. You can leave as many comments as you like, the more the merrier. I’ve noticed lots of people are leaving comments and you can tell that English is a second language, and I like it. I’m glad that people from all over the world are interested in the same things as me.

  129. lmao yea. its nice to see people beliving these things then thinking theyre all shit. :P i just wish i could find a good site with all of the cryptozooligic? (i dont know how to really spell it) monsters on one site. cuz im finding ites with some on it but not all.

  130. Sounds like someone needs to start a blog!

  131. lmfao maybe i should.

  132. Also, you might try Cryptomundo if you haven’t already. Click on their Site Map, takes you to all things cryptozoological.

  133. ok you notunderstand ok i am deaf i am 11 old i am not kidding

  134. but it true story ok thank i am 11 and felt it it the jersey devil ok

  135. about 5 or 4 feet

  136. rick very right thank rick

  137. lmao sorry but just cuz your deaf, doesnt mean you cant tpye right, im not saying your wrong, i just didnt understand

  138. and i did try cryptomundo theyre ok. so far ive been using astral media and some other ones i cant remember.

  139. it ok barker

  140. where you live barker new jersey ?

  141. nah im in ontario. but this stuff just intrigues me. we do have a few lake monsters in lake ontario and some other things. but they arnt as famous

  142. Ontario sounds bitchin’

  143. it really is. the big cities arnt that grat in my opinion. like theyre good for a weekend or a few days but i prefer the isolated towns and stuff. cuz you never really know what your gonna see. who knows you might stumble upon a new creature or something :P

  144. Haha, yes… I am familiar enough with the woods to know that, i’ll admit..

  145. you stumbled on something before?

  146. I am not sure; I know people who have in the dense woods of Pennsylvania, but I myself am more prone to attract the spirits..

  147. ahhh well i dont belive n ghosts and stuff.

  148. I see… I’m not how I do, being such a scientific type person ;), but after the years it’s just stuck in my head that way, idk.. why do u believe in creatures anyway? just out of curiosity..

  149. yea i know. ad i belive them because the way that the people tell them like how discriptive they are (and when theyre being filmed the look in thier eyes) and also to say theres no possibility that theres something like that out there is just plain stupid. we havent discovered all the creatures on this planet so whos to say that there isnt bigfoot, or jersey devil, or anything like that. thats just the reason why i belie it

  150. I absolutely agree… the world is too vast and diverse to say those things aren’t possible. I wish there was clearer proof, but there are many things we will never know anyway… I have friends who described creatures to me that they had witness and it’s hard to not to believe what they are saying by the look in their eyes, not to forget the fact that these are honest people..

  151. i know eh? i hate it when the people dont belive it and automatically say the were on drugs or they were drunk. like comon like one example. this happened in like 1770 or something. when everyone was coming to canada from england and the states and stuff. so maybe like 1800’s anyways it was olden times. and a ferry was on lake ontario and there was over 100 eople on it and they all decribed a almost 70 ft’ creature with small horns and one red eye on the head with something that looked lie a lios mane. ( i dont remember the full story but thats the jist of it) like all those people couldnt’ve been drunk or anything. all the dicriptions were the same.

  152. Wow that’s fascinating… where do u find this stuff? Youtube maybe? It seems like a good source..

  153. nah it was on a few website. i cant remember it. but theres alot of cool stuff.

  154. Sweet

  155. i think its real what else could it be with wing hooves and all that

  156. ok barker you not belive ghost ok i love watch ghost hunter

  157. i tried watching a couple of ghost shows and it was all too easily faked. people can say cryptozooligical monster pics can be faked easily too. but not as easily. and like i dunno i just cant belive ghosts until i see one with my own two eyes

  158. Personally I don’t know if I believe this or not, but there’s NOTHING wrong in believing that there’s other creatures/animals out there that us humans don’t know about.

    Nobody should be quick to jump and say “this is ridiculous, it’s all a hoax, nothing is true” because YOU WEREN’T THERE, YOU DON’T KNOW.

    All I’m saying is keep an opened mind for possibilities and don’t be ignortant. Nothing is 100% in the world so things such as; God, the Devil AND the Jersey Devil could exsist as much as Ghost or Spirits do.

  159. When a “Jersey Devil” is brought in, dead or alive, then, and only then, will it “exist.” And after a huge amount of study, at all levels, it will be classified and added to the catalog. Until then, it is hearsay, legend, rumor and any other thing you care to add. But science requires physical proof.

  160. i think that every one has an oppion but that is all out fake i mean what could that be NOTHING thats what

  161. k the pictures obviously fake. but think about this. what if theres only maybe 50-100 of them and they live in groups of 3-5? they could be omnivores. and maybe they live in caves or in trees or underground shelters. just a concept. tell me what you think about it

  162. if it had hooves, how the hell would it roost in trees….and why wings? o_O

  163. Listen to Barker, akuma. Caves OR trees.

  164. thanks rick :P maybe it only goes into trees to hunt to ambush its prey and/or to get a better

  165. lemme know when you start your cryptozoology website.

  166. lmfao probly wont happen but we’ll see XD

  167. dude thats is that creator real

  168. Thats just like a south park episode, Manbearpig, except its a small dragon with a grumpy face.

  169. Looks like an evil, winged Koala to me. :P

  170. honestly i’m not sure what it is looks a little fake then agin who would go through all that trouble to make a fake picture

  171. i think it is possible but on the other hand penguins cant fly, sooo maby it cant. dosent have to all the time, but im more interested in sea monsters.

  172. n man. you havent been on the internet long have you? people fake pictures all the time.

  173. i love you guys

  174. it looks like and angry lemur

  175. C’mon people. The “creepy” picture’s obviously a fake. A human head/face? bunny ears? Those tiny wings are gonna carry around that thick, dinosaur-lookin’ body? It’s flat-footed and straight-legged in the middle of a dead sprint? The jersey devil might be real, but that picture sure isnt.

  176. EC now i may be wrong. but after further review of past comments ive come to the conclusion that…


  177. im an avid hunter and i can say with 99.9 percent accuracy that the photo is hoax the picture was taken from a trail cam something us hunters use to plan our hunts and the 3 poles you see are feeders what we use to bring deer to us for more succsesful hunts and even with the cheepest trail cam the quality is excelent
    now im not sayin that the “beast”dosent exist becuse if you look at the sightings they get more freecrent as we get closer to the predicted apocolipce 2060 by sir isac neuton i also predict the sightings will rise and move closer to the “promise land” or now known as the middle east were the final battle will be fought (after the bullshit war in iraq)

  178. and yes i am a soldier to be exact a us marine with the 1st marine divison i served 3 tours in iraq,afganistan,and other areas

  179. good for you joshzafar. thanks for fighting a pointless war with no end result that doesnt end in a nuke being dropped. and btw. whats freecrent? and one more thing. the closest “apocolyptic” thing is 2012. all bullshit but still. this is the first im hearing of 2060


  181. There are many creatures in existence that elude human attention, and I believe that the so-called “Jersey Devil” may be one of them, but I will not claim anything until I know full-well if those woods are empty or not. I never believed in ghosts either until my friend and I saw one in my own house (we nearly soiled ourselves). As for the photo…come on…its see-through and the feet are angled upward like the drawing of a child who doesn’t grasp the concept of perspective or even realism.

  182. Suck pike, barker. What exactly was your point in the last message? You took an unnecessary shot at somebody, which seems to be a common occurance online, but after the first sentence it’s like you were just throwing words out like a parrot with no clear purpose behind them. No offense, but just try to speak objectively and clearly. I enjoyed a couple of your much earlier posts, in all fairness.

  183. thats true. i was watching some shit about that war an got pissed. so i decided to take it out on him. i souldntve cuz its not realitive to this post. i was just a little on edge is al :P my bad

  184. the war may be pointless but its all ways about the war never about us marines and other brabches who lost ffreinds to this pointless war or our wives and girlfriends who leve us for being wh we are nnoo its all ways about the fucking war we make progress over there we just dont tell you simple minded CIVILIANS becuse your too stupid tho know jack shit so you sit in your perfect little lives and blame us fir the worlds problems you dont now the fucking smallest part of what we have to endour to keep people safe o dont you fucking dare tell me its a pointless war and we drop bombs on everything fyi we arnt even allowed to drop bombs do to itll cause calteral damage and countless civi deaths

  185. thankyou joshiebear i lost my best man over there mike ott 1st lutenit an ied took him

  186. fuck you. tell me why exactly are you over there? not you as a person. you as a country. youre over there for oil. and dragging other countries in with you because we’re youre fucking allies when we shouldnt be. and when did i say anything about dropping bombs? we should be doing that. fuck everyone over there. and maybe you start telling us shit and we’ll understand more. go fuck yourself. you blame us for you not informing us. im tired about hearing of this shit from marines. and basically all the deaths are pointless. theyre from ieds and shit. you dont fucking tell me this war is pointless when it is.

  187. and by fuck everyone over there i mean everyone but our soldiers.

  188. wow that is a deer and then the wings are a rock

  189. theres a deer on the left. but that photoshoped thing on the left? are you saying thats a deer?

  190. that is real that is the devil but it looks like a demon

  191. hello, it is a bad photo shop, you can see an awkward outline.

    do i believe that there could be a creature like the jersey devil? yes. there are creatures discovered every year that we didn’t know existed. as for the picture, it doesn’t match most of the reports for the creature.

