~ by Rick on July 15, 2008.

14 Responses to “Illuminati”

  1. i have read about freemasonry on a harun yahya’s(a turkey’s writer) book, it was very interesting to find out that there’s somepeople who really wants to rule the world, since it’s sold in english also, i recommend u to read that..

  2. Thanks for the book tip, HolyDee. I will check out his site.

    There is a book you might like, also in English, called Them, by Jon Ronson. He writes about people who try to rule and influence the world, but it isn’t a conspiracy. It’s just power, money, influence, and so on. The illuminati is a myth.

    By the way, Harun Yahya has successfully blocked from all of Turkey, because he doesn’t like what some bloggers have to say about him. Is that any way to win an argument?


  4. Yes, yes. Dan. Art Bell, Alex Jones, etc., etc. No thank you.

  5. Stuff. Wuts up with people in pyramids these days?

  6. I like the digagram depicting Illuminati in control of political groups, intelligence groups, religious groups, and educational groups. As if these were aligned or unified in any kind of grand scheme.
    Conspiracies do happen, and have been documented and exposed.

    But it’s rather difficult to get buy in from so many diverse groups with widely varying, and sometimes diametrically opposed agendas.

  7. The Illuminati is a science based thing, right? The Freemasons are the ones in politics. Look at America, They are covered in occult symbols, the money, Washington DC… it’s a country ruled by Freemasons. Personally I do not give a damn, they can’t be worse than the Catholic Church (although Bush did mess up when he destroyed the World Trade Centre). It’s not my fault that Americans are idiots. Sorry to the selected few with actual intellect, but even I notice the strange things on CNN that day. Not even Bush realised that his book was upside down when they told him that his plan to screw the nation over was successful!

  8. Come on! Does ayone have something to say about THAT? It’s the biggest conspiricy since the Catholic Church!


  10. this is some gay ass bullshit

  11. I think the last image sums all conspiracy theories we would all be dead if we knew a pinch of the truth.

  12. I invite you all to look up what Islam is really about from authentic sources (not biased Ones). It is the only religion that is purely monotheistic (there is only One Creator who created us all for a purpose). It is also a contemporary and modern religion which is one of the reasons why its the fastest growing religion in the world and the second largest religion in the world “at the moment”. Islam explains everything!!- freemasons, other liars in the world who are known as the enemy of the truth, and only care for power and money regardless of consequenes, these people have existed since the beginning of time under different names, etc. Even with the supernatural world, that Allah has created other beings that we have little or no knowledge of, if Allah wills for mankind to have no knowledge of such, then we just believe that they exist but they do not become a major focus in our lives. Allah mentions in the Quraan that He has created Man and the Jinn (an equally intelligent but unseeing being) only to Worship Him. So the Jinns are also created to have free choices, free-will and free-thinking while their actions like ours come with consequences. They are here too but do not necessarily always interfere in human lives but have the aility to live in places where we can’t like in space, under-sea, etc. They also have different faiths like us. And I’ve heard that their intelligence and technology is much more superior to ours- which could explain for the (if they are real) UFOs that are not made by the governments.

    Islam is the answer to all the problems and when you realize your purpose – to worship Him alone when in happiness and sadness everyday and that everything is just a test of your choices and actions- and that there is definitely a consequence, you will never feel lost and confused in this world again.

    the more we know, the more we realize we know nothing!

    Islam is the answer.

    PS sorry I know its not a faith blog but i know u r skeptics and cynics but u r halfway there, u already know that the church is messed up from its start (we believe in and love Jesus (peace be upon him) but he is a prophet, a human and Jew, he never built a church. Besides we are more Christian than the Christians because we follow his lifestyle- no pork, our clothing, prostrating while prayong, etc.) Islam is the only religion that stands against everything that these people in this post stand for.

    apologize again i felt complelled to write because every Muslim knows about the people stated above but not particularly knowing the name of the group but that such people exist.

    Peace! :D (oh yeah, thats what Islam means and its the only religion not named after a human! media and propaganda especially in the past likes to play down our religion and incorrectly label us ‘mahometans’ but we do NOT worship Muhammad (pbuh) or any other human, only the Creator, and like Muhammad (pbuh), we respect and love all the Prophets that preceded him such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Jacob, Noah, etc (peace be upon all of them).

  13. me like to join the illuminati

  14. “Back then in the late 70s, while I was a Satanic High Priest, I’ve seen Lucifer having sexual relationships with women (witches) in witchcraft meeting. He is about 7 feet tall, jet black hair, pale snow-white skin, and has violet eyes, almost like dark purple. He’s both masculine and feminine, that is to say, he can be beautiful and handsome. Looking at his face everytime is like discovering the Grand Canyon, it’s impossible to look away.”

    [*See John Todd’s Illuminati Testimonials]

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