  192. Hmmm, so many different descriptions and so many different photo’s. So, the legend goes that a woman gave birth to what was to be her seventh son, whose father is the seventh son in his family… as the kid popped out, it flew out the chimney…
    Do I believe it’s real? NO! What I do believe is that there is something. There are lots of things!
    The ghost in my diningroom. The spirit that tried to strangle my sister… Hell, I’ve even made it rain a couple of times.
    Things are sometimes as simple as it seems!
    The goat-footed biped my friends and I saw while on holiday in 2001 scared the crap out of me, but hey… mass delusion or reality… I sure as hell will never go to that beach alone at night!!!

  193. if ya wanna get the story straight, it was 1735… Mrs. Jane Leeds from Estelville already had 12 kids. Knocked up again and kind of annoyed, she stated “may the devil take the next one” Born normal, then transformed into this thing…
    FOLKLORE PEOPLE… nothing more.
    Even Santa Claus and Big Foot are throwing back a couple of cold ones and laughing at all of you. Grow up children

  194. wow, what’s all this talk of war on this page? heh, you guys are hilarious. I promise a “Jersey Devil” page isn’t the only available outlet for releasing frustrations on current events…like exchanging phone numbers for example :P

  195. Yes, well, I have been doing some reading on that a couple of minutes ago, wanted to correct myself but you beat me to it! Saves me time, thanks!

    So, Kevin. Seems like I have nothing more to ad… thanks mate, now I can go chat up some hot boy on Facebook!

  196. well barker no i haven’t been on tht long. but yeah you’ve gotta be really stupid to believe that pic

    hello i no we got off t a bad start but ive got to make things right becuse that pointless war took my men and ive been called back to active duty so as of 11/10/09 i will be posting from IRAQ i just wanna say to all who think war is a game its not and its not fun last night i saw my dead sargent standing at my bedside and he jusst yeld loud the 2 worrds your dead then i herd a boom idk wat it was but i think im not ganna be back after this tour i think im ganna die so i just want to make u my friend b4 i GO and tell you to spread tese words all over the web delta omega alpha 1109 any marine from the 1st divison will know what to do it important all of you spreds these words they help end fucking iraq

  198. I think the thing looks fake but idk not from jersey.

  199. if u want 2 kno about the jersey devils true nature give me a call

  200. if u want 2 kno about the jersey devils true nature give me a call and i’ll tell u

  201. aright ok cause it looks like a deer idk looks like someone placed the pic in there to make it look real.

  202. thats fake retards

  203. Get sterilized, morons! It’s the lamest looking fake I’ve ever seen.

  204. again we see someone who just looks at the picture and comments instead of reading the comments aswell. we all know the picture is fake. a retarded monkey could tell that its fake. we’re talking about the actual existane of the jersey devil.

  205. well if thats really the jersey devil it would of cauht up to the deer,alson sll of the descriptions from that one week in 1909 that looks nothing like the descriptions im from jersey.

  206. ohhhh come on its photoshopped or maybe the picture was token wrong like the wing could a stick from that tree

  207. I Belive its real so shut up! You all are GAY!

  208. that shit is fake dumb asses

  209. hey guys! Miss me? jk

  210. Why is everybody so pissed of at each other? We never met before so please try to not to cuss so much, they might take it personally. Of course if that person is a complete asshole, then be direct and tell then tell that person how you feel not cuss at them. That is what I do.

  211. I wonder why people only see it during the night? Maybe people might be seeing things. Once I thought I saw a ghost but ended up running and screaming from nothing. I really looked like the worlds greatest dumbass

  212. I’m really happy I joined this blog because it gives me something to think about away from collage

  213. Hi Sami.

  214. Wow I read what wikipedia had to say and it might be real and it might not be but its weird how a lot of people see it. And why only at night?

  215. Evolution really could not and would not produce such creatures as described a la Jersey Devil. It never has in the past and it certainly hasn’t in the present. I’m sure those who are convinced they have seen such creatures are telling the truth and genuinely believe in what they saw, and I will not dispute that fact. But the fact is these things would be an absolute accident of evolution as the body build described wouldn’t make it either an effective hunter or able to make an effective escape from predators. The body build is simply not right for natural flight (just take a look at how flying animals are built to figure that one out). The fact is unless someone can prove that these creatures exist and I mean REALLY prove, using scientific methods, tracking an animal, and producing good, forensically sound evidence that is proven not to have been doctored, then I’m afraid the onus of proof has to remain with the believers. If you can’t produce evidence to the above specs then that’s proof enough that these things don’t exist.

  216. JCH why could evolution not produce creatures like the jersey devil? and maybe the wings arnt for flying, like the ostrich or emu. maybe it uses its wings to glide. and also just because we dont have proof that it doesnt exist, doesnt mean it doesnt exist. it just means we dont have proof. i get what youre saying about the proof but also we’re discovering new animals and plants every year. we didnt have proof that they existed and yet they did. so its just we havent had the perfect timing, placing, or equipment at the time to prove that it exists

  217. Look at the build of the thing! Evolution has NEVER produced an animal of those dimentions that could even get off the ground. The ostrich, emu and rhea are all descended from flying birds. They are birds. This thing apparently isn’t a bird, it’s a cloven hooved mammal type animal. How many of those have you EVER seen with wings. NONE would be the answer. The only mammals to have EVER flown are bats. And look how big they get. Even the flying foxes are no bigger than small cats. Evolution has produced some fine examples of strange creatures throughout the history of life, but no fossils, no skeletons, no proof of these creatures existence has ever been found. Not even a dead one. If these things live, then they have to die. Why are we not finding any kind of remains, fossilised or otherwise? The fact is if noone can produce evidence of that kind, they there is no more good reason to assume it exists. When in the last few yaers have you heard of any animals larger than a rodent being discovered? And in a HUGELY populated country like the USA? Having done some research, it was 50 years before another four legged animal was discovered in the US. And that new discovery turned out to be a salamander. Yes an amphibian. And a small one at that. So if it took science 50 years to find a small amphibian in the US, what are the odds that they’ve missed something as large as the alleged Jersey Devil for what? Nearly three hundred years? (If you go back to the date this myth began). Oh and talking of the date the myth began. It was 1735. So any stories from THAT time period should be treated with suspicion. That time period was when Witchhunting, witchtrials, and general paranoia about witches and the devil were at their height. So this type of myth could easily have been started by the unfortunate birth of a deformed child. As these people had little understanding about congenital deformation of babies and other ails, they assumed the baby was cursed or bewitched and that’s probably how the story started. The fact is without evidence there is no proof of it’s existance. And if no proof is forthcoming after 275 years, then why would anyone assume it does exist?

  218. but you dont get what im saying. just because we havent discovered it doesnt mean it doesnt exist! you cant say that we know every species or every animal. and so what if it doesnt fly. maybe it glides? and you cant go by this picture because its obviously crap. look up the jersey devil on google or something. youll find much smaller thinner versions. and everyone assumes that these cryptozooilogical creatures are dumber then us. what if theyre smarter? and maybe we havent discovered any fossils because what if theyre like salmon where they are born in one place, swim to another place to mate and then go to another place to die? and since it hasnt been discovered what if theres only 50 in the world. you cant assume just because its an animal that theres going to be a large population of them. and youre just going to dismiss the hundreds or so people whove seen the creature? the avid hunters in the area, the locals and everyone else whove seen it?

  219. I believe that the Jersey Devil is real, I do not think it originated from the Leeds family, but I believe it is out there somewhere. I think it is exciting that nobody has ever found scientific proof of crypto-creatures like the jersey devil. (Once scientists get a hold of something, they just ruin it and it is no fun anymore.)

  220. I do get what you’re saying. You’re saying that because NOONE has seen it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Well quite frankly when something isn’t there, why believe it does exist? I’ll be quite happy to be proven wrong. The fact is people have gone out looking for it, and all they have to show for it, is some blurred photos that show nothing conclusive, eye witness reports which are on shaky ground when you remember they were probably in the middle of the woods in the pitch dark. The eyes and ears are easily tricked when confronted with something that isn’t very clear or apparent. Even if there was only a small population of these things roaming around, SOMEONE would have caught some evidence of it. You completely ignored my point about there being ANY types of remains EVER being found. If an animal lives it has to die. Where are their remains? Why has no museum got evidence? Surely someone in this day and age, seeing as most people want their five minutes of fame, could or should have found some remains if these things exist. It’s probably best if you don’t ignore the obvious and keep arguing the point of “just because there’s no evidence, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist”. It flies in the face of logic. If it’s not there it doesn’t exist. Until proof if shown, then sorry it really doesn’t exist. The onus is on YOU as a believer to prove it does, not the skeptic to prove it doesn’t. Because if you can’t back up your point that it does exist, then that’s proof enough that it doesn’t. A few dodgy, clearly manipulated photos and some drawing of what can only be described as a bipedal horse with bat wings(!), a semi demon (since when have THEY existed?), and other totally unrecognisable bodily designs, really isn’t proof of anything other than peoples’ active imaginations. You also miss my point about the date of when this fable started. The fact it was at the height of witch/devil paranoia speaks volumes in itself. People only repeat the same thing over and over again because that’s what they’ve been told. It’s called folklore. People should stop looking for things that aren’t there and start taking care of the things that ARE.

  221. Oh and I’m not dismissing those that have said they’ve seen it. I believe them when they say they’ve seen something. I don’t doubt that for a second. What I DO doubt is what they’ve seen. Without good, proper evidence, clearly showing what they DID see, with objective, outside confirmation of that evidence confirming it’s geniune, there’s no way I can just say “Ok so these people SAY they’ve seen it so it must be true”.

  222. yea the blurred photos are either real or faked but when you think about it if youre actually seeing this creature or really any creature that hasnt been proved real or thought to be extinct youre going to be nervous and flumbling for your camera and probly a little scared which means we only have shaky pictures. which is unfortunate. and just saying, how can hundreds of people be wrong? if theyve never heard of the jersey devil and yet when they described it to people after their confrentation they all described pretty much the exact same thing? and the remains, you ignored my point on them being smarter then humans or the possibility that they have thier own ( for no thoguht of a better term ) graveyards where they could go and die, which for all we know could be under ground. and what if we have stumbled across thier poo and we just mistook it for another animals? and yes i agree the date that the myth started is really sketchy but hey you can never really know until its been proven right or wrong. so as long as they havent proven right or wrong people will always belive these legends.

  223. The more logial answers I present to you, the more illogical your anwswers become. I’ve yet to hear of ANY animal that understands what a cemetary is, let along go and bury itself in one when it’s dying. There have been many, many people who venture into those woods who NEVER see anything unusual. In fact more people DON’T see anything than those who do. Hunters and trappers are experienced enough to know how to deal with most types of animals and I’m sure they wouldn’t fail to gain SOME kind of evidence of these things. Whether it be a bone, skin, heck, even footprints or a decent picture. But there is NOTHING. Zip, nada. One guy, called Tom Brown Jr, who spent several seasons out in those woods even frightened hikers, accusing him of being this thing after he covered himself in mud to ward off mosquitoes! The fact people can’t tell a mud covered human being apart from a winged, cloven hoofed creature (which is the usual description given to this thing) shows that people who claim to see these things are more than likely mistaken in what they saw. I’m not saying they’re lying, I truly believe that they think they saw something unusual. But the fact this camper was mistakenly ID’d as this creature shows that anything is possible when it comes to eye witness reports. They can’t be taken as proof. Even in a crime police will not rely solely on eye witness testimony due to a persons subjective POV of the crime in question. Even the elephant graveyard theory was debunked years ago, and again, animal graveyards where animals go to die have never been proven either. No evidence has ever be found of such a thing. As I say, if you want to prove it, the evidence has to be conclusive. Eyewitness testimony, no matter how well meaning and how geniune it is to the eye witness is not enough to go on.

  224. im saying LIKE a graveyard. obviously they dont know what we call a graveyard but they could have thier own type where they go to die. and with the sitghtings how can hundreds of people be wrong? yes some of them may have heard of the jersey devil and couldnt explain what they saw so they thoguht they saw that yes. BUT what about the people who have never heard of the jersey devil? and how many times have you gone into a forest that lets say for argument purposes that you know that forest has deer in it. so you go into that forest and you dont see any deer. does that mean theres no deer in that forest anymore? no. it means you were at the wrong place at the wrong tme. and you kep forgetting that just because we havent had proof that animals dont go somewhere specific to die doesnt mean it doesnt/cant happen. we know nothing of this creature so we have to take every single possibility, no matter how far fetched it is (as long as it makes sense you cant just say theyre invisible so something crazy like that ) we have to take it under consideration that its possible for that creature to do it.

  225. But to use the deer analogy is rather stretched. Because even if you DON’T see the deer, there is usually some kind of evidence of their presence. Droppings, footprints, bodies of those that have died. Remains of some kind or another. But there hasn’t been ANYTHING. Ultimately if you choose to believe that these things are alive and kicking in the US then that’s your perogative. But without any conclusive evidence, it cannot be said to exist. Because if we go on your POV then the Loch Ness Monster, fairies at the bottom of the garden and bigfoot must exist as well. And there’s no proof of ANY of those existing either.

  226. but whyat if we have stumbled across thier droppings and just dismissed it as another animals? and what if they came up into canada aswell? they could be up here and no one may have spotted them. and i do belive that the loch ness monster and bigfoot are real. and faires i dont belive in but hey, who knows maybe theyre somewhere.

  227. Until someone conclusively proves any of these things are alive and kicking out there, they will always remain just a myth. And I mean proper, forensic analysis of the evidence, not just some botched photos and eye witness accounts.

  228. Anyone who thinks an animal- no matter how intelligent- is going to bury itself in a (possibly) underground graveyard, has no concept of animal behavior. If the animal DOES exist, it needs to find itself a more intelligent supporter.

  229. i never said it buried itself.where did anyone get that idea? i said “possibility that they have thier own ( for no thoguht of a better term ) graveyards where they could go and die” for lack of a better term means i couldnt think of something else to get my point across. so dps please think before you speak.

  230. let me get this straight (as for why no remains have been found in the 300 some odd years this RUMOR has been around)…

    so they are dead. but theres no remains. because they went to a graveyard (of sorts). maybe underground.

    you make absolutely no sense what so ever. Do you not see just how ridiculous that sounds? are you so deluded that that train of thought actually makes sense? You have yet to provide even ONE viable reason as to why no remains or evidence of their existence has been found.

    I don’t know- or care- if it exists or not. But until someone comes along and gives viable, scientific evidence that it DOES, it is no more real to me than Santa Claus (after all- thousands of kids claim to see him every year, he must be real, right??)

  231. its people like you who really piss me off. you think that all other animals and creatures that we havent discovered yet have to act the exact same, or really close to the same, to the animals we’ve already discovered. whats so ridiculous about an animal living and dying under ground? theres many animals who dig tunnels and happen to die there. so why cant the jersey devil? and why CANT it exist? if nobody can give any good reasons why it cant then theres always a slight chance that it could exist. and if you dont belive it exists why are you commenting on this? it doesnt make sense.

  232. you’re pissed off because you don’t have a valid point and you know it. So you’re getting mad at those who question this myth.

    yes, lots of animals live and die underground. but name me one winged mammal that does. Perhaps there is, but I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

    And…I never said it CAN’T exist (although biologically speaking, an animal such as this would be an epic fail). I am simply stating: Show evidence it exists. Not fuzzy or photoshopped pictures, not statements from people who were in the woods, in the pitch black at night…who thought they saw something or got scared by the rustling of leaves and the glinting of lights reflecting off eyes in the forest .SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE.

    I’d love to see it.

  233. no i have valid points youre just too close minded to consider them. and i cant think of any either but what if its not a mammal? just saying its another thing to consider. and we dont have scientific evidence because if we did we wouldnt be arguing the point if its real or not now would we?

  234. Evolution must be getting a bit thick if it produces a one off species that POSSIBLY doesn’t fit into ANY known animal group, can only be seen by a few people, who don’t know how to operate a camera properly, and behaves like NO OTHER animal in the world. If you want to produce a vaild point, please, do I’m open minded about this things, I’m not at all closed minded to the possibility. But the debate has to be both ways. I’m offering YOU a perfectly reasonable argument as to why it probably doesn’t exist. You have YET to offfer me ONE good reason as to why it possibly does. Please I’m sure everyone would like to know these valid points you have. I know I do. I’m always happy to be proven wrong and I will admit when I AM proven wrong. I’m not debating this to start an argument. I’m debating this because I’m interested in what evidence there is out there, if indeed there IS any credible evidence.

  235. Oh and if it ISN’T mammalian what is it? The eye witness accounts and pictures that are based on them all describe mammalian characteristics. Bat wings (mammalian), horse like head (mammalian), cloven hooves (mammalian), strange reptilian tail (errrr reptile), since when has ANY animal been a mix of two completely different animal groups? It’s not possible genetically. And why would there only be just ONE type of animal group out there, which hasn’t been discovered ANYWHERE else on Earth, which this creature just so happens to fit into? You see where I’m going with this? The whole thing just isn’t logical in a scientific sense. And as science is the ONLY way to conclusively prove once and for all whether it’s even POSSIBLE for such things to exist, then until SOMEONE can produce some good, forensic evidence, as I say, it will be a myth and nothing else.

  236. As for arguing the point if it didn’t exist is moot. The whole reason the thing is under scrutiny in the first place is because SOME people claim to have seen it, but others are also adamant that they are mistaken. Anything that is likely to cause controversy is also guaranteed to create discussion. It doesn’t mean it exists, just because people do talk about it though, just as much as it may mean it doesn’t exist because it’s being talked about. All we’re asking for is ABSOLUTE proof that it’s out there. If none is EVER forthcoming, that is proven to be geniune and not doctored in ANY way, then that’s all the proof that’s needed that it does not exist.

  237. see again. youre saying it has to be like any other animal we’ve already discovered. BUT if its a new species why does it have to act like another species we already know? and ive been giving you valid point you just wont take them into cosideration because its not what normal creatures do.

  238. and if it isnt a mamal then it could be a reptile. and the witnesses say that because thats the only thing they could think of when they were descibing it to people. and maybe its a realative to the chupacabra? just saying that maybe we havent discovered its relatives yet. and yes itll be a legend until we have evidence but why does that mean we cant belive its still out there?

  239. yea ofcourse. everyones asking for absolute proof. but you cant prove something doesnt exist its impossible. because as soon as people start saying theyve seen something that they KNOW isnt a known animal it becaomes a part of the cryptozooilogical society and people will always talk about it and you cant tell those people they didnt see what they saw because how do you know they didnt see it?

  240. As I said. I find it next to impossible that there would be ONE undiscovered class of animal out there and this thing JUST happens to belong to it. And that there are NO other known animals that belong to it. That is the most implausible thing I’ve heard so far. I’m not saying you can’t believe in it. I am merely saying that without evidence I just don’t know WHY you believe in something that so far has successfully managed to avoid proving it’s own existance for nearly 300 years.

  241. I’m not saying I KNOW they didn’t see it. What I’m saying is with all the animals out there, there isn’t even a close match that you can compare to what has been described. Most animals have species that look similar, even if they’re totally unrelated, take for instance, whales, dolphins and porpoises. All similar in build (obviously exluding their size differences), shape, way the swim, breath and breed. But they are completely unrelated. Just like owls, hawks, eagles and falcons are. It’s called convergent evolution. But this thing has absolutely NO similar body shapes, even slightly similar. I go by the evidence all around me, not on a few shaky eye witness reports.

  242. theres more then one undiscovered species of animals out there ex. bigfoot, loch ness monster, ogopogo etc. and because we dont need evidence to know that somethings out there. and really how many animals have walked into a scientists lab and said ” hey im sos and so creature and i want you to kill me, anylize me, and prove my existance to the world.” its been proving its existance, just ask the eye witnesses. theyve seen it so why should we belive them?

  243. theres hundreds of reports. and only a few of them shaky. and what about the platypus? what do you have to say about that creature?

  244. youre contradicting yourself there, barker. first you say its mammal like then reptile like, but its like a chupacabra? so theres a reptilian version of the chupacabra (which also does not exist) running around the new jersey woods. Now, reptiles are cold blooded creatures. They are not going to be running around the woods- at NIGHT (no sun to regulate body temp) in New Jersey (where, ahem, it gets downright COLD in the winter).

    I agree there are undiscovered animals and reptiles out there. however, most of the newly discovered ones come from areas where civilization has not invaded (ie: rainforests/ bottom of the ocean). Which makes sense, since its been uninhabited, people have not seen certain varieties and species of plants and animals. however ALL of them DO fall into very distinct classes of organisisms.

    and what about the playpus? The Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a semi-aquatic mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. Together with the four species of echidna, it is one of the five extant species of monotremes, the only mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young. It is the sole living representative of its family (Ornithorhynchidae) and genus (Ornithorhynchus), though a number of related species have been found in the fossil record.

    gee, they found it in fossils. wheres all your imaginary creature fossils? oh thats right…. they are all in underground graveyards. in a highly civilized and inhabited location.

    yeah. thats it.

  245. dps shut the hell up. im saying its a possibility that it could be a reptile. and how do you know there isnt animals we havent discovered in civilised locations?and so what if they all do? what if we havent found it yet. apparently you cant get your head around the fact that its possible for these creatures to survive. why cant they? give me a good reason why its impossible for it to be alive. i know you cant because you cant just dismiss the existance of an animal that hundreds of people have seen. and so youre saying there can be a one animal species but the jersey devil cant be a new animal? and really. i didnt know that the pine barrens was higly civilised. wow a forrest with like no one living in it, who wouldve thought that was highly civilised…

  246. The platypus is a mammal. It has a similar mammal in it’s class, the Echidna. They both lay eggs, but produce milk without a fully developed breast, they both have low body temperatures and they both eat invertebrates. You have to try harder than that really. And there are records of platypus that date back millions of years in the fossil record. So even though only one species still exists, there are plenty of species that are represented in the fossil record. This creature you talk about has NOTHING. No bones, no fossils, and not even any record of it BEFORE 1735. Evolution really doesn’t work that quickly.

  247. You keep mentioning these hundreds of people, but considering there are millions of people living in the USA and even in the state of NJ then you can discount the validity of a few hundred people against the thousands that live nearby and have NEVER reported a thing. It’s all about numbers. Some people claim to have seen it. A whole lot more know NOTHING about it. If this thing existed then surely a LOT more people would be coming forward and saying “yes this creature is here, and here’s the proof”. But they haven’t.

  248. and when did we discover that those fossils were related to the platypus? after we discoverd the animal? yea. so what if there is fossils but we cant link them to anything because we havent discovered the animal. and we’re also discovering new fossils every year too. so what if theres an off chance that we havent found that fossilized creature yet too?

  249. because really when you see something that scares the shit out of you youre really going to stick around and collect samples and go back to that spot by yourself over and over again. and theres people whove seen it and have never heard of it before they encountered it. and so youre going to say that those hundreds of people are ALL wrong. they ALL saw the wrong thing. that doesnt make sense

  250. oh now, are you so frustrated with your inability to provide ONE coherent response as to the validity of your claim that you’ve resorted to swearing at me? tsk, tsk…

    what are you? 13?

    Compared to the rainforests and the bottom of the ocean, yeah… the Pine Barrens IS civilized. Give it 20 years and it will be covered in strip malls and chinese take out places.

    No one is saying the ‘witnesses’ didnt see anything. I’m sure they did. But you yourself just stated that they were scared. When you are scared, you don’t stick around. You are correct. But the fact they don’t stick around enhances the argument that they don’t REALLY know what they saw. Its dark in the woods you know, and your eyes play tricks on you and you can not easily identify things especially if you’re running the other direction.

  251. No those fossils were discovered BEFORE the platypus was discovered by Europeans, which a live specimen wasn’t proven until the mid 1800s. Most fossils that have been found have been linked to either existing species or extincts ones. Scientists who use logic will stick around and collect samples. That’s the thing. Scientists have been to those forests on many occasions. And found NOTHING. I didn’t say they were wrong. I’m just saying that ultimately numbers don’t add up. Thousands of people who live in that area that have NEVER seen or heard anything unusual in that area. Compared to a few hundred people who HAVE seen or heard stuff, who incidently were more likely to be there LOOKING for something. Those that go to those forests for other reason, usually NEVER see anything unusual. Scientists go there frequently studying other animals, plants, invertebrates etc and they have NEVER reported anything unusual.

  252. yea compared to the rainforest it is civilised i agree. BUT its still uncivilised compared to the city. and yea probly in 20 years it will be covred in malls and shit like that. so then i guess in 20 year we’ll know if it exists. or it could move to another place.and also no im 17 btw. and also when youre scared and i mean terrified for your life but theres no immediate danger you freeze for 2 seconds and THEN run. so im guessing they saw it and ran.

  253. but again. if you go into a forest and theres supposed to eb deer there. and you dont see one. does that mean theres no deer? no it means you wernt in the right spot. maybe it only comes out to feed. so if its only there for a small time what are the chances youll be at the right spot in that time period?

  254. “when youre scared and i mean terrified for your life but theres no immediate danger you freeze for 2 seconds and THEN run. so im guessing they saw it and ran.”

    and that my dear, only accentuates the fact they dont really know what they saw. I live in the woods, in the middle of no where- i know how easy it is to get spooked- especially at night. I am sure they saw something. but I am also sure that what they saw is nothing ‘new’.

    I love seeing kids passionate about something. So if you truly believe its there- get out there, talk to the experts in the area (real experts with degrees and experience), talk to witnesses (taking it all with a grain of salt), Don’t only talk to people who beleive in it, but also talk to those who DON
    T- because those will be your objectors and will sho you what you what objections you need to overcome…find the bones. Find the hair that can not be (scientifically) proven as the hair off a known animal (deer, mountain lion, wolf, wild dog, etc) There are labs in Universities that can run the DNA (even from scat) and tell you exactly what it came from. Put your passion into RESEARCH- not rumors.

    Believe it or not, I’m one of the most open minded people I know about the possibility of new things out there. But you still have to go about proving it the RIGHT way. :)

  255. “but again. if you go into a forest and theres supposed to eb deer there. and you dont see one. does that mean theres no deer…”

    but you find evidence of the deer- hair on branches, droppings, hoof prints, vegitation chewed off branches at the right height to correspond with deer, etc.

    example: I don’t see deer in my garden, but I know they’ve been there. they leave prints, droppings, and you can see where they chew on the plants. same for rabbits.

  256. im getting enugh of the objections on here. but people who objectify the possibility of its existance wont take into consideration my ideas of why we cant find it. which actually make sense if you relly belive its alive.

  257. “which actually make sense if you relly belive its alive.’

    those are not the people you need to convince.

  258. yea but again what if we’ve mistaken their droppings for something else? like a mountain lion or bear. because really when people see animal droppings they dont go an inspect it. theyre like ” oh man thats gross” ( probly because they stepped in it ) but its always a possibility.

  259. if you dont belive then i cant convince you. and im just saying the only people who would get my ideas are the people who belive its alive. the people who dont think its alive wont take it into consideration

  260. scientists do inspect droppings. even when they step in it.

    Like I said- go, collect samples. take them for testing.

  261. yea. but how many scientists who went in there inspecting the numbers of deer ( lets say ) inspect droppings that dont look anyhing like deer. ( it could look like deer but doubt it because im guessing its not a herbivore but i guess its still a possiblity )

  262. “if you dont belive then i cant convince you. and im just saying the only people who would get my ideas are the people who belive its alive. the people who dont think its alive wont take it into consideration”

    which is EXACTLY why I told you to go out, get training, learn proper scientific methods, and conduct a true investigation.

    as I said, you don’t need to convince people who already believe. SO… you use proper methods and come up with INDISPUTABLE evidence that skeptics can NOT ignore.

  263. but you know that unless you come up with the live creature all the skeptics will still not belive. but i get what youre saying

  264. People that can ID animals from scat are experts in their field. Which means if they’re good at what they do, they’ll be able to ID an animal on scat alone. Meat eaters have different scat to herbivores.

  265. I guarantee you, if you find something that can not be identified, the scientific community will be listening and watching. Scientists LIVE for new discoveries. There is nothing they want more than for someone to bring them something (or better, to find on their own, cause then its their name in the journals) something NEW.

  266. yea. so im saying it could look alot like dear or mountain lion for example and people would just dismiss it as bear or mountian lion

  267. Without evidence why would anyone believe. I’ll believe it if you bring me forensically proven evidence. I’m not talking a live animal necessarily, I’m talking about good solid evidence of it’s existance. Whether that be a photograph (that isn’t doctored and is proven genuine), scat samples that can’t be ID as a known animal, ANYTHING that is conclusive proof.

  268. The thing is Barker, yes that’s true. But eye witness testominy has NOT said that it looks like a common forest animal. And there lies the problem. All the descriptions have been way out there. If looks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It’s a duck! If it looks like a mountain lion or deer, that’s because it IS a mountain lion or deer. That’s the point.

  269. yea the scientific community will but what about the regular people. i dont care what the scientific community has to say about it. i only care about the regular people. because the scientific community sways too much. if they think theres evedince then theyll reaserch it but turns out it wasnt it then they sawy back and so on and so forth. just pick a side and saty on it.

  270. no im saying the droppings look like another animals. not the animal itself.

  271. “i dont care what the scientific community has to say about it. i only care about the regular people.”

    If that’s the case, then you are a very poor proponent for this creature, and only make yourself look uneducated in the process.

  272. But an expert in scat, and yes trackers are very good experts, can tell what scat comes from what animal in their given area of expertise.

    The scientific community doesn’t sway if it find conclusive evidence. Why would it? But that’s the point. It’s conclusive hard to deny evidence that’s sadly lacking.

    Lay people are the more likely to sway.

  273. but you didnt read the REASON why i dont care about the scientific community. the regular community if they belive in something theyll stick with it and in turn push the scientific community to do more reaserch because theyll have more funding from the increased ammount of belivers who want to find it. you strengthen the bottom before you go for the top.

  274. it doesnt matter your reason WHY…. ignorance is ignorance, no matter the reason.

  275. it would if they found something but havent found something in a long time. they just give up because theyd rather go somewhere and do somethign else. ( except for the cryptozoologists that live for this stuff )

  276. you have to get funding for this sort of stuff. so you gfet people who have money to give to the scientists. you cant get the scientists to belive and still have not alot of people funding it because then theres no one to give them money. and the government wont because if its not going to lead to any breakthroughs they dont care

  277. Actually for the most part it’s not about choosing to do something else instead. It’s about funding. How many companies do you think would fund huge expeditions into a forest looking for something that has no basis in fact? You have to look at the big picture Barker. Scientist don’t work for free. They have to have resources. And most don’t have them looking for things that aren’t even proven to exist.

  278. Ok so what if this thing does exist? Why would the government pump money into it? They have a reduced budget as it is. Looking for monsters is hardly going to get ANY kind of funding from serious investors. The only people who will be willing to donate funds will be those who believe and are happy throwing money into a cause which may not find a thing. Serious investors want something for their money.

  279. In fact you just answered your own question. “If it’s not going to lead to any breakthroughs they don’t care”. EXACTLY! And why would they? Voters would NOT be happy with a government throwing their tax dollars into something that has no basis in fact. If your parents pay taxes, which I’m sure they do, I can’t see them being happy if that happened either. It all boils down to money. And that is NOT something taxpayers should be funding. Saving endangered species? Yes. Looking for unproven monsters? NO!

  280. and i havent heard of the government helping save endagerd species. ive heard of companies donating money to save them yea. but its all regular people. so to get funding you go tot eh peaople. not the stupid government. and that peice of my paragraph you used was directed at scientists. NOT the government.

  281. government does provide some funding for endangered animals.

    would you like some more there einstein????

  282. The government DOES give grants to companies who in turn work to save endangered species. If you don’t believe that then you’re very naive. Scientist give as much of a damn about these things and the “average Joe”. Difference is scientist are usually busy working on far more important issues than finding out if some weird hybrid monster exists.

  283. really whats more important then finding out more about the species on the planet we live on. ( you can say desieses but i think well if we dure all desieses then the world is going to be way too overpopulated) and you can belive whatever the fuck you guys want. honestly what i dont get is why you dont think people cant have thier own opinions. you two are honestly pretty sad. just saying. i know its off topic but you seem to be going through a whole lot JUST to prove me wrong. and honestly youre not going to so stop wasting your time trying to get people to stop beliving in the cryptozooilogfical species and go domewhere else.

  284. OK, boys & girls. First off, remember to be nice; that’s the rule. At least it should be. Second, sometimes you can’t win an argument, and after a while the argument becomes a drag or boring or you lose interest or you feel like you’re not getting anywhere. No big deal, happens all the time. Come back to it later, or visit another post. Might I suggest fighting the people at my post on Noah’s Ark? Brush up on your creationism if you do. OK, thanks very much.

  285. The Noah’s Ark people are a tar baby if I ever saw one. :-)

  286. Barker NOT ONCE have I sworn at you or insulted you so please, don’t be rude me me or DPS. We’re just presenting another side of the coin for people to think about. We’re not trying to change anyone’s minds, just open them up a little to other more rational possiblities. It’s your choice alone to believe in things that have no evidencial proof of existence. But sceptics are always wary to having debates with believers because this is usually how it turns out. The more logic we use the more aggressive the beliver gets because we won’t accept the lack of logic or PROOF you’re presenting. If you don’t like that I’m sorry. I’m not trying to offend anyone. But both sides have to be able to have a say. Not saying you should like it. But you shouldn’t have to resort to insults and bad language to get your point accross if you were using serious logic.

    Thanks Rick for this great site. I’ve bookmarked it and continue to read the items with great interest. Good job!

  287. we alreadve heard all your excuses for why it cant exist and the thing is why do we need to hear it? obviously if you cant accept that we belive in it otherwise you wouldnt be here arguing with me right now. and we only get mad because you refuse to accept the fact that it COULD be out there. youve just shot down my ideas because you dont want to belive it. so really anyone would get mad.and i was using serious logic. youre just too ignorant to consider it


  289. Stop being so defensive. You believe in it, then good for you! I don’t. That doesn’t mean you can call me ignorant for not believing in something that has NO PROOF of existance. In fact by calling me ignorant you’re just showing yourself up to be more so. Anyway you carry on wooing at nothing. I’m not wasting anymore of my time on you. LITTLE BOY.

  290. if you dont belive it why the hell are you here?! no one cares about why you think it doesnt exist. and there IS proof, you just think that HUNDREDS of people are all wrong. which is extremely stupid. you can belive that it doesnt exist. but you cant say hundreds of people didnt see the same thing.

  291. hundreds (make that the entire human race, for the most part) also believed the world to be flat for thousands of years.

    just because someone believes something to be true, doesn’t make it so.

  292. and we proved it to be wrong. until you can 100% PROVE it doesnt exist ( which is pretty hard to do ) there is ALWAYS a possibility for it to be real. no matter what you say

  293. you did not prove it wrong. Christopher Columbus did. Or maybe you were too busy drawing pictures of the Jersey Devil during history class to notice.

    you think its real, prove its real. Jut as good ‘ol chris proved the world was round. he didnt sit and argue his point- he did research and PROVED his point. follow his example

    now, toodles. some of us really don’t giver a rats behind about imaginary animals.

  294. i ment we as a human race genius. and i will prove its real. and if you didnt give a shit why the hell were you here in the first place? really. same thing as the last guy. no one cares wether you think its real or not.

  295. It could be real, and this is photoshopped.. don’t assume that if people say the picture is real the the animal isn’t real.. and don’t down the people who say what they really think about that picture, dudes. I think it’s real. the pic, however is a whole different topic. don’t be hurtful now.

  296. My husband grew up in NJ..He was telling me a story about being up on some rock Ledge lookout & heard a growl/scream….it scared the shit out of him. He said he ran as fast as he could to his car and along the way he could hear branches/leaves on the ground snapping literally right until he reached his car. He had a friend with him also who was scared shitless….the wierdest thing about the story was before they heard that scream or growl or shriek..he couldn’t explain the sound…him and his buddie were talking about the Jersey Devil urban legend….or is it true…He said it really could have been some wierd animal…but the timing is what made him a partial believer…

  297. Things That Make You Go HMMMmmmm???

  298. your fuckin with us

  299. your shittin

  300. yall are basterds

  301. To end all of your dis beliefs, the true story is of the Leeds family. The family had a child that was deformed and had feature of a devil. The lived in the woods way back when before electricity and the child was hidden from all those who came over. The child would play at night and therefor was seen by only those at night hunting. Eventually, the child passed away, without having any children. So, today, the jersey devil does not exist. This is the true story told to me by my mother in law and her best friend, Joann Leeds.

  302. now that, i find highly believable!

  303. thats beliveable. but i still belive the jersy devil exists. its just not a baby that the devil possessed. that doesnt really make sense. ( not saying its not true just saying i dont belive it) its just a new animal that we havent ” scientificly ” ( thats probly not spelled right but oh well) proven exists yet.

  304. The A&E channel has a show about paranormal activities. A group of educated and trained individuals go in search of the ‘Jersey devil’ and find some VERY interesting evidence, pics and audio recorded. Any doubters…inform yourselves! Just because you can not see something, doesn’t mean it does not exist. Air… Love… the world was thought to be flat at one time you know… And less than 3 percent of the worlds oceans and seas have been explored. Think about it… It’s also a fact that there are MANY planes of existance and reality. We humans are an intelligent creature but not without definate boundries and faults. Keep an open mind. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Scary in a way, but true. The power of the mind is amazing.

  305. Just wanted to note, only because I have had a similar experience… that a cougar or bobcat sounds eerily like a growl/scream. They have an almost human, yet clearly animal tone. It may have been a really big kitty… maybe not. Open mind…

  306. Im a jersey girl and also know mr leeds and have heard alot of story, but my brother and i had been rideing one night down by where they say this devil is and i heard things in the wods but never knew what it was, but one night driven with family i thought i seen this devil, to this day my family says im a crazy person cause i see things only at night, i hope this can be put to rest one day and they let this thing rest and stop being chast just to fill peoples heads with info on him. if hes real god if not let those think what they want.

    Not sure if any of you seen the show on A&E about him and they had a heat vison going and they seen something like him.

  307. Lol that picture is so fake I almost messed my undies! How about you catch it alive and then we will believe.

  308. its anatomy doesn’t even match the eyewitness descriptions, it doesn’t look like that thing could even walk. I call PhotoSHOOP DA WOOP, CAN TELL BY PIXELS

  309. What kind of drugs are they on? If it is out there it will had been cought on camera. With tech. these years we can see everything on the ground from outer space. So I can say just like bigfoot and all the other things that is suppose to out there that no one has caught IT’S NOT TRUE OR REALLISTIC……………

  310. so debbie. you can see through the leaves of thick forests? or underground? or in caves? from outerspace? fascinating…

  311. Hi everyone! Sorry u haven’t heard from me in a while. O i got a cool story too! A week ago, my friend Riley was gonna visit New Jersey and camp out in that forest that the Jersey devil lives in (I cant think of the name right now) and he says he never saw it and there were LOTS of deer around so i think the Jersey Devil might be more interested if he is real


  312. Hi everyone! Sorry u haven’t heard from me in a while. O i got a cool story too! A week ago, my friend Riley was gonna visit New Jersey and camp out in that forest that the Jersey devil lives in (I cant think of the name right now) and he says he never saw it and there were LOTS of deer around so i think the Jersey Devil might be more interested if he is real

  313. o and dont read the last comment i posted cuz its the same as the first

  314. WAZ UP!

  315. Holy shit theres 2 Samis!

  316. I will have to say is that the picture looks fake but what is fake anymore, we blind ourselves with the belief that thee is nothing that is of that nature but we have people that look for things just like this as a career. No one would have believed anyone on 9/11 that two planes just flew into the Twin Towers unless the media was there or u saw it yourself. God rest their souls would you say they where crazy no how about their family’s. The point is that we have sheltered our lives our kids our beliefs to what people that have no business saying anything about things they are not trained to do or have trained their minds to believe. Stick me with a TV show and a Financial Supporter and i will stay out there till there is real proof or not, its just that simple either do it till you have proof or don’t, all those people deserve vindication and the proof that they are not crazy. They are not crazy.

  317. The “thing” on the right looks too humanoid to be anything like the jersey devil. The devil was said to look like a horse or deer but here it looks like a four legged man with wings, so i dont see how tats real and if it is real, anything like the jersey devil

  318. It looks to me like some kind of costume… Fine if some people believe it is the Jersey Devil, but in my opinion, for centuries people have described the creature that they have seen to be that of an animal. Horse like head, hooved, with wings. If it been told like that for many centuries, how could it look like this.

  319. gyaahh i wanna catch that thing and make money of it

  320. this thing looks like a toy not a devil. the jersey devil is like a horse dragon thing.

  321. i was just getting my lunch on the run.. c’mon people, im no brad pitt but im not hideous either :( i’ll date any girl with hooves (wings is a plus)

  322. no true scientific evidence but recordings of sightings since 1600s all by people in much different lifetimes having no ability to make contact with each other. all sightings add up to one description. could be urban ledgend but nature does not make limits due to humans LACK of imagination.

  323. You know I think that the Jersey Devil might be a figment of our imagination because when you think there is something out there, your eyes fool you into believing it. Of corse I might be wrong and there really is something out there

  324. take is scary of me the jersey devil

  325. this is Jake2589 my aunt saw the real jersey devil she ran as fast as she could i got pictures i saw them! :)

  326. Hello all, I would just like to say I have read all posts and some people are idiots and the other half are dumb. We as humans have always (seen) things we can’t explain. We find new species all the time, and still do not know all. From the beginning of time to modern day, we have unusual stories to be told. Ancient man built unusual objects and most could only be truly appreciated from the sky. Were these for the gods, or aliens who they thought to be gods. I’m not trying to go off course here, I’m just saying we don’t know. I live in NJ and have never seen the Jersey Devil, but I have camped in the pine barrens. It’s a scary place to be at night, so I can see why some of these stories exist. To make this quick, lets not all jump to conclusions until we have a little proof. Paranormal State has a nice picture everyone should take a look at. The animal in the pic could not be explained as any known animal in the area. So for now, lets just have fun with the idea of something of the unknown. Thanx for my point of veiw.

  327. guys if you were smart your would see that someone just put it their with a computer do you see all its feet they’re slanted upward

  328. Oh yeah, by the way, if you think this picture is real, have your eyes checked. This isn’t even what the Jersey Devil is suppose to look like. And if the person who said that Christopher Columbus is the one who proved the world to be round is still reading this post, then ok you paid attention in school, good for you, but so many things that are taught in schools are wrong, that being one of them, so don’t jump down someones throat when they make a little mistake. From the sound of it, you do a lot. So do I so don’t be sad. Rick, thanks for the great conversation piece.

  329. where has Rick been?

  330. I think Rick was abducted. See for yourself:

  331. I know my photoshop, also. If you look at the bottom half of the head, it is definately a large cat (cougar, etc.). The top half of the head is a very bad attempt at making it look like something surreal. The edge of the “wings” are a suspicious black color which doesn’t match the dark of the background. The brush strokes are glaringly evident. Not only is this creature photo-shopped, it is badly done.

  332. Destination Truth is investigating the jersey devil! CANNOT WAIT!!! :D You can watch on the syfy channel next wednesday at 10:00pm! :) They are doing the jersey devil and mothman or something like that.

  333. ok again and agian people are saying that the picture is fake. WE KNOW THE PICTURE IS FAKE. we hereto discuss the actual existance of this jersey devil.

  334. how come the monster was following a kangaroo?

  335. That looks like a person dressed in some outfit trying to look like the Jersey devil.

  336. That thing looks like a cardboard cutout!

  337. its not a card board cut out and i dont think its a person. the thing its following is most likely an antelope and this is not the jersey devil. its to small. however it is something the scientists have not discovered yet. all of the people leaving comments about it not being real, i respect your opinion but, if you dont believe it then why the flip do you comment?

  338. i can edited that bs with the cheapest photoshop u jersey fag

  339. wow its amazing how people dont read. we arnt here to discuss the picture. we;re discussing the EXISTANCE of wether or not the jersey devil exists or not. STOP SAYING THE PICTURE IS FAKE. WE ALL KNOW THE PICTURE IS FAKE.

  340. all of these photos look stupid and fake. i dont know y ppl try to make this thing real for the media attention. y cant they just live their lives and not this stupid jersey devil witness persona?

  341. nothing personal to ppls family members or friends that claim they saw it

  342. u know wat, i totally agree with Barker :^)

  343. thank you sami. im glad atleast one person reads the comments above them :)

  344. It kindaa looks real, but naaww.. it’s a fake!!

  345. we kinda know its fake

  346. i persanoly think that was photoshoped but i couldbe wrong

  347. The last photo looks preety fake to me.

  348. ok!we know! new subject please!

  349. We should talk about the Jersey Devil, not pictures!

  350. I believe the Jersey Devil is real – the picture however is undoubtedly fake. How do I know? Because I have a copy of the orginal colour image at

    As you will see – there’s no second creature of any description – it has obviously been added post processing.

  351. that looks like a maticore than a new jersy devil.

  352. well…. its like a maticore but in new jersey,and it must be a hoax.The guy will get owned by the beast and ignore the deer.

  353. the pic was probably edited. anyone could do that

  354. Actually, I could believe this is something that we have never seen before. When i search up jersey devil and this is the most common picture i see. now if this is the…the jersey devil, i wouldn’t be surprised if the loch ness monster or big foot were real.


  355. wow. doenst anyone else think how amazing it is how people dont read comments. like really. the picture isnt supposed to be being discussed. its the actual existance of the jersey devil. like really people.

  356. ok plain and simple im not saying it does or doesnt exist but seriously it makes no sence to call people stupid for believing in it. the same thing happened with the giant squid along time ago when sailors use to say they saw it. people didnt believe them it came out that it did exist that and many other sea creatures and other creatures.look that up and u’ll see. that was on the descovery channel seriously there are more animals out there than anyone cud know about so everyone here saying it doesnt exist need to just shut up and get on with ur lives if u dont believe it u dont believe it just leave it alone and let people believe wat they want.

  357. This creature may really exist but as someone that does photo manipulation for a living this looks photoshopped

  358. Is that all you people can say?! Everytime i see there is a new comment, i get annoyed because it always has the word photoshopped in it. Yes, we know that most people who visit this site think it is photoshopped but you don’t have to say it over and over again!

  359. sean dont even try. i said it before. people dont read above comments.

  360. hey barker,
    a boy can dream cant he?

  361. oh yea just warning you youre most likely going to be dissapointed

  362. eh… im not putting my hopes up or nothing…i was just saying that. i was just saying i get annoyed when different people bring up “photoshopped”. I don’t know why, but it ticks me off.

  363. thats godanm real i ate 1

  364. oh yea i get you 100% people are stupid. they all come here and say ” its soo fake the photo is photoshopped” like WOW REALLY? i didnt notice about 500 people said the exact damn thing right above your comment. thanks for informing me on that mr observant (Y)

  365. the jersey devil is a curse did u know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. ha ha ha… i don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult barker.

  367. ykuku,
    What the hell are you smoking? I think you are completely confused. You probably can’t tell the difference between a deer and a monkey. Oh, and by the way, monkeys eat bananas.

  368. lmao its not an insult to you:P only to the people who have a comment right above them saying its fake then them saying its fake aswell. and i think yukuku thinks the deer is the jeresy devil XD

  369. that picture is soooooooo phototshoped!=P

  370. it looks so real but it cant be real come on the jersey devil or maybe it is real?????????????????????????????????

  371. does anyone listen to me because we know the pic is fake so if you have some new (real looking) pics, down load them! you ppl sound retarded when you ramble on, talkin about the fuckin pic! it takes you fuck heads a year to talk about one shitty picture!

  372. ok, i only have one thing to say. we have a picture here, which we discuss. We fight about it until someone gets pissed, like you Sami, and starts swearing. just stop ok?

  373. no sean. we are not here to discuss the picture. notice how there is multiple pictures? if we were discussing a picture it wouldnt be on a cryptozoology site. it would be on a picture discussing site. we are here to discuss the existance of the jersey devil, share stories, discuss the possible living areas/food, discuss the possibilities of it being a new species, and stuff like that. not a stupid little picture.

  374. hah! i love sarcasm. best thing ever invented.

  375. I say whoever photoshoped that pic made it look real good. Very nice. But of course, it can’t be real


  376. actually anna if this was photoshopped i would agree with you.

  377. it is photoshopped and it isnt a good job at all. and anna instead of asking a question actually state your opinion on whether it exists or not. itd be better then asking other people to decide for you

  378. man i love this website. i hope its still up and running when i’m 90 YEARS OLD!!!

  379. but seriously i hope it is…

  380. They say that the jersey devil has no hair is black and is the 13th child that was born from this women.

  381. Ok so sean and barker… I know what you mean. I do think it’s a great picture, but how in the heck can someone really get a pic of that? Anyway, there would have to be some other reports of the jersey devil or other pics like this but this is the only one I’ve seen. But my opinion is that there is some creature roming around out there, just maybe not a jersey devil… Maybe a chupicabra, monster hog, sasquatch, giant mysterious black cat…?

  382. Sean and Barker! Hey I know “photoshop” may tick you off, it does to me too, but deriously, if you think that’s real, the chupicabra seems a lot realer, even though they are mostly coyotes with serious mange and fur growing problems. But honestly… Think about all the other creatres out there that are so much easier to believe in than this.

  383. Sorry I didn’t spell things right.

  384. anna youre saying you belive in the chupicabra and not the jersey devil? you can belive in whatever you want i know. but the jersey devil is just as beliveable as the chupicabra. and the way people have described it it cant be a chupicabra, monster hog, sasquatch, or giant mysterious black cat because none of those have wings. maybe it is a new species of animal that isnt the jersey devil. but until we capture one and we comfirm its identity it will always be the jersey devil.

  385. thats photo shop

  386. I belive in the Jersey Devil, but that picture is fake.

  387. well….came here looking for discussion on the apocolips and find people looking at devils and being fasinated….I prefer the actual type signs showing end times approch…you know…like the u.n and its bid for global goverment…definatly in the book of revalations and factualy searchable right now…most are unaware that since 1996 the u.n has put many resolutions in front of our presidents to sign wich call for the forfiture of our soverenty as a nation and the ratification by the u.s to ratifity un signed resalutions.

    if you read these resolutions you will note the add ins at the end of almost every catigory that the resolution ends with ultimate authority to the u.n…even calls for the forfiture of our constitution.

    more devils is mearly the arrival of demons preparing for the fall of the u.s as perdicted in revalations. if it holds true we can exspect a huge u.s disaster wich will cause the death of 1/3 of americans at wich point our goverment will be in shuch a spot that it can not govern its self and power will be given onto the u.n. this will usher in satans short reign when he will show great miricles in full veiw of men. this will be the veil over there eyes…most will not see tha they are being mislead….whats more I have never been a bible thumper…I dont goto church …I arrived at this yesterday afer reading an articl on global goverment:

    and found that artical reading this one:

    might be canida but I cant emagine our govement is not ingaged in simalar practises here in the states.

    jersy devils dont scare me…what I have read and seen in facts on whats comming scares he hell out of me.

  388. no way that can be it even if it does exist. Fact is that it existed in the 17th century how could it still be alive this is the 21st century

  389. you never know, look how long the dinosaurs survived.

  390. wtheck! if that is the ” Jersey Devil” why isn’t it clearly Visible? its kind of blurry.

  391. O_o

  392. “and this pictures obviously a fake (i say its out there this just isnt a picutre of it) you can see clearly that the tail is brighter than the face and the face is closer to the light same with the chest and right side of that face theyre both dark when they should be bright since theyre close to the light”

    I agree with this. The flash is clearly centered around the bottom of the tripod, and while I’ve never taken a picture of a deer with that type of instrument, it really doesn’t look like the deer naturally looks like that. Even if the deer were natural, the demon thing looks WAAAY worse. The lighting on the tail is messed up, like Barker said, and it’s so obviously closer to the camera, looking at the greater lighting of the devil. Also, as someone else said, it would be FAR clearer in the picture.

    Not to mention the deer and the devil just don’t seem to be in line with each other. Something is just off about how the devil looks like it’s chasing the deer in a straight 90 angle to the camera, and the deer is veering off. While I’m sure the deer could have switched up her direction, it just seems like the devil would have switched up his direction almost immediately.

  393. once again, O_o

  394. 2 problems with the image of the “creature” caught on camera.
    #1 the black point of the camera ( darkest point of the camera’s range in the image) would be the night back ground is 88% black. The tips of the wings are 93% black darker than the range of the camera that took the field image.
    #2 What is the light source that illuminated the hind end of the “creature”?

    This isn’t the worst photoshop job I have ever seen but it is far from convincing.

  395. Fake evidence aside, the Jersey devil may very well exist.
    I don’t believe it is the child of a cursed woman from south jersey, but I do believe it exists.
    If you research why Gargoyles adorn old cathedrals you will find that creatures fitting the description of the Jersey devil were a large part of much older religions.
    If such beings did exist, why couldn’t they now.
    The Jersey devil as well as the goat sucker could be these ancient creatures.

    If the leeds devil was bopping around south jersey, it is not too far fetched that people would blame it’s existence on the creepy chick that lives in the swamp.

  396. Sean and Barker again! Hey do you remember me? I always look up things like this. I always come back to this site. Hey I just wanted to apologize to barker because he made me feel guilty since I said other creatures were more believable, and he said anything is as believable as the jersey devil, and that I can believe what I want but the jersey devil will always be real to him. So my reply is: Sorry barker, you’re right. I do have my beliefs and you have yours and we should both respect that. Anyway, Barker, do you believe in nessie, bigfoot, or any of the other beasts? And sean, what is with saying that this is fake and photoshopped, then say, omg how can you get that picture it’s real! You aren’t making much sense.

  397. weird picture . . . probably photo shopped lol its not real by any chance!!

  398. Yo I am having nightmares!!! Help this is so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  399. Hoax XD!!!
    That picture is so fake.
    It’s like saying the Loch Ness Monster Exists. It doesn’t.

    but I do believe in the chupacabra.
    It’s a dog. it’s proven to be a new type of wolf or dog.

  400. lmao alright anna and yes i do belive nessie, bigfoot, and other cryptozooilogical creatures. and julius why do you say nessie doesnt exist? and the chupacabra isnt a dog.

  401. that can be anything but is it really out there??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  402. My husband, after 18 yrs of being married, just told me about the Jersey Devil. So, I told him let’s go and google. We found your page.
    My husband, Fred, seen this, what ever, back in 1979. He was in Farmingdale, NJ. He was walking down the dark rail road tracks and spotted this creature. He said it looked like a large man, missing two arms, wings, short neck, and running back and forth across the tracks where he had to pass to get home. This creature moved fast and was quiet and dark.
    So, do we believe? YES.

  403. whoa, selahstarchild, that sounds so creepy. haha i wouldnt want to run into that in the dark, all alone :|

  404. but really, i think there are lots of things out there that we are either ignoring the fact that they could be real, and stuff we really dont no about yet :)

  405. ok…who took the picture? Or video? Who is the author of this “proof”? How did you get to be there? Yes, there are many things out there but it is very interesting that with all of the technology today we ALWAYS get blurry pictures and almost never a clear video. Take a closer look at the neck area…it is to thin for that kind of body. If it was real it would have a big problem walking or running because that neck CAN NOT support such a large head. Only his skull would be too heavy to carry around. Yes yes there can be a lot of creatures out there but laws of this planet apply to everyone. Gravity itself is very limiting when it comes to moving and developing and this body…honestly this “thing” on a picture would starve to death because it is an invalid. Unless it is from out of this planet. I WANT TO BELIEVE…BUT… :)

  406. hi guys sry i didnt have time to get bac be4 but i have cool news! my buddi Andrew went away 2 go c a fam member 4 the summer and he went to a new jersey country side and camped out there 4 a week and said one night he saw someting HUGE out bi his tent it looked like a wolf/deer/bat he pissed him self :)

  407. lol ppl write a lot… A LOT… lol…

  408. hi Sean & everyone else, good morning!

  409. oh! if u guys evar wander wat kinda name is sami, itz samantha

  410. hello sami O_o

  411. this site is full of fail. good times!!

    I grew up in Mays Landing. Anyone who grew up in South Jersey knows the stories of the NJ Devil. ANYWAYS HERE’S MY STORY.

    Growing up we lived in a condo and had a deck/porch on the roof/top floor. The room attached was my sisters so she had the whole top floor to herself. One winter we had gotten several inches of snow so the deck was freshly covered. Anyways the spooky sh1t is when I went upstairs the next morning to look at the snow on the porch there was hoof prints in the snow from the center of the deck right up to her window and back to the center of the deck and then would just stop. She wouldn’t sleep up there for a week. Still have no idea what the f it was that could have prints that big up that high. Crazy thing is they were more like 2 spread out toes almost and by-pedial

    Anyways this is the honest truth.

  412. thats f***ing awesome!

  413. well that could be anything, maybe a hoax photograph.
    However it seems as if it actually does make out 2 be the jersey devil….

    is the story and what everybody saying true???

    people should investigate pine barrens !! :)

  414. I thinks its a demon

  415. thats crazy

  416. Please stop talking about the lame picture! For all we know it could be real or fake! It doesn’t matter! This blog is for expressing how you feel on this subject, not rambling on and on on how the picture looks! Many of you think it’s fake, some disagree, just can we PLEASE MOVE ON!!!!!!! I am not saying your oppinion on the picture doesn’t count, I’m saying we should talk about something else.

  417. THANK YOU SAMMI! :) finally someone who isnt a dumbass thinking that that picture is what we’re supposed to be discussing :D

  418. Barkeerrrrrr i sed dat tooooo i think >.>

  419. So, have there been any resent sightings?

  420. lmao my bad sean. i didnt remember anyone else saying that XD

    and not that ive heard sammi

  421. (\/)
    itz a bunny!

  422. ok cool

  423. I believe there are many unknown creatures man hasn’t discovered yet but I don’t know if the J.D. is real

  424. i miss Rick so much, he was really chill

  425. theres definately creatures we havent found yet :P like we just found a big ass squid a few days ago. so if we found a new squid then who knows whats out there. and yea what happened to him? :P

  426. you definetly hav 2 beliv in dis stuf ther r so many things in this world that hasnt ben unravled like ufos and they will be soon

  427. i fully agree with you, Barker

  428. I again sed dat lawl

    Were losing things to say lawl

  429. i know we are loosing things to talk about. im gonna switch to other log luv you guys

  430. …not too sure about jersey devil…i believe in sasquach and chucaabra

  431. I have looked at this photo over and over through the years. I have look at it with several software apps to see if it is valid. I have to report, if it is a hoax. It was a good one. I thought, at first, it was a stuffed animal and a flash on the tri-pod caused the deer to run. This can not be the case as deer do not run in light, they freeze.

    One of the first things I saw at viewing this picture, was under the “JD” there looks to be a platform that the animal is standing on. After trying to debunk this photo apart, I am quite certain, it is not a platform. I also thought the tree infront of the JD should be in the picture under where the legs are.. however, it could be just in the shadows. When looking at the picture blown up, you can see that the pixils in the deer, JD, and the background are the one and same. Interesting to point out, wings are undeveloped. If this creature was to fly, it would have a hard time sustaining flight.

    That being said, The beast, does not look to scale either. The nose and head of the animal is not in scale to the body. However, how do we know what the JD is to look like? That is a one of a kind animal.

    The jury is still out, however, I feel this is a true photo.
    If it is not, darn good job by those who did it.


  432. GLofland. i have to say youre an idiot. if you think that this picture wasnt faked then you must be like 5 and have never seen a real picture in your life.

  433. That Picture can’t be fake ! It looks so real !

  434. i think its real because it was born from a lady

  435. awww rick! dont break down now! the mayan calender isnt counting down the end of days. he just ran out of rock! or he just got tired and was like “ah screw this im gonna go do something not homosexual” 2012 will just be another year :P it was the same with Y2K. but i really cant wait till 2012 and theres an earthquake in cali (just a small one) and EVERYONE there just shits bricks XD cant wait!

  436. Lol i gotta agree with Barker xD

  437. wait so 2012 is real??!!!

  438. …its gonna b a year soon, but i doubt it’ll be the end of the world >,>

  439. lmao brianna no its not real. its just some crap thought up to make everyone freak out and start buying “end of the world” supplies ( i know i sound like a whack job conspericy theorist but its just a thought thats plausable)

  440. Exactly lol >:3

  441. it look more lian lke a human body. an u cant see arms or legs from the knees n l bo’s down fake……………………. dont see any real ism an its obviously from a hunting field cam. ha ha to the person takin the time for a deer to show up an edit the pic

  442. That picture is totally fake

  443. that is totally real. especially when you have seen ghosts in your bathroom. yes there is ghosts in my bathroom.

    it is also kinda creepy in our school gym. I can see figures in the air.

  444. This is AMAZING. I love having a ghost in our bathroom. It’s kinda fun but creepy at the same time.

  445. i wanna kill it

  446. look at the legs and how come the deer isnt as blury as the “devil” without a doubt its edited

  447. I think the devil is real. my dream is go live in pine barrens. but, why is it around a house if its scared of people?? anyhoo i think the devil is real but i think the pic is a fake.

  448. i saw the jersy devil once i saw something looking like a horse and had wings i saw it in a forest galloping

  449. I think tht its a hoax its totally a fake. The picture is so either a hoax or just a picture mix up. I think tht ill believe it once I see it eating my friends head off.

  450. Well lets just say its notin to worry about we got the army and police everywhere. it wont be gettin no on.

  451. I hope I dont see it biten my friends head off or Ill get a blow dart and put it to sleep. the wont make anyone scared no more.

  452. HAHA wait isn’t that the “Nuevo Laredo Chupacabra” LOL. That pic was taken in TX not NJ.( Nice try you dumb ass next time try to find real evidence, instead of taking one thing and calling it something else.( I’m not saying there are Chupacabra, they are bullshit too)

  453. if it is real then why dont they worn us on the news?

     wow  its so so so so lame those pitures r fake
  455. It’s too early to say its fake.

  456. Well anyone ever here of photo shop?

  457. I mean come on!! u people stupid i mean it looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old…

  458. *hear typo happens a lot when i am half asleep

  459. ive said it before and ill say it again. this isnt about that one stupid photo. its about the existence (or non existence) of the jersey devil. not about some stupid photo. sami and sean if youre still reading this you’ll back me up on this right? :)

  460. When I went to visit my friends at New Jersey, I saw somenting that had wings and hooves at night. Yes, I do think this is real and that the people who say this is fake are all FAGS!!!!!!!!!

  461. This picture is a a phoney. We need proof. That COULD be anything. Why are you guys fighting about this HOAX, The picture is not REAL. I am from Wisconsin. We do have disagreements but, not like this. So STOP being 2 year olds.

  462. And you need to READ what this is really about. this isnt about one PICTURE its about the EXISTENCE of the Jersey Devil. THANK you

  463. This is fucking shit balls dis is a crazy mo fucka dis shit b climbin in yo windows and right in yo poop shoot. herba der dis dawg b trippin cuz i gots my nine glock packin in my holda. if dat dang devil wanna step on my propertae i popa cap right up his hole shutta and leave it to die in my anus hole. herba derba derba herba do. Rick is a major gay butt sex lover. and likes men. and male babies. BOOBIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  464. Tht was the wierdest comment ive ever heard

  465. Holy macinoly Sean and Barker if you are still here do you guys remember me? The last time I posted was forever ago. I no longer believe in the Jersey Devil… I do realize that there are mysterious creatures sighted, claimed to be the Chupicabra and Nessie and Bigfoot. Chupicabra = suspicious, but i dont think it is real. Nessie = Not real. Whatever they’ve found is… bogus. Bigfoor = Perhaps they used to exist. I don’t think they do anymore.
    Great to be back. For all those who cuss, *Bleep* yourself. It’s rude and inappropriate.

  466. Hello! :)
    I do not either. But I also think there may be things out there that we don’t know about.

  467. Hi Rick, I was wondering where you were in the picture at the very top of the page?

  468. Anna I no they should bleep it out

  469. i belive in the jersey devil camryn out

  470. […] IPA first, and it was wonderful. The piney hops aroma was so powerful that I thought I was back in New Jersey. I immediately got back on line to try their other beers. all of which were excellent. I spoke […]

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